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THAT ONE DAY- A SwaSan OS by Saanvi

Hi guys..This is Saanvi. This is my 2nd one shot on SwaSan.
It is a very very long OS but trust me you will feel good reading it.

Falling in love is a great feeling but sometimes it gives pain too..Let’s see how..
Coming to the story:
Sanskar’s POV:
One day made a difference in my life..that day I got love but also lost it..that day gave me beautiful memories yet pain..
After 2years to be precise 1year 8months I saw her in Florida in the same park where I met her for the first time but now she was holding a baby of 6months old.. Her innocent smile is the same even after years..
I still remember the first day when I met her..
Fb starts:
I was born in USA and had everything in my life.Caring parents, loyal friends and a beautiful girlfriend..
I and Ragini met during our graduation..She was from India..Although I spoke broken hindi we soon became friends due to our common mother tongue..We had a gang of mutual friends and used to always hang out together..
One day Ragini proposed me and I accepted it because we had a great understanding and even my parents like her..
What else should I ask for..I was the most happiest guy on earth until she came into my life.


It was in the month of December when everyone went from USA to India but I guess she was the only one to fly here during this season..
Ragini was so much desperate to meet her childhood friend..Even I wanted to see her as I heard so much about her from Ragini but couldn’t accompany Ragini to the airport as I was occupied in some other work..
Later Ragini called me and asked me to come to Wekiwa Springs State park..
I reached there..Ragini introduced me to her friend..
She moved her hand forward and said Swara..I joined my hand into her hand for a handshake and said Sanskar..
I didn’t leave her hand even after that..Ragini coughed and said “It would be better if you leave her hand!”
We(trio) spoke for sometime casually..Later Ragini said “ I have to attend the student fund raising event tomorrow..Will you please show the city to Swara??”
I gave a impossible look…To which Ragini responded very very politely
Ragini: Please do this for me..She will get bored in the hotel room and even you don’t have any work..
I said Okay..Tell her to be ready by 6am..I hate unpunctuality..
Ragini hugged me and I reciprocated in a friendly manner..All the time Swara was giving cute expressions to us with slight smile..That smile was driving me crazy but I brushed off the thoughts..

Next day :
I and Swara started off in my car..She was punctual unlike Ragini who was always late..
We reached Walt Disney World..I asked if she wanted to try any ride..
Swara with a scary expression pointed towards Astro Orbiter {it is a seated ride which operates by spinning around in air and back to ground}
I asked if she is sure..She nodded in a yes..
After starting the ride Swara held my hand so tight in fear while I was just mesmerised in her innocence..
After getting down I looked at my hand which became red due to imprints of her fingers..
She apologised but I assured her it’s ok..Later we walked to many stalls and tried many new things..
For me few were new and few I have already tried in past with my gang of friends..but for Swara it was all new..She was so excited at every thing..I remember her cute face and those childish expressions..
Later we headed for lunch at Disney Springs {It is an outdoor shopping and dining area in Walt Disney World}
Swara asked me to order since she didn’t understand the names in menu..I did it for her and she complemented my taste in cuisine.. I blushed unknowingly…Whatever she said affected me in a positive way and for everything I smiled like a idiot..
We went for House of Blues for entertainment where there was a play of jungle book enacted..
We enjoyed throughout..We clicked so many pictures together at every place we visited. Later Swara asked for a water ride..I took the tickets for Blizzard Water park.. {It has rides where the sliding area has water while there is ice on either sides of the slide throughout..}and the person inspecting the safety asked “ Is this the first time?”
Although I tried it earlier, keeping Swara’s safety in mind I said ‘Yes’
The person said he would allow them to go only in presence of expert.
{The ride is risky because if a person loses balance he would fall into crushed ice and body temperature falls rapidly}
Swara was adamant..She didn’t want a expert instead she convinced me to come along..
I hesitantly agreed..She happily leaned on to me where her back was touching me..There was a plastic barrier between us in the inline tube slide {a tube which typically has seats either for 2 or 3 riders inline}but even then the proximity made me feel something different..
We enjoyed the water ride so much, for that instance only as a good friend. Now I understood why Ragini likes Swara so much..Wherever Swara steps in she spreads happiness, joy and fun..
Later we got back into our dresses and I asked what next?
Swara said shopping..I was completely amazed by her answer..I mean how can a person think of so many different things to do in one day..
But I had to give up in front of her cutest way of requesting..
I took her to the O’ Neill clothing mall as it also had Indian clothing store.. Swara went straight in western clothing store instead..She started picking skirts and one piece dresses..
I stood there with a shocked expression because she entered Florida in traditional attire but what she is shopping now is completely different.
She looked at me and said “Wondering what I am upto??”
I shook my head in a yes and a later in a immediate No..
She smiled and said “ I wear outfits according to the occasion. If I go in a traditional dress to a party how will it be?”
I was convinced by her logic yet amazed since she was very quick at shopping compared to girls who spend hours and hours into it.
She kept the dresses on her and asked for my opinion whether the dress is good or bad..
I was bad at judging dresses for girls..So I asked her to try and select the ones in which she is comfortable..
Swara smiled and took 10-15 dresses with her into trial room..After almost half an hour she came out and called out my name..
I turned back and looked at a stunning beauty..I was awestruck..
That moment I felt she is the girl for me.
Swara came near me in a black one piece with netted work on it..her silky long hair was adding to her beauty..
She said “Sanskar”…
The way Swara calls out my name made me fall in love with my name. Funny right!! What to do her sweet voice made me realise such thing.
She asked how she was looking..
I came back to my senses..I said her to get them all and left..
What could I do at that moment..I falling for a girl who is my girlfriend’s friend..
What will Swara think about me and how will I say Ragini about my new found love..
I avoided eye contact. I guess Swara could sense my changed behaviour. She said “If you don’t mind, can I ask you something?”
I felt if she asks me about my feelings then I’m gone but still I hesitantly shook my head in yes. Surprisingly Swara asked me to show her beach.
I said tomorrow..but swara the stubborn lady didn’t listen, so we headed to Cocoa Beach{this beach is open upto 11pm for visitors}. We were walking and talking to each other on the beach side but later I noticed Swara walking on my footsteps..I mean my foot imprints on sand..I gave a questioning look but she said it is fun and even I should try it.
We sat down after a while..Cool breeze on the shore and the light music of waves awakened my emotions for her. I don’t know why I did it and what stuck me at that moment. I leaned and placed my lips on hers. To my surprise Swara responded by sucking my upper lip and that passionate kiss lasted for quite a long time.
We parted away due to lack of breath. We were silent but at that moment I wanted to propose her but she gave me the biggest shock.
She said “ I am engaged. My marriage is after a month. I came here to give my wedding card to few friends and take Ragini along with me.”
I felt shattered listening to it but just said “We should leave now.”
I witnessed her eyes welling up and a tear already escaped my eye.
I dropped her at Ragini’s place, all the way controlling my emotions.
Next day when I went to meet her, Ragini informed me that Swara left saying she has a very important work in India.
I tried forgetting Swara and our moments together since I didn’t want to cheat Ragini but it became difficult for me to do so.
I broke up with Ragini without even giving a reason for my action. I know Ragini would hate me for this but I didn’t want her to get upset by the fact that I never loved her and my love is Swara for this life.
I joined business and became a workaholic but I could never forget how I broke Ragini’s heart and my love for Swara even in that busy schedule.
I gazed at my pictures with Swara when I used to miss her a lot in my life and felt happy for a while.

Back to present :
Swara was moving away from the place. She didn’t even bother to talk to me but I saw a hand pulling her towards me. Yes it was Ragini.
I was afraid to face both of them so I thought of leaving..
Ragini said “Don’t even dare to run away Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari because truth will haunt you at any place.”
I was startled by her statement.
“Swara didn’t marry anyone and seems like even you are single.” Said Ragini
I acted like I didn’t understand what she said. Swara also tried to escape the situation by covering up.
Ragini said “ Laksh told me everything happened between you and Swara 2years back”
{Laksh was Swara’s friend and also finacee -with whom her marriage was fixed}
I apologised to Ragini to which she replied “ Don’t be sorry Sanskar. Love doesn’t happen seeing time, situation or place. It just happens and that magic stays with us forever.”
She took a deep breath and continued “ I know you are guilty that you fell in love with my best friend and Swara is guilty that she cheated me by loving my love but I’m happy”
I and Swara looked at her with shocking expression..
She continued “ I’m happy because neither you nor Swara established contact and backstabbed me. It only happened for that moment”
Then Ragini looked at Swara but spoke to me..
You know what Sanskar when Laksh said it was just a kiss. I won’t blame you for that mistake. We’ll start our life fresh.
This lady told Laksh- pointing her finger towards Swara
“Physical relations are established only when that person is on your mind and soul. For me my soul is Sanskar.”
Tears were flowing down my eyes listening to Ragini’s words.
After knowing about the truth from Laksh, I created a scenario that I met with a major accident and wanted to meet Swara before my last breath..So she arrived otherwise she would never meet you in her life thinking about my love for you.
You people thought of sacrificing your love and remain in history as great lovers. Ragini came forward to me and said I loved you Sanskar but not more than Swara.. I moved on, so even you move on with Swara..
I could sense unshed tears in her eyes and tremble in her voice but I was helpless. She gave me her wedding card where the bridegroom’s name was none other than Laksh Raichand.
I gave a surprising look to which she replied “ He doesn’t have a problem with me being unpunctual and also understands me better than you..So I thought he would heal my wounds.”
Ragini joined Swara’s hand with mine and said “That day I told you to leave her hand but now I tell you to hold her forever” saying this she left from there.
I took Swara into a bone crushing hug and she wept all the sorrow which she disclosed inside her for these 2years.
We again kissed each other but this time it was again a new experience.
I ‘Sanskar Maheshwari’ realised that language, country, lifestyle is never a barrier for love..Love is same be it USA or India or any other country..It happens with a person’s soul at the most unexpected moment.

Oh my god!! Finally done.. I got the idea for the above story 10days back but I wanted it to have good feel and look realistic..So I researched for the places,games,events and then wrote this..
Later I had two climax ideas..I took one complete day to complete the climax..Then the OS became too long..So I deleted so many parts of the story and finally this OS is before you..
I put in more than 100% efforts for this OS. Let’s see how you people felt after reading it..So comment please..

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