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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Akshara thinking where is Naira. Gayu calls Naira. Kartik tells inspector that its not his mistake. Naira cries and asks Kartik to come, I don’t want to stay here. Kartik says fine Sir, its my mistake, we will end matter by paying fine, tell me amount. Inspector scolds Kartik. Kartik says we are leaving. Inspector says stop, I will put you in your real place. He puts Naira and Kartik in lockup.

Naksh’s friend Rohit sees Naira and calls Naksh. He says I came for passport work at police station, and seen your sister. He tells about Naira being in lockup with some guy. Naksh asks what. Naira cries and asks Kartik to do anything, time is running, I have to get certificate for dance program, I have to fulfill Papa’s dream. She cries. Kartik requests inspector

to let Naira go, and keep him here. He says Naira has exam and has to submit form, file case on me but let her go, please.

Rukmani likes the gifts and shows to the guests. Rose asks Gayu did Kartik not come. Gayu says don’t know where is he. Rukmani sees the nightie in gift and guests taunt on foreign bahu. Akshara says its personal thing, its about husband and wife’s matter, clothes can be small, our thinking can’t be small. She answers the guests and asks Rose not to worry.

Kartik and Naira are freed. He says I will take you there, come. Naksh comes there. Naira asks him how did he come here, leave all this, I have to submit form. Naksh asks her to sit in car. He warns Kartik to be away from his sisters. Kartik prays that Naira submits form in time. Naksh and Naira are on the way. She prays that counter does not get shut. Naksh asks her not to worry. Kartik follows them. Naira runs to submit form and falls down. Kartik rushes after her. Akshara calls Naksh. Naksh takes Naira to submit form. He says Naira has urgent work, I will talk later. Akshara worries and tells Gayu that Naira loves Naitik a lot, if she does not submit form, her heart will break. She tells everyone that Naira is coming. Rukmani says whats the use now, she would be sleeping at home. Gayu says no, she is on the way. Rukmani says rasam got over, tell her not to come.

Naira sees counter closed and requests man to take her form. He says sorry, Sir went and I don’t know this process. She says my Papa’s dream will break, please help. He says I can’t help, sorry. Kartik comes and hears her. She says I have to fulfill his dream, he fuldilled all my wishes and its my turn to fulfill his wish. The man shows the seal and says I could have helped you if you came 5 mins early. She cries and leaves with Naksh. Kartik gets the form and says I ruined everything, I m responsible for all this.

Rukmani says how did Akshara go. Rajshri says she had imp work. Bhabhimaa says she did all her duties well, she went hearing about Naira’s problem. Nandini says we will manage here, don’t be annoyed. Rukmani says I m not annoyed, I just feel satisfied when Akshara is here. Rose says when Akshara left, she said she wants to see pics, so we won’t be sad.

Akshara goes to Naira and sees her crying. She says you did not say, I could have helped. Naira says you can just increase problems, not solve, leave me alone, go. Akshara cries and leaves. Naksh tells Akshara that Kartik took Naira and made her late. Akshara says Kartik and Naira are not wrong. He says Kartik is wrong, why do you defend him. She says stop blaming him, its our mistake, it was Naitik’s dream, we should have been careful. He asks did you talk to Papa. She says no, maybe he is busy, who will bring Naira out of this sorrow.

Gayu goes to Naira and pacifies her. She says we believe you, you can participate next year, I m sad and crying types, but you are strong, smile now, you got late, you did not fail. Naira says I know you are saying this to make me feel good, but I deserve this. Gayu says no, we trust you, you will fulfill Naitik’s dream. Kartik gets sad and recalls Naira. He calls her and gets her phone switched off. He calls on landline. Naksh answers call. Kartik ends call and thinks to call Gayu.

Kartik says I m so sorry Naira, your work did not happen because of me, I know you are feeling bad, I wish I could meet you. He closes eyes and imagines himself with Naira. Naira sits crying. Naira hugs him. Kaise tujhe mai samjhaun………….plays……….. Kartik lifts her and takes her to the bed. He holds his ears and apologizes. He does situps. She looks at him and turns her face away. He wears a frog’s mask and jumps, acting like a frog. She laughs. He asks is this me and she nods. He laughs and signs her that his smile is very lovely. His imagination ends. He says no, her smile got lost because of me and I will get her smile back.

Akshara says I can’t see Naira’s pain, her dreams shattered, I can’t even wipe her tears, what shalli do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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