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swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-5



They broked the kiss due to lack of oxygen……were staring eachother lovingly

sanskar rub his finger on her lips ..caressed it romantically …..

sanskar:I love u jaan


his intense gaze was making her shy ..she downs her head in shy .. and blushes hard
he smiles and lifts her chin …

sanskar:come lets go
he holds her wrist ….was about go but
swara:(questionly &confused) where???
Sanskar:(smiles) to our home ..
swara:but sanskar …my class is going on how can i come ..
Sanskar:jaan i wanna spend some time with u …can’t u atleast for ur hubby (puppy eyes)
Swara:(melts & smiles) aweee my cute baby (pulls his cheeks) i will come coz nothing is imp than uu
Sanskar:(smiles) then come..
Swara:haan… u go i will take my bag from the class & will join u
Sanskar:okay… but soon..
Swara:okay my cute hubby (kisses his cheeks)

and leaves from there while sanskar smile adoring his impossible,carzy ,& lovely wife ..


Class room

swara enters the class room …. walks towards her bench ..& takes her bag

Swara:(happy tone) bye kavya…bye rishi
kavya:(sad) swara y r u leaving soo soon ..
Rishi:(sad) haan swara …we will feel bore without u .
swara:hahahahaha kavya…& rishi ..u r talking like u will not meet me ever hahahaha chill guys …i’m just taking half a day leave…
swara:no if and buts … bye for now meet u 2mro ..(happy tone)
kavrish:okay bye ..

swara leaves from there …..


Sanskar was waiting for swara ….standing taking support of car ….with shades (hyy hyy kya digraha hoga yaar muhhha only my kiss not urs okay)

just then swara comes there she smiles looking at him …. he smiles back ….she walks towards him …

he smiles and opens the car door ….both sits in … leaves from there …

soon both reached to S&S Manshion

both entered the manshion hand in hand with a bright smile on there faces
just they hears

voices: Suprise!!!!
Swasan:(suprised &happy) ..uttara,ragini,lucky

uttara:yeah….(she smilez and hugs both swasan) we missed u soo much bhabhi…… bhai ..
Sanskar:(caress her hairs) we missed u too my lil angel …
swara smiles …
ragini hugs swara ..

Ragini: how r u my siso..
Swara:like alwayz super duper fine ..
Ragini:haan haan …as jiju loves u soo much hai na ………
Swara:(smiles) soo tho hai (blushes)

Sanskar: hey hi lucky boy (hugs lucky)
Lucky: hi bhai ..(hugs back)

Swara:hi mr joker of india
uttara & ragini :giggles… while laksh stairs her angrily … and sanskar just smiles .

Laksh:(thinks something & smirks) Swara u know wat today a daayaan i my dream i was like whoz thz…when i went closer to her u know i wat saw …
Lucky:u (laughs) hahahahaha swara tat dayaan ws non other than u hahahaha (gives hi-fi to sanskar who was imaginig swara as dayaan & was laughing continuesly)

Swara glares at them angrily ……but dnt stop laughing …

Ragini:laksh stop….teasing my siso ..
but no use they were laughing still while uttara chuckles

Swara thinks something and smirks

Swara:(louldly) ragu do u know ..i saw laksh complementing a girl….saying her beautifull ,hot,s*xy ..etc..etc ..

ragini bolied with anger ..looked at laksh with the anger stroming eyes … laksh stopped laughing ..and gupls in fear seeing her angry face ….. he looks at swara with anger…while she gives winnig smile to him …

Laksh:(gupls in fear) sweetheart she is lieing …..
but ragini stairs him more angrily …he immedeatly ran and hided behind who was laughing even more seeing lucky state Sanskar …

lucky:(fears) bhai…plzzz save me… stop laughing………. u r bro is standing b/w death & life…but uuuuu ……
Swara:and ragu he was also saying tat her hairs r soo long she looks beautifull with open hairs hai na laksh (smirks)
ragini stairs him angrily

laksh:bhai..ur wife… arrrrggg…now i understand bhai bhai na raha (dramatical tone)
Sanskar:(stops laughing) hey drama king .. stop okay ….
Swara:and ragu …
laksh looks at sanskar with puppy eyes
Sanskar:(interupts) arrey ragini… u know ur sister iz half mental ..she will be blabering something …leave it …na …lucky loves u very much am i right lucky
lucky nodes like a child
while swara angrily looks at sanskar …

uttara: oooh aab aap sab ka haasa mazak jagde hogae ho tho … lets have lunch i’m hungery (puppy eyes)
Ragini:haan …haan.. y not come (smiles)

both uttara and ragini leavez to dinning area followed by laksh

sanskar smilez seeing his cute siblings and turns only to see swara with the anger boiling face… he pressed his lips to control his laugh

Sanskar: swara come have ur lunch (holds her wrist)
Swara:(anger) nonooo i will not have… (hits him) i’m mental right…then y r u staying with thz mental haan….
Sanskar:aahhh swara…..listen……beat me later 1st have ur lunch …orelse u will go weak ..
Swara:no i dont..want…i will not eat …u go .. (hits him more) idiot….

Sanskar holds her hands and pulls her towards him …. smiles seeing her angry face & takes her in his arms …

Sanskar: if u don’t eat…then i will make u to eat …
Swara:(hits him) leave me idiot…(struggles ) leave mee

but sanskar ignores her…takes her to dining area ….raglak & uttara smiles seeing them…

sanskar makes her sit on the chair … and serves her food ..

Sanskar:eat….or else u better know about me (raising his eyebrows)
Swara looks at him angrily and starts eating while smiles winnigly ..

and takes his mobile ….was busy in checking his e-mails …
swara looks at him

Swara:aren’t u eating …(sounding angery)
Sanskar:no …i have some work so….

before he could complete .. she angrily keeps a bite in his mouth …… he widens his eyes … looks at her and smiles… while others chuckels ….

soon they finished with their lunch ….. & were involved in masthi,maazak, again ..

later raglak & uttara … bides bye to swasan
and leavez from there ….


SwaSan Room

swara was busy in folding her clothes just then she felt a strong arm around her waist ….she smiles feeling the touch … but later gets angry ..

Swara:(anger) leave me sanskar …

sanskar smiles and turns her ..

sanskar:ooooh hoooo my jaan is still angry with me ..
Swara:(pouts) i’m not ur jaan…i’m mental right …(turns)
he smiles seeing her cute angry face and back hugs her ………..
Sanskar:noo u r my jaan …. now thz leave thz anger …. (kisses her nape) or else ur cute hubby will not talk u ….and i mean it
Swara:(gives up & smiles) hmmm okay …
Sanskar:(smiles)… waise jaan did u packed bagz as we r going to bussiness camp (winks at her) ….
Swara turns to him
swara:haan ..haan packing is done….(confused) but y u organised thz business trip…
Sanskar:(caress her neck with his lips) (huskily) to be with my jaan…

saying she pulls him more closer to her and starts unbouttoning his shirt …. smiles naughtily… and pushes him on the bed … and comes top of him ……and takes his hand ….keeps it on her back…he smiles….. see’s him seductively …and romantically …. makes him to remove her top’s zip ..
he removes it…and pulls her more closer ….she starts kisssing him all over the chest biting…it and sucking it……

swara:(huskily) waise u r right i’m mad but for u …

sanskar smiles and rolls on her…now he his her ….he stared at her passionately …and placed his rough lips on her soft yet rosy..lips …kissing ,it …passionately…as she does the same ….he bites her lower she gasp in pain & pleasure..taking its an opportinuity he enter in her mouth ..their tounges played with eachother ..tasting the essence of their beloved mouths …it was long lasting kiss broked due to lack of oxygen…both stared eachother passionately

sanskar nuzzles his head in her fragnance …kisses ..her….bites..sucks while she moan in pleasure taking his name making him more carzy for her …..they made love

precap: bussiness camp,swasan romance, someone to push swara in a river

so guys how was the episode sorry for late update… guys i’m busy yaar…plz do comment guys…which part did u like the most in thz episode ….and haan i’m not gonna end so chill yaar ….
waise can u tell me should i continue my new ss Swasan! wajah tum ho!!

and guys thank u veryyyyyyyy much for all ur comments sorry for not replying ..

Credit to: tanu

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