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Punish me…..prologue..Ek duje ke vaaste

He is walking through an empty road,has a bottle with him.Drinking drop by drop with teary red eyes.He has a white paper in his hand.He is crumbling the paper as much as possible.He shouts”I hate you…Even I hate me just for loving you”.The cold wind made him to shiver as well as it made his sound unclear.His long hairs starts flying in the wind.His pointed eyes were clearing showing the hatred for his beloved.He again shouted”You were my past but my future will be…”
A car comes with high speed and hits him.He fell down with a great force which made the driver to stop the car.A girl comes out of the car shouting”Shravan”…

That’s the end of the progolue. Support me with your comments. Since iam a 10th grade student,I wont be regular in posting.Still ‘ll try my best to post soon.

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