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pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani (Chapter 34)

Time flies by and the yuvani is seen 3 months old. Everyone plays with yuvani…
Anuj( taking yuvani in his lap and teases menka seeing her eating banana): yuvani , u know your chachi is a monkey …( menka gets annoyed and throws the banana peel on ground)
Menka: don’t listen to your chachu yuvani…he is mad
Anuj: atleast I’m mad but u r a monkey…worse than a mad person
Menka: u wait anuj , I will show u what a monkey can do..( she chases anuj and in the process she slips on the banana peel .)
Menka: aaah, meri kamar…anuj ji is ski liye main aapko nahi chhodungi (aaah, my waist….anuj I will not leave u for this).( Rags and bhavna laughs seeing them)
Pratima( taking the baby from anuj): u both will never change…( they see YuvAni coming downstairs)
Pratima: Suhani and yuvi, the past 3 months u were very busy in managing yuvani…I want u to spend some time with each other .
Sharad: mausi is right…why don’t u go for a date tonight ?
Suhani: but bhaiyya yuvani will trouble u a lot so…
Rags: u both don’t worry about yuvani…we will manage her
Yuvi: ya suhani…I think we should go.
Suhani: but….
Bhavna: suhani u worry a lot…go and enjoy some time with each other( suhani agrees)

At night YuvAni go for a date.yuvi is driving and suhani is sitting with him in the front seat. Yuvi and suhani is on the way and they hear a song on the radio..
Suhani: do u remember this song yuvi?
Yuvi: why won’t I…( pyar ki yeh ek kahani suno plays)
Suhani: ya this was the song that we danced together for the first time
Yuvi: ya that was a magical time …we can still enjoy some magical moments together..( he comes closer to suhani and is about to kiss her.
Suhani: yuvi look out!!( yuvi realizes that and they bump onto a tree)
After a while yuvi in the car gets conscious and doesn’t see suhani beside him..He searches for her here and there and sees her dupatta stuck at the end of the cliff. He goes to get it and thinks suhani is there but he gets shocked on not finding suhani…
Yuvi: suhani….Suhani where r u?…u said u will not leave me, pls come back to me..dont leave me alone I can’t live without u…( he cries and shouts SUHANI…). He calls the police over there and they search for suhani.

Below the cliff meanwhile there is a river where suhani is seen lying unconscious when a man passes by and takes her to hospital. The police and yuvi r still searching but coulnot find any traces of her…

Precap: yuvi and suhani meet with eachother….

Credit to: Sanaa

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