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Spoilers – 26th July 2016


Badri Chacha ji has made Aru her business client, after getting impressed by her. Aru goes to meet the clients. She finds some goons there who trouble Aru. Aarav comes there at right time and beats the goons, who try to molest Aru. Aarav makes a heroic entry, and saves Aru. Aarav planned to send goons to show Badri Chacha ji that Aru is not capable to manage business. Aarav acts and shows concern for Aru.


Kartik apologizes to Naira and does situps to convince her. A love story started in Singhania house. Naira sits upset on the stairs. Kartik writes cheerful messages and throws paper planes. Kartik cheers Naira and holds ears to say sorry. He tells her that he will never trouble her now. He wears a frog mask and jumps. Gayu has fallen in love with Kartik. Akshara wishes Gayu gets her love.

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