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MMZ – That one thing (SS )– Prologue

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? Below is the prologue and blurb of a new SS…
Please ignore any typos or grammatical errors… I’ll talk to you all at the end… Happy reading… ?
But Radhika you will have to marry him, he loves you so damn much.’ Said Samaira fuming.
I love you him too Sam but that doesn’t mean that I’ll have to marry him.’ Said Radhika.
You will Radhika.’ Sam.
But why Sam, I didn’t pose any threat to your love life and interfere in your marriage proposals. Then why are you after me on this topic?’ asked Radhika with the same tone as Sam’s.
Sam!! You know the pain she has gone through because of marriage. You cannot force her to do this.’ Said Neil.
I know Neil. But there is no rule that it has to happen to her again. She should give him a chance.’ Said Sam.
Sweetheart!! Why don’t you understand? I love you, please agree to this marriage.’ Asked Arjun with a hopeful gleam in his eyes to Radhika.
Sorry De… Sorry Arjun….. I love you too but I cannot do this and you know why.’ Said Radhika and walked out of the room followed by Neil who gave a glare to Sam and left from there.
Arjun who was shocked to listen to his name instead of his nickname from his Sweetheart (Radhika) stood like a statue with Sam beside him.

This is the story of contemporary college life, masti and love. Four different people, four different paths, four different destinations but ONE journey to find that ONE thing they want the most… This is not a story of friendship that turns to love; instead the four characters are crystal clear about their feelings towards their partner from the start… Meet Arjun Mehra, Radhika Mishra, Neil Malhotra and Samaira Khanna and join them in their journey to find that ONE thing they want to achieve… Will these people be able to achieve their respective goals or they will get to know the smell of dust by falling hard on the ground??? Let’s see their future… To know more I need to continue this SS based on your comments… ?

There will be no negative characters here as the lead characters are themselves grey shaded… This is a short story of not more than 5 shots; it may extend to 7 max if I start to become lazy and give you short updates… No mooshy-mooshy scenes until the four leads are out of the college… If the romance between the pairs reached its voltage; toh samjho SS has reached its end… Every pair will get their importance… It’s not only Ardhika and NeSam’s story but also ArNeil, ArSam, RaNeil and RaSam’s as well…

Okay now my questions—- Why do you think Radhika is opposing to the marriage proposal put forward by Arjun to her?? Doesn’t she want to marry only him or anyone in that case??? When she loves him so much, what is it stopping her?? Why did she say that she didn’t come in between the love life of Sam?? What is the nickname she has given to Arjun (any guesses)?? Why is Sam pressurizing Rads to marry Arjun when she knew the pain Rads has endured through a marriage?? Why didn’t Neil support Sam in this matter??? Why is Rads more important to Neil than Sam??
Guess the answers to the questions and do let me know them from the comments section…
As I’ve already informed my next shot will be late, this is a filler to cope up for that absence… The next shot may take more time than I expected because of some personal commitments lined up now… So please bear with me through these days’ guys… ?
And thank you so much for those positive words and encouraging things you’ve shared with me in the previous shot regarding my problem… I don’t have any words to thank you guys’, please know this I’ve come out of that situation now as that matter was settled and the main reason for all those blabbering of my relatives’ was jealousy… Poor boys got an ear bleeding lecture from their respective parents for choosing engineering instead of law… Phew!! Now they want the guys’ to take up a career which they don’t want… Enough of my blabbering about this matter here… ?
Now again a question to all— What is that ONE THING that you want most in your life??
To start off with me, there are many “one things” in my list; besides being a computer engineer and a future lawyer, I want to become an IAS officer; learn horse riding, sword fighting, archery (in short I want to learn every art form of war I can get my hands on), rifle shooting (my favourite of all), sky diving, scuba diving, and list goes on and on… Hehe… Pretty long list, eh? Sorry, Can’t help it… ?

Okay this SS got its shape because of Suga [she’s the first person who asked me to start an FF in the first shot… I’m fulfilling it now…lol… BTW where is she? Didn’t see her commenting in any of the FF from the past few days]; Sv[my Jaan, she suggested me to write an SS in every update of mine]; Sreee[my cutie]; Nupur[meri pyaari behna, crazy as me, haha]…
So guys’ here it is; an SS by a crazy cum lazy friend of yours… ? ? ?
How do you like the prologue and blurb of the story? Is it okay enough to pass on as an SS? As this is my first attempt to write an SS, you people have to forgive me my mistakes… Will update one shot series as soon as I can… Love you all… Have a nice day… Do let me know how you guys’ liked this story line from the comments section below… Waiting for your reviews… Till then bye my lovely beautiful friends… ?

Crazy for adventures..Author of “MMZ-That’s how we happened series”..

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