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My shocking surprise (Part 3) Last shot

Hloo all i’m S.v back with the last shot of the update. Sorry this was really a long gap of the previous one. I donno what i have written so pls do spare me for this…..

Enjoy the ride….


6 months of the romantic saga of ardhika and nesam. They 4 will go out but radhika and neil will start from their house and arjun pulls sam with him to go out. Once they reach theplace they will swtich the pair and after some quality time they will go back home the way they came out. All went well as radhika and neil spoke about their heart to ankush who was open minded person of all. First he was reluctant but then raneil made him believed that they were in true love. Here arjun and sam spoke their heart to nandhini and she was happy too.

One day arjun called radhika.
Arjun (in panic voice) ; radhika where r u ??
Radhika ; why arjun ?? house……
Arjun ; i want u to be in airport in 15 minutes.
Radhika ; are u kidding i have not even took bath im still in my night dress.
Arjun ; i donno come in that night dress but soon and his voice showed some panic.
Radhika who was drinking coffee kept it and took her bike and rushed to airport. She was all the praying nothing to happen to him. She reached but it was around 25 minutes running time. Worst part of her life. She rushed inside the lobby where all the people would leave or will be waiting for receiving the people were waiting. She turned here and there and called arjun but his phone was nit reaching. Suddenly there was a sudden chaos in the people who were standing. Radhika turned and found arjun with his track pant and t.shirt and was looking at her with his own style of smile a half snile. She gave a grave look to him. Nesam were holding a board “happy anniversary……” radhika was thinking what anniversary then stricked the first meet of arjun and radhika the first time when the spend their time together in the flight.

Radhika (shouted running) ; arjun………… Arjun at once kneeled down and took a ring. Radhika was stunned as that was the ring which she saw on the occasion when arjun took radhika to buy a surprise gift for sam on her birthday. That was the same ring..

Radhika ; how did u ??
Arjun ; shush did u like it ??
Radhika ; well what will u do when i say i dont like it ??
Arjun ; well will find another hand which will be suitable for the ring and smiled mischievously.
Radhika ; may i know what did u say ?? with a warning tone.
Neil ( in sam’s ears ) ; see ur brother one last time.
Sam ; y ??
Neil ; i know what will happen next……. Before he could complete radhika was kicking him and he was on the floor. Sam opened her mouth as if she was about to say o that too big o neil was smiling at his student .
Radhika ; how dare u say that word and was kicking him.
Neil ; radhika how many times to say dont strike ur leg straightly a side kick would be harmless to u and very harmful to u. Radhika looked neil and smiled and when she was about to kick him he screamed ” radhika sorry will not even say that in my dreams”.
Radhika cleared her hair which was scrambled and she gave him her hand.
Radhika ; dare not say that .
Arjun (holding his stomach) ; will not and from whom did u learn this ??
Radhika ; well from neil of course my official teacher. Neil too smiled and wrapped her over her shoulders.
He folded his hands and made a big pranam to them. Then he took the ring and wore it in her ring finger. She jumped and show that to neil and sam.
Neil ; take care of my sister arjun. Arjun smiled and nodded “always”.
Sam’s parent somehow came to know about the love of nesam and made a surprise visit to neil’s house and they fixed the alliance.

Nesam got engaged and that was the occasion where nesam ardhika made an encounter with ankush, sara and nandhini with raksha daughter of nandhini.

All went very well and both the pairs were happy for the engagement. After the engagement, all started their normal life and never missed their meetings. Nesam in the name of shopping would take ardhika with them and those 4 love birds were flying in the love air.

Sam’s marriage was 2 months after from now. Arjun’s father Mr. Mehra decided to fix the alliance of arjun but he did not disclose who the girl was. Arjun as normal started to the office and he spoke to radhika whenever he had time. Nandhini was sweating badly. She knew about arjun’s love and her father’s stubbornness.

Mr. Mehra ; Nandhini ask ur precious brother to come to the place where im saying to come. She nodded. Arjun was with radhika and nesam. Nandhini called arjun.
Arjun ; haa nandhu whats up ??
Nandhini ; papa asked u to come to the temple where we will go will all na our temple .
Arjun ; hmmm
Nandhini ; come there for me ….
Arjun ; will come and should i need to take sam too ??
Nandhini ; no no u just come let her be with neil.

Just then radhika waved her hand that she is going home. He nodded her and he cuts the call.


Mr. Mehra ; arjun i have chosen a girl for u and she will be my daughter in law.
Arjun ; what ?? Why didnt u inform me before ???
Mehra ; i informed nandhini about this. Arjun was searching for nandhini and she was busy praying to stay out of arjun’s anger.
Arjun ; i dont like the girl.
Mehra ; you have not seen her before itself you are deciding it bit mark my words, she is my daughter in law final.
Arjun bangs his fist and goes from there and stands somewhere aside.
He closed his eyes and the only thing which he saw was Radhika her beautiful eyes her cute smile and the non stop talking and the way they were roaming every nook and corner of the city everything and he was unknowingly sobbing thinking of his radhika and finally decided to cancel the marriage what so ever happens.

Just then the girls family came and then wished mr mehra.
Mehra(looking at the girl) ; dear go he is standing there waiting for , go and speak some words. The girl nodded formally and had something in her hand.

Girl ; excuse me to arjun. He turned . She was about to throw full red chili powder on his face but she was standing like stone .
Arjun ; radhika what are u doing here that too in full tradional attire ??
Radhika(not out of surprise) ; a.r mehra is that ur name ??
Arjun ; ya arjun rakesh mehra. It’s my full name. She gave a look .
Radhika ; cant u say me ur full name idiot ??
Arjun ; what did i do ??
Radhika ; im the girl who has come to see u ……
Arjun was in moon at last his love marriage had become an arranged one. He was about to hug her but because of the powder’s odor they sneezed . Both as if so good people came there and said to the parents like ; whatever u decide we will follow and acted as if they never seen each other before.

Mala was in the verge of fainting as she just now saw radhika full stubborn that she will make the groom run without looking back but now what happened to her. Just then Nesam entered the temple and was panicked as they heard that Arjun was called for marriage alliance. When they saw Ardhika and were happy that finally Ardhika be one.

Finally Nesam and Ardhika married and lived happily ever after.

I knew it is not as per ur expectation. Sorry but my brain is only upto this . Sorry again….

I’m Sv the die hard fan of Mahabharat and Manmarziyan

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