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Spoilers — 30th July 2016


Ishita happily makes the food for family. She works in kitchen and waits for Raman, who is returning back from his business tour. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer make a plan to call parlor lady and get a makeover. They suggest Ishita to get a makeover and impress Raman. Ishita does not feel need to get makeover and is busy cooking Raman’s favorite dishes. Mrs. Bhalla tries to explain Ishita to consider their advice. Ishita is simple and best, and is sure Raman loves her the way she is.



Suraj tries to suffocate Bihaan, and gets angry on him for helping Tina run away from there. He is angry to lost Tina’s money. Chakor says it is good that it has happened with him. She insults him infront of his friends. Suraj raises his hand to slap her, but Chakor holds his hand to stop it. Chakor didn’t tell all the truth to Bihaan and Imli till now, but have told them half truth. Imli has no choice then to aim gun at Suraj. She has just hatred in her heart for Suraj and have come out of the trance and regrets to have loved him once. Suraj tells her that she is just a servant to him and tells her that he had showed her place by not marrying her.


Manjulika is mad about Rajbeer and takes out her anger on Pari and make her hang in the air. Saudamini gets Rajbeer’s signatures on the property papers. Rajbeer tells that the signatures is not of his. Saudamini gets angry and hits on his head.

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