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MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


Anuj was pacing in the hall of his 2 bhk he would time and again look at the clock… time seemed to have stopped…it had been a month since Samdura has shut its operations….and it was time to get the back to the people who brought him down… but he needed a perfect plan and he had the one to start his revenge…without Arjun realising it….his face clearly mirrored his anxiety anger and desperation….suddenly his feet halted at the sound of the door bell and a cunning smile crept his face… ‘’Get ready Arjun I will hit you where it will hurt the most’’


A senior lawyer By the name Shivansh Dutta knocked the door of Joshi residence…Saral answered he gave the visitor a surprised but annoyed look and asked; ‘’Who are you”

Shivansh; ‘’Advocate Shivansh Dutta…I am representing the case of Riddhima Joshi and Dilip Mishra against you and your family…now since you had my introduction may I come in’’

Saral was dumb found…Shivansh was one of the best in his his job but he was a criminal lawyer how come he was handling a matrimonial discord case..…but Mishra’s were no were capable of paying his fees…Arjun …! He thought ….Saral’s face was filled with hatred and anger…but his eyes now had fear…the man standing infront of him was very good… and he doesn’t understand the word defeat…Saral quietly moved out of the way to let him in…Shivash smirked….it always worked his reputation preceded him…and this was personal for him as Arjun was his child hood friend they were a part of same orphanage… Shivash would do anything to win for Arjun.

Joshi’s were taken aback by Riddhima’s bold step… plus the lawyer infront of them who shamelessly demanded a cup of tea and then discareded stating it was’nt good…they feared the worse…Shivansh ‘s eyes moved from one Joshi to the other he smiled and started; ‘’’Saral… Mishra’s have filed an attempt to murder case on you… we have proofs that you burned the market down intentionally to cause harm to Mishra family…which also resulted in Dilip and Ankush Mishra getting injured…as per the medical records…and Mr. Suraj Joshi …you have been charged by your wife for threating her on harming her infant daughter… here is the notice for both of you…you need to hire a lawyer who would respond to this notice’’

Suraj and Saral looked at each other like idiots and then at Shivansh…he laughed; ‘’You must be thinking why do I have to come on my own to hand you over this….well the answer is I wanted to see how strong the opponent is… I got my answered and its time to leave…Saral… be there when you are called…or I will make even a simple bail difficult for you’’ Shivash walked out…and dialled Arjun; ‘’Job done bro’’

Arjun; ‘’Thanks ! I will remember this’’

Radhika was busy packing she was leaving for Mumbai today evening…but her heart was thudding… ‘’Oh stop it stupid you’’ Radhika wailed angrily keeping her palm on bosom to calm her heart… ‘’Take deep breath radhika…this is not the first time you will meet him..’’ She smiled at her thought but her heart refused to hear her …Radhika stomped her foot she was tired of her nervousness…Riddima and Nia watched her from the door… she was continuously cursing world..her emotions her heart but none of her words made sense…they smiled Riddhima walked to Radhika and made her sit; ‘’It happens choti…. Love makes one act crazy’’

Nia; ‘’Di just imagine Arjun jiju acting crazy’’ Riddhima and Nia laughed at the thought Radhika frowned; ‘’he wont…he is perfect….I am not’’

Nia; ‘’Di you will never learn…. no one is perfect…even he is not…you accepted him and now you need to accept yourself’’

Riddhima; ‘’Nia is right stop judging yourself… you are very good…for us and for Arjun too…we saw this in his eyes…and by the way…Why did you refuse to join Bird Song…you have forgiven them’’

Radhika; ‘’Because that is easy… being Arjun Mehra’s wife and getting a job is easy…I want to be Radhika first and rest later…my dreams are still on… marriage changes nothing for me’’

Riddhima huffed; ‘’So I was right..you are still testing Arjun….don’t lose him choti…he is a gem’’ Radhika just smiled Riddhima walked out with Nia she took Nia to a corner and whispered; ‘’When are you planning to leave for Mumbai’’

Nia gave a confused look; ‘’Why is everybody in a hurry to throw me out…Mon-Dad threw me out stating I should spend time with Dadu and you guys…now I am doing that you want me leave ‘’

Riddhima pulled Nia’s ear; ‘’for once be quite…I want you to travel to Mumbai ASAP…to push Radhika back to Arjun’’

Nia; ‘’that’s wrong…let her go with the flow….I will not do anything against my conscious’’

Riddhima folded her arms to chest ….she was bored with Nia’s drama…she smiled as an idea struck her; ‘’Ok fine don’t help…its your loss….you will staying in hostel…with rules and bad food…but if Arjun Radhika reconcile you can stay with them…..eat good food…have your own room…think Nia’’ Nia blinked and got lost in the deep thought…Riddhima knew her idea worked…Nia gave Riddhima a thumbs up…and ran to the hall…Riddhima huffed her POV; ‘’Good Lord !…what times are we living in we have to bribe our family to get good things done…’’

Arjun quickly winded up his work… he wanted to rush to the Airport to meet Radhika…he was bubbling with happiness and Bird Song was in total shock…looking at Arjun Mehra smiling and joking around with employees…Arjun barged into Neil’s cabin…and found still buried in his laptop… he huffed; ‘’Neil get up or else we will be late’’

Neil rubbed his forehead and looked at his watch this was the 3rd timeArjun had barged into his cabin…telling him that they would be late in picking Radhika up…he leaned on the back… supported his elbow on the chair with his palm on one side of his cheek; ‘’Arjun…Chashni’s flight will land at 8:00 PM its just 3:00 PM… we will leave by 6 PM….now dare you knock at my door before 5:00 PM’’

Arjun; ‘’How come its still 3:00 PM it should be 6 PM by now…I have been working for hours and its has been an hour since we last spoke’’

Neil smiled mischievously ; ‘’No just 55 min…not even an hour…please check your watch’’

Arjun; ‘’Guess my watch stopped and yours too’’ Neil banged his head…Arjun was acting all crazy and driving all of them to the verge of madness….but before he could answer…Sam answered Arjun who had been smiling standing at the door hearing their conversation for long

Sam ; ‘’Nope its 3PM Arjun… all our watches are working fine…. Now go back to your cabin you have a VC with a Mauritius based client..’’ Arjun pressed his lips like a child and walked out obeying Sam as if she was his teacher…after he left Sam and Neil laughed their heart out.

Arjun crashed on his chair after finishing his VC he checked his watch it was only 4PM…he was restless…he picked a waste up a sheet of paper and started tearing it from corner…he was making small balls of those trons pieces and aiming at the dustbin…each time he succeeded he would dance in happiness… Teji watched all this from outside with his mouth hung open….he dialled Neil…Neil was tired of controlling Arjun’s madness…he huffed and angrily walked inside arjun’s cabin…he was greeted with a paper ball carpet…and Arjun aiming one more at the dustbin… Neil had never seen this Arjun…he looked so young calm and behaved like a teenager …Neil smiled and spoke; ‘’Let’s leave’’

Arjun jumped up happily and walked to him… ‘’good we should leave….you can’t predict Mumbai’s traffic and I don’t want Radhika to wait alone so late in the night’’

Neil; ‘’8PM is not late’’

Arjun; ‘’Let’s go you talk a lot’’ Neil rolled his eyes and followed Arjun…. Arjun was about to take driver’s seat when Neil took the keys; ‘’Arjun go and sit at the passenger seat…you are weird today and I won’t let you drive to get myself killed’’ Arjun obeyed in one go…which gave Neil another shock…his POV; ‘I am scared to be with him alone today ‘ but before they could started…Teji and Sam barged inside the backside passenger seat…Neil was done with all the craziness today…he seriously feared his peace as Radhika would be staying with him for sometime…and these 3 were going mad about bringing her back to Bird Song….Neil smiled and thought… ‘Poor Chashni’

Arjun was pacing waiting for Radhika to come out….and the other three were just watched him going from direction to other…Neil had snatched Arjun’s phone as he was continuously calling Radhika knowing that she was still in the flight and her will not be reachable… Teji had high hopes of Nia accompanying Radhika and Sam was having many plans of spending fun weekends with Radhika…Neil wasthe only one behaving like a sane man…he just gave a bored look….he scratched his nose and looked up… a smiled covered his face Radhika was walking out looking for him…he left the 3 weirdos behind and ran and pulled Radhika in a hug…Radhika hugged him back lovingly; ‘’Missed you Neil’’

Neil; ‘’I missed you more…and I was going mad handling 3 monkeys’’ Radhika looked over his shoulder and giggled looking at the 3 people behind who stood glued to their places waiting for their turn….Neil held Radhika’s hand and walked towards the others…before Radhika could say a word Sam and Teji together jumped at her…but Sam won resulting in Teji kissing the floor… Sam gave Radhika a bone crushing hug… ‘’Chashni it felt like ages…now I am relieved’’ Radhika smiled in response….Teji got up brushed his clothes and squealed; ‘’My turn!’’ Radhika gave him a friendly hug…they all were chit chatting happily …among this Arjun noticed that Radhika had changed too much much…she was quiter that before…she had forgiven everyone but the bubbliness was missing…Neil caught Arjun gazing at Radhika…he quickly picked her suitcase and turned to Sam; ‘’Teji & Sam comewith me….let the guest of honour meet his wife’’ Neil winked and left

Arjun got up and walked to her…he cupped her face from one side; ‘’How are you’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’I am good Sir…how are you’’

Arjun; ‘’Alone…incomplete….imperfect…without you’’ Radhika blinked at his reply…she didn’t knew what to say she just kept looking at his eyes with her legs glued to the floor…Arjun moved closer and whispered; ‘’Am I so inconsiderable that you couldn’t give me a hug may be a friendly one’’ Radhika looked up he was looking down intently at her face…he was close so close that they both could hear each other’s heart…she had doubts about herself..about his feelings… about this marriage but above all these doubts but she never doubted her heart which love him dearly…so dearly that she would give her life for him if required…Radhika lifted her hand and kept it on Arjun’s hand which cupped her cheek….she covered the remaining distance…placing her head on his chest and wrapping her arms around his waist….Arjun took a deep breath as if he just got some air… he kept his chin on the top of her head holding her close….he whispered; ‘’I love you….I really do’’

Radhika replied; ‘’I know and this is why I came back….’’ Arjun smiled and pecked the top for her head…he gently broke the hug…gave one look to her face…and spoke; ‘’Lets move…before others create a rukus here’’
As they walked towards the car…the seats were already decided and taken…driver seat was kept emty for ARjun with Teji next to him… Sam and Neil impatiently waited for Radhika to get in… Arjun wanted to kill all the 3 of them… Radhika smiled and got in the backseat next to Neil…Sam pinched punched and jumped over him to make a place for herself in the middle…next to Radhika….Arjun was irritated; ‘’If you guys are done shall we move’’ All gave him a loud yes Arjun just took the wheel and drove off to Neil’s place…it was no point asking any of them to give him some time with his wife….he knew how to get what he wanted….he glanced at the mirror and found Radhika chatting with Sam… Arjun smiled…his POV; ‘Let me see how long will you resist me … now I know how to get you’

Prerna welcome Radhika like her own daughter…she hugged Radhika lovingly; ‘’finally you are back …you know how lonely I felt without you…if felt as if you were staying with me for years…now I will pamper you ‘’

Sam; ‘’Aunty there are other children who had been hungry since morning’’

Prerna; ‘’ fine all of you come in …but first Radhika will have’’ Prerna kept on pampering Radhika…..and others were busy in hogging….Perena looked at all and the fixed her gaze at Arjun… she smiled; ‘’Arjun don’t forget…Radhika has one more family …and you trouble her you face me’’

Neil ; ‘’Mom why are you behaving like a Mogambo’’

All them laughed hearing this …Arjun after a moment responded; ‘’I know …and will make sure she stays happy…I wish even I had a family who would warn people that they will stand for me’’ everyone was silent
Arjun’s …his voice had pain….Neil leaped and gave him a bear hug surprising him; ‘’Oh my baby don’t worry we are there for you’’ Neil’s weird words were supposed to make Arjun angry but instead he laughed…replying Neil’s hug… once the dinner was done…Neil went ahead to drop Sam and Teji and Prerna retired for the night giving some space to Arjun Radhika…Radhika walked Arjun to her room and quietly sat on the bed….Arjun leaned on the wall facing her with his hands in his pockets…he stood there watching her…Radhika couldn’t control; ‘’Will you stop staring Sir’’

Arjun; ‘’Will you stop calling me Sir….I asked you to practice…you are such a bad student’’

Radhika; ‘’I just can’t …. feels awkward’’

Arjun removed his hands from his pocket and walked to he leaned and locked her to her postion….Radhika fumbled and looked side ways….Arjun kept watching her nervously blinking eyes her …her crimson cheeks…he stoked her cheek and sat next to her… ; ‘’you look cute…with this blush but you are breathtaking when you talk nonsense endlessly…’’

Radhika gaped at him and retorted angrily; ‘’I talk nonsense…???? Excuse me….I am the only one who talks sense …. Take back your words now or you will repent’’ Radhika was standing infront of Arjun glaring at him angrily with her hands on her hip …

Arjun looked at her posture and smiled wide; ‘’Just go on …. I like this Radhika’’ Radhika quickly composed herself and stood near the window…Arjun got up and walked to her ; ‘’Join Bird Song’’

Radhika ; ‘’No…I want to find my own way….’’

Arjun didn’t like the no ; ‘’You had earned BS job on your capability ..so what is the problem now’’

Radhika ; ‘’That time I was just Radhika a girl from Hrishikesh….now I am your wife…and I don’t want people say that Radhika has got every thing easy way…please sir don’t force’’

Arjun held Radhika’s arm and turned her to face him… he decided not to push her…he could sense a kind of discomfort and annoyance on her face….Arjun cupped her face and pecked her forehead; ‘’You are my wife this is the biggest truth and you better remember that… I know you have not completely forgotten the past…I understand its difficult to forget it completely….but I promise you one thing ….I will bring you where you belong….Good night will meet tomorrow. ‘’

Arjun walked out leaving Radhika surprised and annoyed … her POV; ‘Sir you just know how to get things done your away….but this time no’

Neil was driving Sam home after dropping Teji home…Sam was humming a song and suddenly she asked Neil; ‘’What do you think Chashni and Arjun must be doing’’

Neil smiled; ‘’ Which they shouldn’t be doing… must be arguing about something…Sam its not going to be easy…Chashni is not healed she will not be taking things lightly….she might go overboard…or get irritated we have to be patient’’

Sam; ‘’But she has forgiven all of us’’

Neil; ‘’Yes….because that’s her nature she cannot hurt anyone…or see them in pain’’

Sam; ‘’Ok so what do you think they must be arguing about’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Arjun must be pushing and convincing her to join BS and CHashni must be denying it…Arjun also needs to calm down pushing Radhika will irritate her and make it difficult for him too’’

Sam took a deep breath; ‘’Hmmmmmmmmmmm…so this means we can’t marry till then’’

Neil applied quick brakes; ‘’What has this to do with us’’

Sam; ‘’Not with you but me….I won’t sit quietly till I unite them and won’t marry you till then… don’t want to start my life with a guilt…you will help me uniting them?? ‘’

Neil; ‘’I will …hell I have too because I want to marry you soon….But nothing at the cost of Radhika’s will…I won’t bear her tears’’

Sam; ‘’She means a lot to you’’

Neil ; ‘’yes she risked her life for mine….she saved you….I will all ways be indebet to her’’ Sam smiled and nodded….Neil dropped Sam home….before going in….Sam gave him a tight hug and a peck on his cheek…she waved him and went inside dancing happily. Manya watched them from her window and she burned…Mnaya watched them wfrom her room…she had clutched the cyrtain hard… jealously was following in the form of blood in her veins…she jerked the curtain so hard that it came down with the pelmet….Piyali rushed to Manya’s room hearing the sound… ‘’Manya are you hurt…how did thiscome down’’

Manya looked around and quickly cooked up up her excuse ; ‘’Was about to fall..grabbed the curtain to save myself and it came down’’ Piyali took a sigh of relief…Sam who too had rushed in hearing the sound joked from the door; ‘’Manaya Baby looks like your skiny body has too much power….wow’’

Manya smirked; ‘’Yes Beware of me Sammy’’ Sam frowned but Manya laughed it out…brushing all doubts away…

Precap; Neil’s crazy ideas to bring Aradhika close…. Sam the referee…Radhika’s irritation….the long lost family friend

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