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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th July 2016 Summary

Pari comes and says jigs don’t come yet. Gopi says we will go and find devar ji. Tolu says he will come with you to find papa. Gopi says you have to be here with sona . I will go with molu. She says to molu to come. They leaves. Jigar was coming with banker. He says thanks to banker. Jigar thinks he will now get profit and buy new jewellery for Pari. Two theives come and snatch money suitcase from him.

Widya says please don’t send priyal to boarding school. I will do any thing which you say. Meera says go to god and bring my baby back.


Belji comes to thieves and takes money from them saying is all thing does right. He gives it to someone.

Meera says you can’t bring child back. Andi don’t like you r sorry. She takes priyal with woman. Widya chase them but fail.

Some one calls premila. She says are you doing which i say you. she is you are doing which i she i Premila says gopihas tease me so much now I will not spare her. She comes down and asks for gopi . kokila says she go to find jigar as he is missing.

Jigar comes . all run to jigar. Premila says from whom he is beaten? Pari takes jigar to room. She was finding first aid box. Gopi comes with haldi milk and first aid box. Jigar asks gopi to get lost. Pari thinks we have listed money and jewellery too. Jigar orders to Pari to treat her.

Gopi says what I had done that jigar hate her so much. Kokila says family is no unite. That’s why. Pumi says oh! So they are thinking about family unity.

Next morning…
Widya gives sharavan his dress , watch, etc.. Sharavan says not to pretend that you care me. Widya says sharavan ji.

Ring bells. Kokila opens door. Premila opens door and order maids to come inside. Gopi says what is this ? Premila says remember ! 3 days are gone on and now its gopi ‘s first night with Krishna. Screen freezes on gopi’s face.

Precap: gopi comes in wedding dress . premila says you are looking pretty. Room is upstairs and my son is waiting for you.

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