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My lost story chapter- 10 ( manmarziyan ff)

chapter- 10 ( the breeze of love and war )
The green wet grasses were devoid of sunlight . Tall large trees with hanging branches were shielding them from the Scorching heat of sun rays. The temperature inside the woods was low . Shiksha was thinking about two things . Love and Attraction . Her gaze fell on something which attracted her. She smiled . Albert . She mumbled. The neigh of him can be clearly heard from kilometres away too. The brown pigmentation of his skin with black hairs on his back always let him become the centre of attraction among his species. Only one can control him . Samarth. She thought. She moved forward to touch him . The horse reared up more on his hind legs . Shiksha was in Malhotra’s farm house . All she was worried that no one should come to know that she is here . She was really tired of getting pampered by everyone.
She took a sigh . “Albert ..i am Shiksha …” she moved forward to touch him . Albert moved many steps back . She raised her eyebows . The sudden change in his behaivour was not understood by her . the horse rubbed his hoofs on the ground . He almost leaped towards her . Shiksha closed her eyes. Her scream got scattered in that silent atmosphere.
“easy man …she is scared” .
She opened her eyes . Her lips parted more . Her neck and her forehead was covered with sweat droplets . He was there holding the hoofs of his horse. Albert was using all his force to crush him under his legs. Samarth understood . They both can’t lose any fight . “similar ego issues” he mumbled. After few attempts the horse was again calm. “Albert ..u should know how to behave with girls …look u scare her like hell” . Samarth turned towards her . The first thing he wanted to kill Shiksha for always inviting her death. He moved towards her .
“wanna join for the ride” . He extended his hand towards her . Shiksha was startled. She looked towards the horse and him . Both are loon headed brute . She wanted to run away but it was too late . He lifted her and put her on his shoulder . “Sam ..leave me” she hitted him with her fist . “ ahh the idiot brute …” she cursed him. After making her sit on his ‘Albert’he also quickly get on him .
She closed her eyes . The horse gained speed . She is also scared of horses like her mother Radhika . And he was like his dad …animal loving creature. She brushed her thoughts when his breath fall on her neck . So warm . His arms were around her on both the side .

Her back was plastered to his front . She can feel the movement of his chest . Up and down. She was nervous . His scent was driving her crazy . Her cheeks were started turning red. She was not feeling shy but his presence was enough to rise the temperature of her body . “ damn vasodialation” she mumbled. She looked towards his palms. Large and little taned. She smiled seeing his fingers. Fingers which were once dug in her bare waist. He was so close to her on that day. The silence between them was making her feel awkward. So she breaked it . “what are you doing here” . She asked him. He didn’t answered her back . “thanks for saving me” she spoke again . Shiksha was now little pissed off. “why are you avoiding me …from last two days” she asked him loudly . “because whenever I came to chat ..you were busy in kissing your superman” he retort back.
Kiss . When . She never kissed Rehan . Infact she didn’t hugged him too. Tears started brimming in her eyes. He was accusing her of something which she not even did. Shiksha wanted to kill him but at the same time she was hurted too . Her heart accepted the fact that she loved him . He may be a bad person . A very bad person . May be in future her father denied to support her in her decisions . But this thing cannot changed . She was in love with him and will love him till eternity. Samarth took a sigh . He was feeling guilt . But it was a fact that he cannot see her with someone else . All he wanted her to smile, dance , sing , blushed , cry for him. Samarth remembered how he don’t want her to share with her friends too when he was nineteen. He didn’t wanted to hurt her but day by day his madness , his love , was increasing towards her. Somehow and to some extent she had instigated the unending lust for her inside him too. He didn’t felt bad that he want her emotionally as well as physically too. To have all kinds of desires for the one whom you loved unconditionally was not wrong. His ears wanted to listen his name only in her most painful moan too. The thought of making love with her filled with guilt sometimes. Though he had killed some devils . But still he is a murderer and he can never denied this fact . He was not a good man . He himself was a devil ..a beast who want to make her as his queen.


He saw her crying . Samarth turned her towards him . He fall from horse . She screamed when she also fall on him . They both were fall on the pile of dry yellow grass. She was on top of him. Her hair locks were falling on him . Her tear drops were started falling on his cheeks. He was looking in her eyes. Samarth never understood one thing why his all anger ,hatred dissolved whenever he looked deep in her brown hazel eyes. He always loved her. Her scent is enough to break all hard walls of his ego , his confidence. It is difficult to believe for anyone but he too can nervous and it happenned when she is near him. The mind and his heart both become numb when she touched him either in anger or love . “sorry” he mumbled. She tried to get up . He pulled her back down . Before she can say anything further ,he rested his lips on her . Shiksha laid her back on the grass. His eyes were closed. The kiss was soft ,and the same time passionate too. Her hand moved inside his shirt . She dug her nails in his bare chest. He lifted her from her shoulders and get on his knees. She wrapped her arm around his neck . He hold her from her waist. He laid back now . And she was on top of him again. They both slowly opened their eyes . Shiksha was blushing . She can feel that he want more. She slowly moved down . He closed his eyes. Her lips parted and she kissed his eyes. Then his nose. She covered her mouth to not to laugh wheh she saw a smile on his lips. Slowly she put his hand on her waist . He opened his eyes and saw her smilling . “you devil ..” he turned and moved on top of her. She chuckled. He cuddle her more. They both were twirling on grass teasing each other.

“your skin is soft” he squeezed her tiny waist.
She kissed him on his neck. They both were laughing now . His phone buzzed . It was on the ground as while falling it slipped from his pocket. Many msgs beeped on the phone. She put her index finger on his lips. “stop it” she mumbled in his ears. He pulled her near him and again kissed her hard. She hold him too and opened her mouth more to let his tongue enter. When she started feeling dizzy he parted from her.
Nia was holding her head. Rehaan had showed his true colours . He had abducted radhika . Arjun was trying Shiksha’s number. She was not picking up the call. Samarth who saw her phone was now tensed seeing ten missed calls of Arjun. He quickly get up and looked for his phone.
“f**k…so many calls ..i missed” he muttered.
Shiksha called her dad. “dad whats wrong???”..she asked him. She was frozen when he told her that radhika was abducted.
“whats the condition ..nia” he asked her .
“rudra ..they want real saviour to surrender” she replied back.
Shiksha stumbled . Samarth hold her . “sam I cant live without mom…dad will kill himself if something happened to her” she started crying vigoursly.
“nothing will happen to her..” he hugged her.
Neil and Arjun were holding their head . Sam eye’s got swelled because of crying vigoursly . Shiksha too was sobbing . Arjun was sitting lifelessly and Neil was talking to the cops.
“they don’t know who is protecting us ..so I can go there easily” Arjun spoke. He started moving out of the house . Neil hold him and stopped him. They both stare each other.
“rehaan knows that you are not that one” neil replied.
Samarth comes downstairs. He was holding the gun . “where are you going” neil asked him.
“I will go in place of uncle ” he replied back casually .
“look samarth ..this is serious issue …I will go there and will tell them the I am one for whom they are searching” neil retorted back.
“dad they will easily catch you ..and we can’t wait for any outsider now ..dont worry I will bring radhu mom back home safely..believe me” samarth assured him.
After a minute neil was holded by security guards. “make sure ..no one should move out of the house”. Samarth ordered them and moved out of the house. “ he will lie and they will harm him..i don’t know who is this saviour” neil shouted. Sam sit on the floor and started crying more. Shiksha was standing completely frozen.

“ what the hell ..stop shouting Nia” . Samarth spoke while driving the car.
“you are going to surrender.. Samarth ..dont know what they will do with you ..and you are asking me to calm down ..i can’t calm down” she shouted again.
Mayank who was sitting beside Samarth disconnected his phone. They both looked towards each other. “I can go in place of you” he asked Samarth.
“I know …but I can’t take chances” he replied back.
“and when it is about my family ..then I will hunt alone” samarth accerelated the speed of his cruiser.
“why were you not picking up the calls ..at that time” mayank asked him .
Samarth didn’t replied back . It was something very personal . He kissed her . Today they both have their first kiss. He was cursing himself now. For the first time he lost his control. He was about to undress her at that time . So stupid of him . She is a kid . And she deserve love not lust . He get back from his guilt . Its time to go ahead alone. Mayank got down from his car. “ this time I will smash the heads ..and you will not stop me …let everyone think that I am not a human ..because now I am really in the mood to crush and smash” mayank spoke and closed the car. Samarth took a sigh . His team members go wild whenever there is danger on his life.
He entered with his car . The old white building laiden with fungus, tendrils and algae sticking on the walls was making it look more spooky. He get down . As expected he was now surrounded with four men holding large gun in their hands.
“look who is here …the ultimate Superman ..” rehaan was standing on the first floor . Samarth easily analysed that he was in the large basement of the building .
“ I am really shocked .. Mr Samarth Neil Malhotra ..” rehaan was cutted off by Samarth . “you missed Arav man” he smirked.
Rehaan clapped. “ wao what an attitude .. Mr Samarth Neil Arav Malhotra ” .
They brought Radhika outside . Samarth moved towards her but was stopped by his goons.
“ so we need you to prove that you are the one we are searching ..if you are the one then we will let her go” rehaan lit his cigeratte and looked towards Samarth.
Radhika gasped . “ no he is the not the one ..pls let him go” she tried to free herself.
“ it was me who killed Fredericks through chains” Samarth replied back.
Rehaan stiffened . Only few know that his head was beheaded by chains. Radhika was startled . She can easily read the facial expressions of Rehaan . He was shocked too. She looked towards Samarth who throw his lighter .
One of them moved back . He was sweating now.
“what” rehaan asked him.
He ponited towards the lighter . “ sir the tune playing in it is similar to the whistle that was used by that saviour when he killed xavier
Rehaan looked towards Samarth. “ I am the one who electrocuted him”. Samarth replied.
“he was like my brother ..you bastard”. Rehaan averted his gaze and looked up to control his tears.
“ xavier was like a family member and you killed him…you know it still pained a lot here” rehaan put his index finger on his left chest.
Radhika was staring samarth . It was difficult for her to believe all these things . She was crying more now.
“you know what ..i will give you the most painful death …the terrific death …get ready to rot in hell” rehaan shouted .
A small smile played on his lips. “death …death ..and death…my toys will never go agasint me …tell your master that I have already sign a deal with devil …by putting my soul on stake ….Samarth is provided with a slave …lucifer” samarth laughed hard . Rehaan clenched his fist . He took a knife and throw towards him . Samarth hold it in the nick of time .
“lets do another deal” he throw the dagger and it got dug in the forehead of the goon who was touching radhika with his eyes full of lust . Rest moved back little.
“I am impressed ..but I am committed to my master” rehaan hold his gun.
“what’s your price ..” he retorted back .
“ defeat me in sword fight ..and I will let you go” rehaan shot from his gun . The bullet got stuck in Samarth’s right arm . “fight with the left arms” he smirked. Samarth grunted like a wild injured boar. He was on his knees . Radhika was screaming, pleading to leave him.
The fight is on .
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