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pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-37

Guys!!! Hardly any comments! This is not fair! I saw so many fan fictions which had 30 comments but not on mine. I know I’m not regular but I have a lot of studies and I also fell ill. Guys if you all don’t comment episode number 40 will be my last episode. I just want 25-30 comments. Guys if you all really like my fan fiction then please comment. I’ll be waiting for your comments. Link to the previous episode: http://www.tellyupdates.com/pyaar-ki-kahaani-krpkab-ep-36/
Sona-lets write our choice on a piece of paper and then we will decide out of the 4(2 girl, 2 boy) which one is the best.
Sona and Dev write the names. They then exchange the piece of papers to see each other’s names. They wrote the same names. Devakshi look at each other and smile.

Next day:
Sona comes down and sees the whole family waiting for her.
Sona-what happened why are you all here?
Ishwari-Sona beta did you forget? Today is your godh bharai.
Sona-oh yah. But maa how will I get ready?
Nikki&Ria-Bhabhi don’t worry we are there.
Nikki and Ria take Sona to Nikki’s room. They make her wear a pink heavy lehenga with matching jewellery. Dev looks at her from the door. Neha comes there and pats on his shoulder.
Neha-bhaiya don’t you want to go to office?
Dev-no I’m staying at home today.
Neha-unfortunately bhaiya you have to go to office as only females are allowed during godh bharai function.
Sona-Neha why are you troubling your brother? I asked him to stay but he will be in his bedroom and we will lock him from outside.
Neha-this idea will also do.


Dev-what you will lock me in my own house.
Sona-it is not only your house anymore. Now go to your room.
Dev-ok madam.
Sona, Neha, Nikki, and Ria laugh. Sona is ready and she asks Neha to click her photo. Neha clicks her photo and Sona sends it to Dev. Dev is mesmerized to see Sona but is unable to meet her. Godh Bharai function starts. *sorry guys but I don’t know how does this function go and I am skipping this part* Sona feels some type of cramps in her stomach. She clutches her stomach and she starts getting breathless. Nikki sees her and she calls Neha, Ria and Ishwari. Neha asks Ria to call Dev. Over there Dev senses something is wrong with Sona. He gets restless and is pacing in his room.

Just then he hears his bedroom door open.
Dev-Ria what happened?
Ria-bhabhi is getting cramps and is getting breathless.
Dev-she forgot to take the medicines. You go down and get a glass of water. I’ll get the medicines.
Dev takes the medicines and rushes down before Sona’s condition worsens. He makes Sona have the medicines and Sona feels better. Dev takes Sona in the room. Sona sleeps. Dev comes out.
Ishwari-Dev why did you give medicines to Sona?
Dev-Doctor told to give these medicines to Sona as she would suffer from complications in this pregnancy.
Ishwari-why didn’t you tell us?
Dev-I didn’t want to trouble you all.
Ishwari and Dev run inside.

Precap-Dixit family enjoys some light moments

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