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yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge season 2 episode -3

Friends I’m thinking to stop this ff because except Siddhi and shreyaa no one is interested…
Scene 1
Ruhi scolds rishi for talking contiously. He just smiles and drives the car. They reach home and Ruhi says hi to ishu and Rishi hugs her calling athai. Ruhi is shocked and surprised. Then ishu says that he is Mani son. Then a car comes and Mani, Arrya, iyer,bhalla family comes. all gets happy seeing them. Adi sees aliya and smiles. Amma notices this…
Scene 2

Amma and mrsbhalla argues that the bride should be from their respective states. All laugh seeing them and goes.
Scene 3
Shivanya is seen wearing Saree. Rithik comes in and asks mischeviously shall we go. Shivanya smiles and ask him to go out. He smiles and says that she is beautiful. Shivanya ask him to go as it is not the age to romance. He ask her not to feel shy and ask her to come. She pushes him outside and smiles( a cute scene)


Precap:shivu sees rivaan drenched in rain and worries. Ruhi and Rishi fights. Adi-aliya romance.

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