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THE GAME OF DESTINY (Shraman FF) – Two shots (1)

Hello everyone…. Here I am making a very first attempt to write a ff…….. Hope u all lyk it……


A voice is heard at a distance scolding Tillu for the wrong lighting. Such a big ground offers a difficult task to be decorated by evening for the ceremony of sangeet. The ‘WELCOME’ board to the occasion of Gayatri n Isshaan’s sangeet was being put up. As it was about to fall, a tall and handsome guy in his informals came forward and helped the men incharge. They thanked the guy n he gave a welcoming smile. A group of frnds sitting on another side of the ground saw him coming n were overwhelmed. The 2 boys got up n hugged him.
Rohan- Chalo, now Shravan has arrived. Ab jamega party ka asli rang……. ( ya guys this is our Shravan Malhotra, the best lawyer}.
Isshaan- thanx bhai for coming ….. waise bst frnd ki shaadi mein koi itna late aata hai kya??
Shr- sry yaar, thoda kaam aa gaya tha aur teri shaadi hai aana toh tha hi… btw congo
Gayatri- apne dost se milna ho gaya toh mujhe bhi congratulate kar do, aakhir uske akele ki shaadi thodi na hai..
Shr comes to her n congratulates her giving a side hug.
Ish- mera bestie toh aa gaya par tumhari dost kahan hai….. isi saal shaadi mein aa jayegi na?? aaj hamare bst frnds bhi ek dusre se mil lein..
B4 Gayu could answer someone shouted BHOO near her ear n she turned back frightened n there her bstie was laughing whole heartedly…..
Gayu(angrily)- sumo ki bachchi, tu toh gayi aaj……..
Sumo started running but gayu caught her n gave her a frndly beating. After this they hughed each other n then Sumo congratulated the couple…… Gayu introduced her to Shravu n they shaked hands… after the milna n all, the girls n boys went to their rooms…

There was a gr8 gathering. Shr, Ish n rohan were standing in front of the stage when Sumo descended the stairs in a orange lehnga with her hairs falling down in curls n was luking absolutely stunning with gayu in red. Shr was busy in his phone when Rohan drew his attention towards the girls n complimented Sumo on her beauty…. Shr 4 the first time found a girl pretty n said,,
Shr- hmmm, she luks nice, I mean buri nahi hai……
Rohan(shocked)- tujhe I mean THE SHRAVAN MALHOTRA ko koi ladki achchi lagi…… compliment dena toh nahi aata par then too ‘BURI NAHI HAI’ kehna bhi tere liye bahut badi baat hai. Ya toh chamatkar sach mein hote hain…… ya phir bhai teri tabyat kharab hai………
Shr- oye nautanki, ab ye Miss India wale expression dena band kar samjha…………. Then Shr left to bring a colddrink…
As he was walking busy in his phone n cold drink in his one hand, he bumped into someone. He luked up n saw Sumo luking at her dress in distress as it got spoiled. B4 Shravan could apologise, suman bursted out her anger on him……
Sumo(angrily)- dekh kar nahi chal sakte .. jaise tukur-tukur ghoor rahe ho usse lagata toh nahi hai ki aankhon ki jagah do button laga rakhe hain……
Shr(annoyed)- what do u mean, haan? Tum ladkiyan khud ko samajhti kya ho…aise Jhansi ki rani ki tarah chali aa rahi ho, khud dikhta hai nahi….. ulta kothwal daate chor ko
Sumo- ulta CHOR KOTHWAL ko daate… hindi toh aati nahi hai tum lawyer kaise ban gaye………
Shr- oh hello, tum hindi ki teacher ho kya aur waise bhi lawyer banne ke liye na muhavre yaad nahi karne hote hain……. Khud ka IQ toh 0 hai aur mujhe sikhane chali hain…….
Sumo(irritated)- I am not dumb ok n tumhe kya lagta hai mujhe pata nahi hai tum jaise ladkon ki fitrat. Ek ladki kya dikh gayi- sundar aur bholi-bhaali ki bas bahaane dhoondne lagte hain baat karne ke but let me tell u Mr. main jaisi dikhti hu na waisi hu nahi…….
Shr- (sarcastically) wo toh mujhe dikh hi raha hai……. Btw main tumse baat kar raha hu iska matlab ye nahi hai ki main pagal hu aur kya kaha tumne – SUNDAR- aur tum…….. lagta hai tumne kabhi sheesha nahi dekha kyunki tumhe dekh kar toh sheesha bi dar jaye aur agar beautiful ki definition ye hai toh bhagwan kare mujhe kabhi koi sandar ladki na dikhe..
Sumo(angrily)- kya kaha tumne?? … mujhpe comment karne wale tum hote kaun ho… kabhi khud ko dekha hai….. ek toh insaan ki jagah imaarat ban gaye ho aur upar se shakal bhi langur ki..
Shr- tumse toh achchi shakal hai aur itna drama kis baat par ho raha hai…. Ek chota sa daag hi toh laga hai, whats the big deal??
Sumo- sahi keh rahe ho tum , whats the big deal
Saying this Sumo takes the glass from Shravan and smiles ……. B4 Shr could understand anything she threw the remaining colddrink on his sherwani…….. shr fumed in anger
Shr- what the hell??? Have u lost it???
Sumo-now u got it??? Dusron ke liye kehna bohot easy hota hai………. {She was abt to go but stopped n turned}……….waise I was not intending to spoil ur sherwani n iam sorry 4 that but it was necessary to make u realise that the mistake was urs…..
B4 the convo could be carried further, there was an announcement on the stage to be seated n enjoy the function…… saying so Sumo went leaving a confused Shr behind who was stuck b/w his mixed feelings for Sumo. Ish n Gayu sat on the front sofa n the dance competition btw

LADKEWALE n LADKIWALE started. With the performance of Rohan the groom side was leading n only one dance was left from the bride side which would decide the fate of today’s evening. The spotlight fell on the stage n there was Sumo sitting in veil. The song ‘AAJA NACHLE’ was played n she gave a mindblowing performance making the bride side win….. Shr was lost in her while she danced n for the first time he didn’t give a damn to his ringing phone…. Rohan came n saw him luking at sumo
Rohan- bhai aise mat dekh kahin aankhen bahar aa gayi toh problem ho jayegi…….. (Giggles)
Shr (coming back to his senses)- tu pagal hai kya aur kya bakwas kar raha hai……… aur agar ye mazaak tha toh bilkul bekaar koshish thi, samjha………… rohan nods a yes , giggles again n leaves….Shravan then goes to Sumo to congratulate n appreciate her.
Shr(softly)- Sumo,…… u were great… tum bohot acha dance karti ho….{ he stops n says}……btw I am sorry too..
Sumo- arey, its ok aur waise bhi tumse drink gir gayi and then maine tumpe daal di toh score equal- equal ho gaya ….. n now u said a sorry so lets forget it all..
Shr(smiles)- main tumhe samajh nahi pa raha hu…… kabhi itna ladti ho phir dusre hi pal sry bolti ho n then sweet ho jaati ho……. Mujhe toh dar ki agle hi pal tum mujhe kahin maar na do
Sumo(smiles)- hmm, ho sakta hai par main tumhe maarungi nahi….. waise bhi koi bi kisi ko ek hi baar mein jaan le, yeh toh possible nahi.
Shr- sahi kaha tumne…… toh MS. SUMAN aapko samajhne ke liye aapse dosti honi toh zaruri hai.. so
(forwards his hand)kya tum mujhse dosti karogi?????
Sumo- hmm, chalo thik hai tumpar ye ehsaan main kar deti hu ( shakes hand)…… waise bhi mera hi fayda hai, ab agar zarurat padi toh lawyer nahi dhoondna padega……….. free mein hi best lawyer jo mil zayega…. ( they both smile)


It was haldi in morning n the families n frnds gathered in the hall for the rasm….. the hall was divided in 2 by a partition in the middle to separate the haldi of bride n groom side…. Shr was carrying a fruit basket n was coming towards the hall when suddenly he stopped…. Sumo was coming out of the hall n was talking on phone,,,, she was wearig a lemon yellow Patiala suit with her hairs tied into side fish tail.. he felt the breeze- cold n so fresh for the very first time.. everything was so peaceful n beautiful for him- may it be the chirping of birds, the cry of a baby, the shrieks of laughter or the shouting of people ……… the next moment he faded off his thoughts n walked towards her……. As she was about to slip he held her hand……
Sumo- thnx Shravan warna aaj toh main pakka gir hi jaati aur ek nayi pareshaani aa jani thi
Shr- kuch nahi hota aur kabhi kuch hoga bhi nahi…… main tumhe kabhi nahi girne doonga sumo, kabhi nahi…….
Saying this Shr goes inside the hall while sumo stood there confused….. she waa happy or shocked, she too didn’t know but one thing she was sure of….. Today she felt something really new n what it was she had no idea……..

Mehndi was being applied on the palms…… the green took over the atmosphere…… mehendi songs were being sung…… Gayu n Sumo were sitting together getting their palms adorned with mehndi……. The boys were standing on the other side n were luking at the function… Rahul was eating jalebi (a sweet dish) n Ish and Shravu were luking at girls or better say their girls.
Rohan to Shravu- bhai , dekh na kya lagh rahi hai…… such a perfect one n so nice n sweet…..
Shravu (lost in sumo)- haan yaar, bahut sundar lag rahi hai …… sach mein she is perfect……
Rohan ( confused n shakes Shravu)- abbey oye, pagal wagal ho gaya hai kya…..koi aatma ghus gayi hai tujhme?……. kya bakwas kar raha hai??…. ‘Sundar’, ‘she’????… kiske khayalon mein khoya hai??…. main toh Jalebi ki baat kar raha hun
Shravan ( coming back to senses n embarrassed)- ha…haan toh…. Pata hai mujhe kit u jal.. I mean jalebi ki baat kar raha hai… main room mein jata hu….. n luks at Sumo
Rohan understands that Shr was talking abt sumo n smiles- (softly)- haan bhai tu room mein ja. Bimaar bi lag raha hai…. Main tere room mein coffee aur Suman bhijwa deta hu…….
Shr- haan yaar ek coffee aur Sum………. (He understand n luks at rohan who was giggling)…… hogaya tera jab bi dekho hihi karta rehta hai…… main chala hi jata hu……… he goes to take a glass of water
While Sumo also comes to take water as her one hand was free n smiles seeing Shr…….. seeing mehndi being applied n by the thought of separation with Gayu tmrw., her mother got emotional n cries hugging gayu…. Sumo who was seeing this remembered her own mom n got teary eyed which was noticed by Shr….. she excuses herself n goes to the backside of the hotel which was a small garden with no one around as everyone was busy with the function….
She was sitting on a swing with tears rolling down her eyes…… Shr came n saw her state….. he felt something piercing his heart, pain of blood oozing out of a wound…… he went n sat beside her n spoke- SUMO……. She cried resting her head on his chest n letting out her heart…… she spoke to him about her childhood, her parents n how one day how she lost everything…… he embraced her in his arms as if assuring her that he is there n is only hers………. N she became quiet as if assured…. She composed herself n thanked Shravu…he smiled n then excused himself.. he came back after 2 min with a ice cream in his hand n asked Sumo to have it….
Sumo- nahi Shravan mera mood nahi hai…..
Shr- acha, main toh tumhaare liye specially chocolate ice cream laaya tha, par ab tumhe nahi khani toh ( taking a breath)… main hi kha leta hu……. Par tum resist kar paogi I mean pakka nahi khani, after all ‘chocolate flavor’ hai ( thus luring Suman)
Sumo was tempted n as Shr was abt to eat it, she shouted- NO… I mean ab tum itna keh hi rahe ho theek hai le leti hu par sirf tumhaare liye haan aur kuch nahi…….
She took it from Shravu n started eating it actually eating it madly….. Shr was just luking at her, smiling……after she finished.
Shr (sarcastically)- 2-3 aur le aaon……. Abhi jagah hai face par ice cream lagane ke liye…. Toh ye hai aapki sundarta ka raaz- CHOCOLATE CORNETTO…….. Itni sundar lag rahi ho ek pic toh banti hai…..n he clicks a photo
Sumo (angrily)- pic delete karo warna……..
Shr- warna kya??? Kya karogi batao na……
(and he started coming close to her……. She leaned back n Shr put his arms around her preventing any escape……they were lost in each other’s eyes as if their complete world resides there…….. they were so close that Sumo could feel his breath n for the first time her heart beat lost the control n she breathed heavily…….)

Shr (breaking the prevailing silence)- tumne bataya nahi kya karogi……. Batao na main intezaar kar raha hun…
Sumo- (still lost)- ha….. main bi kar rahi hun….. (Shr raised his eyebrow n sumo coming back to her senses)- bata du….. I mean sach mein bata du…..
Shr- hmmm
Sumo act to shy n then smiles luking at him…. Shr got that smile n had fb when she smiled the same way b4 throwing cold drink at him….. but to his bad luck, b4 he could do anything she took his dupatta ( guys he is wearing the attire of pushkar’s sagai n tilak)….. and rubbed off the ice cream, cleaning her face actually her lips n some portion near by….
Shr( a bit irritated)- kya yaar Sumo…… this is not fair
Sumo(laughing)-everything is fair in luv n war Shravan…….. n turned to go
Shr- aur ye kya hai ye toh batati jao….
Sumo stops, turns her face n smiles- this is……. (thinks)…… war……..( n then leaves.. Shr smiles n luks at his dupatta)
Shr to himself- pehli baar zindagi mein kuch samjhne ke liye itna confused hua hu…… par acha hai, confused hua hu shayad isiliye itna sure hua hu………. Ki har dhadkan hai ab tumse……(smiles)….. ki pyaar hai mujhe tumse……….
Shr decides to confess his feelings to Sumo after the wedding of Gayu n Isshaan….
The barat had arrived n Shravan’s eyes were luking out only for Sumo…… she was nowhere to be seen n he was getting restless.. Rohan noticed this n comes near Shr…..
Rohan-bhai gulabjamun khatam ho gaye kya???……… tujhe khaane ko nahi miley na… par its okay yaar…… abhi aur aa jayenge, itna pareshhan mat ho….giggles
Shr gives him an irritated look- kyu ek acha joke maarne ki itni behuda koshish karta hai….. ek toh already tension mein hu aur phir tu……
Rohan- par sooli toh isshaan chad raha hai toh tu kyun pareshaan ho raha hai??????….. shr gets irritated n leaves the place…..
He was more nervous or more excited, no idea…… but he knew tuday his life is gonna change for sure……. As soon as the bride descended down his eyes impatiently luked in that direction searching for their comfort, SUMO……. But to his distress she was not in sight….. he searched for her all around…. He started feeling unusual as if he could not breathe n when he enquired about her, he was shattered … SHE WAS GONE……….
[ I know it was bit long n may be boring too somewhere, but thanks to all who read it]

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