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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Amma telling their plan to Adi. Raman comes and they all start laughing and saying about joke. Raman says I need to talk to Adi. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma leave. Raman asks Adi about girls, does he like anyone, everybody makes mistakes, we are humans, some mistakes are such that its hard to hide. Adi says its nothing like that. Raman says exactly, I also used to say this line, but nothing turns to everything, I mean protection is necessary. Adi asks what.


Raman says like I protect you being your father, some mistakes need precaution. Adi asks what are you saying. Raman says I m not your Papa, not your friend, you can drive car fast but you need to apply brakes when speedbreaker comes. Adi says I know everything, I m 21 years old. Raman says thank God,

do you have GF. Adi says no, calm down, I did not do anything wrong. Raman says I m ashamed to be your father, you don’t have GF, jokes apart, don’t do mistakes in any relation, don’t do mistake like me, as everyone does not get second chance like me. He asks Adi to get girl assembled from China, but not get a Madrasan. He goes. Adi says Madrasan, its late now, and smiles.

Ishita and Ruhi talk, and Vandu comes there. Ruhi asks them to talk and goes. Vandu asks Ishita what did she think of her life, till when will you be like this, its 7 years, I know its difficult for things to get fine, you and Raman do not stay as husband and wife, you are like friends, I think you both should marry again. Ishita says Amma sent you right. Vandu says so what, is Amma saying wrong, you can stay like family. Ishita asks what about Pihu, Shagun is her mumma. Vandu asks what about Ruhi and Adi, once you marry, your chemistry and spark will be back, you have feelings for Raman, tell me.

Raman gets call and asks is this necessary to leave today itself. He says fine, I will come. He says I have to leave for business meeting, I have to tell Ishita. He goes and hears Ishita telling Vandu about him. Ishita says Raman does more kudkud/grumble, he is frustrated, see Mani, he is so mature, he will workout marriage with Shagun well, I can’t expect this with Raman, he will argue with me, I don’t have energy to workout this relationship, I m happy the way its going on. Raman gets angry and leaves. He calls Neelu and asks for his jacket. He scolds her.

Ishita comes and sends Neelu. He says I want my jacket, I have to go for urgent meeting. She says how will I know. He says sorry, I could not tell you, I can’t adjust, I just pester you, you don’t have patience to handle me. She says you heard me, its wrong to overhear anyone’s conversation, I had to tell this to Vandu, else she would have to ask me to marry right away. He calms down and asks did you not mean that. She pulls his leg and gives him his suit. She goes.

Adi takes permission from Mani to take Aaliya out. Mani asks him to just go and meet Aaliya. Adi goes to Aaliya’s room. She sits crying. Adi asks her to come, they are going for movie and lunch. She says sorry, I don’t want to go for movie, I had Amma’s belongings, memories… Adi says Ishita is your Amma, and she will always be. She asks will things change, Appa is marrying Shagun, I have to call her Amma, Mihir explained me, I understood, but I can’t forget Ishita. She tells when her parents passed, Mani raised her and Ishita came in their lives, their family got complete, no one can take Ishita’s place. He says don’t cry, no one will take her place. He jokes and makes her laugh.

Mani tells Ishita that Adi went out with Aaliya. She asks are you looking for Shagun, she went for NGO work. He says no, I was looking for Raman. She says Raman went for business meeting, come, have food, you are son in law and everything is cooked for you. They all talk to him. Pihu comes and asks whose marriage is it. Ruhi says Mani’s friend’s marriage.

Pihu says I like to attend marriage, can I come. Mani says yes, but the marriage will be simple. She says it will be boring, I will tell your friend that dance and music should be there. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to sit and have her fav chicken. Amma serves Paisam to Pihu. Ishita serves food to Mani. Amma asks Pihu to go and change school uniform. Pihu goes. Amma says Pihu ate paisam, the way Ishita used to eat in childhood, she is your daughter. Ishita says she is Shagun’s daughter first and then mine. Ruhi thinks Pihu will come to you soon, I will give this happiness to Ishi maa.

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