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without you i am nothing chapter 3

hello guys!! i know u might be surprised to see me here as i said i will come on sat. but actually free. we have annual day practise in our school and since i am not participating i had time for this. i had read all ur comments. thank you so much to all who had read my ff. so i am class 11th bio student.i love to write and read novels and stories.asthu i am from kannur , northern part of kerala.
before we go to todays episode i want to say u something: guys in this ff i had planned to work on each and evry relationships in details. so that means intro. of other characters will be delayed a little. now i will mainly show you about rasam. if you guys want me to go fast and introduce other characters then you tell me as ur wish will be always my command.here

NEXT MORNING SAM FOUND HERSELF ON BED. YES SHE WAS ON HER BED ,BUT WHO DID it???she tried to remember wat happened to her yesterday but she couldnt as she had severe headache. suddenly her bedroom door opened and there stood radhika smiling with lemon juice in her hand. she was looking like angel and sam wondered whether she reached heaven so soon. sam kept on staring at her with her mouth opened. radhu came near sam and gave her the juice. before sam could say anything radhika replied “keep quite,i know u want to ask me many things but before that drink this lemon juice. sam didnt say anything and drank the juice like a obidient child.as soon as she finished the juice radhika pushed her to bathroom asking her to get fresh. she didnt let sam to ask anything. sam quitely went to have bath. when she came out she saw her room was empty. she was thinking whether she dreamt of that angel.
suddenly she heard someone calling her name to have breakfast. she went downstairs and saw that angel was laying the dinning table. now she was confirmed that she is neither in heaven nor she dreamt. seeing sam, radhu bought sam near the table and made her si and started to serve for her. seeing so many delicious food a small smile appeared on her face. after serving radhu sat next to her and started to have her breakfast.none talked during the breakfast . after the breakfast radhika washed the utensils and sam helped her. after that sam dragged radhu to couch and made her sit and she sat next to her and asked”u know very well what i wanted 2 know soo…”
radhika : ÿaah i will tell u evrthing”

Padhika was in delimma whether to drop sam in her house or not. seeing sams condition she was pretty sure that htis girl really need help. she went to the bartender to know more about this girl. he said”she used to come on every saturday and would drinl lot that she will be out of her senses. a boy used to accompany her and she udsed to call him IDIOT . she would be out of her sense and the boy use to handle her. but today he didint come so she gave me her address to drop her so….. before he could say anything they heard some sound and turned . they saw sam fighting with someone and throwing the vase, bottles,glasses on him.not wanting any damage, the manager asked them to leave. not only that she also got rs. 5999 bill. she had no other go, so paid the bill and took her luggage which also included sam and left from there. she somehow reached her house and took key from her pocket and opened the door. she dropped sam on the bed and covered her with blanket and closed her door. radhika decided to stay here till morning and slept near the couch since its too late.

HEARING THIS SAM WAS ASHAMED AND MUTTERED “THIS ALL HAPPENED BECOZ OF U IDIOT , I WILL NOT SPARE U…”sam then apologised to radhika and said”i will pay back ur bill and thanked her for dropping her safely and for the breakfast.but radhika said”i dont want money but please help me to find a home and i am new to this city. so can you please help me???”. sam thought for some time and then replied “if u want u can stay in my house as i have 2 bedroom. but i will allow u only for 1 condition”. radhika asked curiously “wats it???”sam replied “u have to make food always and if u need any help i will. ok? radhika was beaming with happiness and said ok. now she dont want to walk all around the city to find a home. then radhika asked”is birdsong near to ur ..i mean our house?? sam smiled hearing our house and replied yes only 1 km away from her by the way why bs? radhikka replied”actually i am going to start working there from day after tomorow. sam : “then you must be earning a lots na? BS is a big and famous company owned by some mehra rite?”ÿes, arjun mehra replied radz….
radhika started to unpack her things and sam helped her too. they chi chatted a lot. around afternoon they finished their work and cooked the lunch and had it. they decided to watch movie,bit in the middle of the movie current went. so they started to to talk about many things randomly. at one point of their conversation radhu asked sam about her family. sam who was continuously chatting stopped suddenly and stared at radhu. her eyes became moist and tears started to roll down her cheek . seeing this radhu became restless amd saidï am really sry if i hurt u. i didnt mean to . i am really sry..really very sry.
sam: its ok? i will tell u after all v r friends na. aren’t v????
radhika just nodded her head………………………………………….TO BE CONTINUED.


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