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Swasan SS: My beautiful Feelings (episode 1)

hi guys. . it’s me Jwala.. don’t kill me for not updating my ff’s. but yesterday I had a dream.. so I’m writing an os based on it.. and my bestie shan helped me a lot in writing this.. shan.. I love you so much..

here is the story..


Swara boss a gorgeous fun loving girl with a golden heart.. she is joined in first year engineering course.. she met a guy in college. . he was very handsome and dashing. swara’s heart beat fast when she saw him first.. she lost his heart.. this is the first time she is getting attracted to a guy.. Swara bosd was not a introvert. . she wanted to be friend with that guy.. she goes towards him..
swara: hi.. I’m swara boss.. may I know your good name please?
boy gives a sweet smile to her.. swara melts in that smile. . she feels that she is floating on the air.. her face glowed like a moon..
guy: hi I’m sanskar kapoor. . nice to meet you. . he offered his hands for a shake hand.. swara forwarded her shivering hands to him . his rough and manly touch on her soft palms made her gulp. a current passed through her body.. sanskar also loved her touch. . her palms was warm and soft like rose petals.. they had a beautiful eyelock.. swara suddenly take her hand back .
swara: I’m first year engineering. you?
sanskar: same. . computer science. .
swara: oh god me too.. so we are same class ..
sanskar: Yeh. . first year software engineering class..
swara couldn’t control her happiness. .
sanskar: I have to go now.. we will meet tomorrow. class will start tomorrow only na. .
swara: hmm.. ok . nice to meet you. . see you tomorrow. .
swara was very happy while returning home.. she felt that she is the queen of this world. . no one else in the world is happier than her.. she started to sing songs.. parents thought that she was very happy with her new college . but she was happy that she met her prince charming. . swara didn’t understood what to do.. she didn’t felt such happiness in her life. . she dance, sing , play with her brother. . she herself don’t understand that why she is so much exited. .

next day..
swara was sitting in the class.. only two students can sit together . swara didn’t allow anyone to sit near her.. she says that her friend will come. . sanskar came late.. swara offered him seat next to her.. he seated near her.. and class started.. swara looked the other girls. they were staring swara with jealousy as sanskar was very handsome. . boys also was jealous on sanskar that swara was so beautiful. . class started.. but swara’s heart is distracting her.. his presence so close to her.. she wanted to touch him.. he was swirling his pen with his fingers.. she get jealous of that pen.. she didn’t glared him.. because she was little scared to do so. so her half concentration was on class and halp of sanskar’s s*xy fingers.
she heard sanskar’s husky voice when she was note down the lectures. .
” ha sanskar”
” your fragrance is distracting me.. ”
swara gulped.. her eyes became wide.. what did he say just now? she rolled her eyes.. she saw a naughty smile on his face .
“shut up sanskar.. sir will throw us out”
swara control the urge of blushing and said in a serious tone..
after sometime he again called her without get noticed by lecturer. .
” now what sanskar? ”
” that sheena is hot”
this time swara gets really angry.. she stood up from the seat.. sanskar get confused by her action.. professor noticed her.
professor: any doubt swara?
swara: sir.. this sanskar had some doubt. . but he is afraid of asking to you. .
sanskar frowned. . what doubt? oh no.. what was he is teaching. . sanskar actually not concentrating on the class.. ( thse boys na.. almost everyone same kind.. my class also 4or 5 will attend the class carefully. others will be busy in concentrating girls or their phone. lol)
professor: what’s your doubt sanskar?
sanskar: sir vo.. who developed ‘c’ language. .
professor: you don’t that that silly question? you were a cs student. you don’t know that? why did you take computer engineering then? this is the basic of cs. you don’t know that? I feel really pity..
sanskar: but sir answer..
professor: let me check. tomorrow I will give you the answer.. all class laughed. .
class finished. .
swara couldn’t control her laughter. . sanskar give her a death glare. .
sanskar: I’m going.. enjoy your laughing session. .
swara runs towards him and caught his hands.
swara: sorry sanskar..
sanskar: no.. I will not forgive you..
swara: what should I do now?
sanskar: I skipped my breakfast . so I want to eat something. . if you want me to forgive you then pay the bill..
swara: what? normally boys pay the bill..
sanskar: oh hello.. you girls know only to play drama ha.. I you don’t pay the bill then I will not be your friend anymore. .
swara nodded in agreement. . after having food they return to class. . They were teasing each other and laughing. . a group of boys saw them..
they come towards swasan..
boy 1: hey swara .. you only roam around him? we are also free.. we will also give company to you ( guys they are not villains . they are making fun because of jealousy. in college this all will happen na.. )
swara: hey rohan.. I know your gf studying in Mechanical engineering . I know her.. can I say her you want to roam with me?
rohan: oh no.. spare me swara.
rohan and gang goes from there..
one girl approch sanskar
girl: hey sanskar will you help me to do this program? (computer programs ) I was a biology student. . so I don’t know. .
sanskar: let me try ria..
ria was very close to sanskar.. swara’s heart burn with jealousy..
While helping her sanskar’s hands contact with ria’s hand.. it made swara more angry.. she snatched the book from ria..
swara: I will help you ria..
ria felt angry.. she wanted to be close to sanskar. . but swara is not letting her.. but she give a fake smile to swara. .
swara explain to ria.. After that she turned to look sanskar. but didn’t find him..

guys this also I thought to write as os. but after writing it I loved to write this. because I love college stories. so it will be a short story of 5 to 6 updates. .
love you all.. give your lovely comments

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