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My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 25

Hii guys…I cant believe this…..its my 25th episode….all this is because of ur support…thanq very much…keep supporting….here is the 25th episode
Recap: dev wears an orange shirt…sona calls dev handsome…devakshi moments…varun tells ishwari and raghuwar that he loves Elena…they decide to meet Elena
The episode starts with sona and dev having lunch together
Sona: so varun is coming home today…right?
Dev: yes…I hope everything will be okay!!
Sona: don’t worry..everything will be fine..elena’s parents are very supporting…they will definitely like varun
Dev: are they coming today?
Sona: we have not informed them yet about Elena and varun’s relationship!!
Dev: varun informed maa and papa..they r ready to meet Elena
Sona: oh my god…soon Elena will get married
Dev: yes
Sona: what about u mr.dixit?
Dev: I have no girl in my life
Sona: you do remember that promise right? U must tell to me first
Dev: yes ms.bose
Sona: better
Sona’s phone rings…she searches for the phone and dev gives her phone…its Elena
Sona: yes Elena madam…whatsup?
Elena: sona…help me yaar
Sona: what happened now?
Elena: yaar varun will be coming at 5
Sona: baba asked him to come at 5…so he will come at 5
Elena: shut up sona….i need ur help…I don’t have any traditional dress…u know right tomorrow I will be going to varun’s house…how will I go? Wearing a jeans?
Sona: ok ok I understood…do one thing…u reach the shopping mall…I will also come there…we will shop together
Elena: thanq so much sona!!!
Elena cuts the call
Dev: ms.bose? u r going for shopping?
Sona: yes…mr.dixit..i have to leave now…
Dev: is it that important…I mean u can go later
Sona: mr.dixit?? r u ok? What’s wrong with u?
Dev: nothing wrong…u can go
Sona: ok bye
Sona leaves…while dev is upset
Dev: y cant she wait?? I wanted to spent some time with her…whenever I say something she always thinks that something is wrong with me…always a surprised look..huh!!!
Dev also leaves
Sona and Elena shop together
Elena: yaar sona…which outfit will be better
Sona likes a dress for herself…she tries the dress
Sona: elena?? How am I looking?
Elena: yaar sona…u came here for this…select a dress for me stupid
Sona: ok first tell me..how is it
Elena: beautiful as always
Sona: thanq
They buy some dresses and leave
Dev comes home…ishwari finds him upset
Ishwari: dev…u look upset?
Dev: no maa nothing…where is varun
Ishwari: he is in his room…and u get ready
Dev: for what?
Ishwari: r u not going along with varun?
Dev: no ma..i have a little head ache
Ishwari: beta u to take rest…I will bring a tea for u…u will feel better ok?
Dev: ok maa
Dev leaves
Varun calls Elena
Varun: Elena?
Elena: yes…what happened?
Varun: yaar…I am totally nervous
Elena: relax…nothing will happen….uncle is very sweet
Varun: sure?
Elena: yes…now take a deep breathe…u will feel better!!
Varun: hmm
Elena: come soon….i am waiting for u
Varun: shall I come now?
Elena: stupid…be on time
Varun: ok
Elena: bye
Varun: byee
Varun cuts the call….here dev is in his room…he receives a text message
Sona: mr.dixit…r u busy?
Dev smiles seeing her message…he replies to her
Dev: no ms.bose…tell me
Sona: I just wanted to say sorry
Dev: for what?
Sona: u wanted to spend time with me but I left…
Dev is happy that sona understands him well
Dev: no problem ms.bose
Sona: so what were u doing?
Dev: I was just lying on the bed
Sona: r u not coming with varun
Dev: no
Sona: ok mr.dixit…I have little work…bye
Sona (in her mind) : y cant he come…I thought that he will be coming
Dev: (in his mind) : if u want me to come..then I will definitely come…
Ishwari gets tea for dev and finds him smiling
Ishwari: dev?
Dev: maa…ask varun to get ready soon…we have to reach bose house on time
Isshwari: but u said that u are not well
Dev: no ma…I am perfectly alright
Ishwari: ok ok have this tea and get ready
Dev comes to varun’s room where varun is practicing how to talk with bejoy and aasha…dev sees everything and laughs…varun hears him laughing and gets angry
Varun: bhaiyya…this is not fair
Dev: sorry varun…relax…everything will be fine
Varun: I hope so
Dev: go and get ready
Dev and varun get ready and leave for bose house….here sona readies Elena
Elena: sona…wear this one
Sona: sure…as u say
Elena: oh really?
Sona: yaar…soon u will get married…and go away…then who will dress me up?
Elena: awww…so sweet…don’t worry u will also come to the same house
Sona: what?
Elena: yes…u will become sonakshi dev dixit soon
Sona: shut up Elena
Elena: ok ok…u get ready
Sona: stupid
Sona too gets ready….she wears earrings when dev and varun enter into the house…sona is about to move towards the drawing room but stops suddenly
Sona: no need to go…mr.dixit said that he is not going to come…so no need to hurry
Dev sits on the sofa and looks for sona
Bejoy: namasthe beta
Varun: namasthe uncle…I am varun
Aasha: so u r varun…elena told about u
Bejoy: would u like to have coffee or tea
Varun: nothing uncle
Aasha: u r actually very cute
Varun smiles and dev is still looking for sona…varun sees this
Varun: bhaiyya…u r looking for someone right?
Dev: no one
Just then Elena comes….varun is mesmerized with her beauty and simply stares her…dev coughs
Elena and varun smile
Bejoy varun and aasha speak to each other… dev receives a call…sona hears the ringtone…she identifies it but when she rushes towards drawing room, dev comes out to answer the call…hence sona doesn’t see dev…she returns to her room…
Sona: what sona…he said that he is not coming then y r u bothering
She applies kajal to her eyes…just then dev while talking in the phone moves towards the window..he finds sona getting ready….he stares her for a while silently…he then comes into senses and returns to drawing room
Bejoy: so beta varun…did u talk to ur parents
Dev: yes uncle…everything is fine…maa and papa have no problem with elena…they just want to meet her once (he speaks louder so that sona can hear him)
Sona hears dev’s voice and becomes happy…she rushes to drawing room
Dev sees her and smiles…sona smiles too
While varun bejoy and aasha discuss about varun and Elena….dev and sona look each other and smile
Bejoy: I will inform elena’s parents….they are very lucky too have a son in law like u
Aasha: both of u r very sweet
Varun: thanq aunty
Dev coughs and sona rushes to get water…she gives water to him…he takes it but unfortunately is slips and wets dev’s shirt
Dev: oh noo!!!
Sona: its ok…come I will show u the wash room
Sona takes dev to wash room…dev cleans himself
Dev: thanq ms.bose
Sona: its my pleasure
Dev smiles
Sona: by the way…someone said that he is not going to come?
Dev: as varun forced me…I had to come
Sona: ok
Dev: but I didn’t come for that…I wanted to meet u…so I have come
Sona smiles
Dev: but I think someone is not happy to see me here??
Sona: no one…I am very happy that u came here…I was waiting for u
Dev surprisingly looks at her
Dev: really?
Sona: I mean I was waiting for u and varun…not only me…maa…baba…elena were waiting too
Dev and sona smile
The episode ends there

Precap: this time sona comes to dev’s house with Elena….cute devakshi moments

Thanq so much guys for ur support till now…keep supporting…stay tuned

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