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RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 10)

Thank you guys for the positive comments and sorry that I wouldn’t be updating on Sunday and sometimes on Saturdays. Guys, I am happy that you are liking my ff and please keep commenting…



As she turns and walks, he holds her hand and puts his hand on her waist and pulls her towards him and stats kissing her passionately……

Rags: It’s enough for today I’ll give you more tomorrow (she winked at him)
Lucky: For deffo you need to give me more tomorrow (winks back at her) and I am sorry that you got slapped by Sid because of me
Rags: (smiles at him and hugs him) don’t worry he is my Bhai I wouldn’t mind getting slapped by him more than once I love him that much he is like my another Papa
Lucky: (he got jealous) Oh so you love him more than me
Rags: of course Lucky he is my Bhai (winks at him) and I see your jealous
Lucky: why would I be jealous?
Rags: because I love him more than you

Lucky: oh so you love him more than me…? I see how everything is now… (he puts his hand on her waist and pulls her even more closer to him)
Rags: (In a husky voice as her heart beat fast) L…L…Laksh wh…what a..re you…you doing?
Luck: I’m not going to let you go… as you said that you love you Bhai more so sorry that you will have to give me something for that and then I’ll see if I can let you go
Rags: OMG!!! Look already Bhai has messaged me 10 times and called me 20 times I have to go
Lucky: no I won’t let you go
Rags: (with her puppy eye) Please baby let me go and I’ll make it up to you
Lucky okay I’ll let you go today not next time and you’ll have to make it up to me tomorrow shall I book a hotel room for us tomorrow I want to spend some quality time with you
Rags: okay, and do you want to send some quality time with me or do you want something to happen like last time then getting intimate?
Lucky: (embarrassed) NO Nothing like that
Rags and okay sure I’ll send my day with you and I’ll let Swara< Sid Bhayia and Roshini Bhabhi w and they will make and excuse for me
Lucky: thank you so much
Rags: (hugs him)
Lucky: (was just about to kiss Ragini)

Suddenly they hear someone cough and they turned it was Sid

Rags: Sid Bhayia I was just about to come
Sid: oh really it didn’t look like you was going to come home it looked like you guys were going to kiss…
Lucky: oh no nothing like that (Lucky bend his head down in feeling shy)
Rags: enough of teasing us Bhai lets go.

Rags waves at Lucky and he waves back

In the Gadodia Mansion

They were playing and game of card

Sid: …………

To be continued……

Sorry guys for a short update that’s all I can write for today as I am busy…

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