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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik asking Gayu for her hair pain. He asks her not to think wrong. She says I can’t think wrong of you. He calls her very sweet. She smiles. Peon goes upstairs. She says I will try. He says go ahead. She says I did such in college and opens the lock. He says I m sure you are professional, anyways good, this work is done, thank you very much. They see the seal and says if we open the seal, papers can get torn. He says don’t worry, I came prepared. He shows cutter. She says be careful, your hand can get cut. He says that’s fine, but envelope should not get torn. He adds Naira’s form and seals the envelope again.


Kartik says its done and thanks Lord and Gayu. They smile. He thinks congrats Naira, no one can stop you from giving exam. She says Naira will be happy, but we did wrong. He says sometimes we have to do wrong to give good, we did not give other’s chance to Naira, we gave her lost chance, maybe the best one wins. The man comes there to get envelope. Kartik and Gayu get alert as light is switched on. They hide. The man asks peon why did he not keep envelope in cupboard. He sends the forms. She sees cockroach and stops him from shouting.

He says I m not scared of cockroach. She says you said so in office. He says I did that to make Naira’s mood good. The man asks peon to switch off lights and lock room. Gayu asks what will we do now. He says we have to stay here all night, find some excuse. Gayu cries. He says sorry, I know the exit way, and thanks for help. She says anything for you, I mean anything for Naira.

Naira tells Mishti that she got bit late and everyone got spoiled, I m feeling bad. Akshara hears her. She asks Naira to practice and keep herself busy, better than being sad. Kartik and Gayu come out. She says coffee. He says tea, we will have tea, you took big risk, thanks. He asks what happened, don’t you love tea. She says I love it. He says same pinch, come. He gives her ginger tea. She thinks I never drink tea. She sees Kartik and smiles. She drinks tea. Khoyi khoyi…..plays………

He thanks her again. She says its fine, come home, you did not come after Yash’s marriage. He says yes, I had work at office, I will come. She sits in her car. He says don’t tell this to anyone, you did not tell me how many locks you broke. They laugh. He goes. She says so cute Kartik….

Naksh is on phone and tells Gopal that he is coming to Krishna. He sees some goons running after that same girl. He calls her out and runs to save her. He reaches the girl and asks why is she running. She says I don’t know you. He reminds her of taking her to hospital. Goons come there. She says I don’t know this guy, don’t do anything to him, I will come along. She goes with the goons. Naksh says strange girl, why was she running, and did not identity me, why did she go with them.

Kartik sees Naira’s pic and says I started liking the things which I should hate, I love everything about you, when you are there, I feel everything is good, is this not love, I love you Naira. Rajshri comes there and he gets shocked. He says when did you come. Rajshri asks are you saying something to me, I m not hearing anything, doctor has put medicine in my ears. He asks did you not hear anything. She says I came to say, dinner is ready, come. He says maybe uncle donated something that he got beautiful wife like you. She asks him to talk after 2 hours. He smiles and says I got saved, she can’t hear. She goes.

Gayu talks to Rashmi and Sameer’s pic. She says I miss you Maa, I like Kartik, I m sure Papa would have understood me, he felt bad for you and could do anything for your smile, I can also do same for Kartik, I love him so much, I wish you both could meet him. Akshara comes there and smiles. Gayu sees her reflection in Rashmi’s pic. Akshara asks what were you talking, complaining about me. Gayu says nothing. Akshara asks her whats the matter. Gayu says I would have shared if anything was there to say. Akshara says fine, promise me, have this coffee. Gayu promises. Akshara goes. Gayu feels sorry and says once I know about Kartik’s feelings, I will tell you, I m sure you will understand whats Kartik for me.

Its morning, Vishwamber and Rajshri see Kartik worried. Rajshri says what happened to him, he is ill and still not resting. He says I think he is worried or waiting for someone. They ask Kartik what is he waiting for. Kartik says I m waiting for a call. Rajshri asks is it for work or personal. Kartik says its work, its not much related, its personal too and not directly, I m expecting, maybe call will come soon or it can come when I leave hope, or maybe call won’t come. Rajshri and Vishwamber think if Kartik fine or something happened to him. Naira gets a call, and Akshara answers on other line. The man from dance academy tells Naira about her exam, she will be informed about centre, it changed, and asks her to submit form on time. He confirms details. She says I m Naira Singhania. He says your name came in exam list, please fill the form. Naira gets glad and hugs Akshara. Akshara smiles.

Akshara says its miracle, Naira can give exam now. Naksh says its good, else Kartik spoiled things. Gayu says Kartik made this possible. They get shocked.

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