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One can paint the body, not the soul. Taking someone’s form is easy, but being like the one from heart is never possible because “EYES WONT LIE”??

What to call this idea of Ravan to take form as Ram and the fate’s play ??
Whether it is his last chance to change back, as taking Ram’s avatar will Instil goodness in him or to make him realise that there are things in world which cannot be achieved by Ravan??

Here comes Ravan as Ram.. Dharam appearance with Adharam heart…
Pride at its peak, as even Lanka Adharam souls cannot identify him. He marked his victory without even commencing the game!!?

There comes Ravan disguised as Ram to Ashok vatika with the most awaited call by Sita..’sitae’. Sita fastens herself to see her Ram. This is because of Ram’s appearance that her eyes are yearning to see for so long. Ram’s appearance provokes Sita’s eyes and brings her near to him. But, the very moment Sita understands the real truth as their hearts failed to connect.?
Ram’s voice …. As sweetest as birds music, pure as water, powerful as fire, smooth as air, gives infinite happiness as sky and peaceful life like earth. There is no voice in the world which has this power. Now the voice coming out from the Ram before Siya gives no calmness and peace but spreading arrogance, Adharam and pride. The eyes which saw this truth in voice, stepped back at once. ?

Ram….. Never gets tired of difficulty. He stands as an obstacle for an obstacle. Ravan who misinterpreted Ram’s sorrow failed to make Sita believe the very first moment. His words comes out so fast as he wants to somehow see Sita fall for his trap, which eventually leads to his success. He pours out all possible emotions as Ram and on other side Ravan within him is looking eagerly for his desired moment. ?

Ram…. His eyes are as sharp as his arrow. He has majestic walk with heads and eyes up always. His focus can never be distracted when he talks. But, the Ram here looks all around with such insecurity as he knows that he can no way reach Ram. ” EYES ARE MIRROR OF SOUL”??
Ram and Siya’s relation is eternal. He knows that Siya can never enjoy any pleasure when her ram is running day and night in hot and cold. She is one in nature and keeps ram’s comfort before hers. Ram’s grief about her presence in Ashok Vatika again indicates Sita about fishy happenings around her, as Sita knows what is ram from within. ❤️

Ravan who is dumbfounded after seeing Ram’s divine avatar, is now aggravated by Sita’s words against him. His inner ego and pride erupts out like an volcano. Yet he controls himself. Guess!! This quality of self control comes to Ravan as he in Ram’s avatar. As Ravan as Ram move forward Ram’s Sita step back, not letting even his bad breathe to fall over her.
The moment which clears all about this game is the moment when Ravan as Ram asks Siya to come with him. Ram… The MAN OF ONE WORD..it’s ram’s promise, Sita’s wish and Dharam’s path to meet Sita after defeating Ravan. In no means ram can break it. Breaking his promise is like killing himself. Universe may go against its truth, but Ram can never go against his promise. ??
Siya knows Ram’s pure heart and Ram’s knows Sita’s wish and both can never go against the other. Ram doesn’t have to explain his Siya that he is Ram – her Raghunanthan. Their souls will automatically get connected and it’s the moment where universe regains its beauty. ❤️?


Credit to: Shruthi

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