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thapki pyar ki (fan fiction) – without trust there is no love (Part 4)

Guys I think you don’t like my fanfaction you all forget me ok I think you all busy anyway .my fan faction start from (the whole panday niwas is decorated due to sahail coming)
bauji- all thinks are happen
thapki- yes bauji.
Bihaan- oh mister decorater what are you doing this light was don’t decorated here .
decorater- sorry sir all are busy no one told me.
Bihaan- so I told you.
Dadima- oh What are you doing here I told you to decorate the temple
decorater- sorry maji but bauji told me to decorate hall.
Bihaan- don’t worry I decorate hall.
(The waiter bring juse for all)

waiterone- oh i am so tired.
Watertwo- ya I am also (when they go thapki was so busy due to work and hit by waiterone.
Thapki- so so sorry. W
aiterone- don’t worry mam oh the juse fall in main switch off hall
Thapki- don’t worry I told this to electrician
waiterone- ok mam
(thapki call electrician and goes to doing work)


(in hall Bihaan decorated all hall and go to main switch)
(in other thapki feel something bad and then Dadima come)

Thapki- dadi where is bihaan dadaima- bihaan decorate hall thapki- oh no”
(and then thapki run some one hear this conversationin other thapki is run)

preacap-bihaan is unconscious and all tried to get conscious bihaan)

oh guys please support me your comments gave me inspiration. I now this is short but I maid it short to suspense what happen to bihaan? He touch main switch or not? Why bihaan is unconscious? Answer is in next part.

Credit to: garima

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