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mmz love for eternity (Part 9)

Chappy dedicated to my dear jessie. Jessie darling. Im 100% sure that im not ekta fan. So i assure you. You wont see all the drama. Lol. But thoda drama toh banta hain. So wait for it. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and support. Muah. Tight hugsss.

Enjoy reading…………….


All were seated in the living room of Agarwal residence and discussing about the engagement. But the discussion doesnt seem to end at any time. Everyone has a different mind and they are having different ideas. And no one is agreeing with others ideas. All were getting tired of it but dont want to loose. It surely was depicting a war field now. Atlast the desperate groom screamed to stop them all. They all stopped for a mere second and soon voices started muffling and they started raising again.

Neil was now thinking ” would it be best to elope and get married. In this speed my marriage can never happen.” This thought made him quiver. He turned his gaze to arjun who was busy playing with his phone . He cursed under his breath and send a message to help him getting out of this situation.

Arjun phone beeped with notification, he saw the name of the sender and his eyes searched for neil who has pleading him with his eyes. He opened the inbox, reading the contents of the message smirked at neil and nodded his head.

Arjun stood up and said ” so it is decided. Engagement will be on next saturday.”

Neil shouted ” yeah. Im in. Finally its decided. ”

Voices erupted all around the hall. ” How can we do in such a short span of time??”

” No way. I have not yet selected my dress”

” what!!! It is impossible ”

” Invitations will not be ready ” ” There are many persons to be invited ”
and sooo on.

Arjun” Every thing will be taken care of. Bua please trust me.” he said looking at prerna.

All the gang said yes in unison. Nandini ” But arjun only 2 days are left. How can we manage??”

” Trust me bua. I will make everything right.”

Nandini asked ” so ash. Will you be able to stay here beta. It will be helpful. ”

Ash ” but aunty dad will never agree. And i will be here early in thr morning. So dont worry. ”

Prerna ” Nandeesh will never say no to us. You leave that matter to us. Either way you have to be here for spending more time with this paagal gang. So it will be good oppurtunity for you too. You can know them better ”

Neil ” come on ash. It will be fun. If l leave it to these dumbos they will make it a boring event.”

All shouted ” heyyyy. Idiot.”

Ash chuckled and said ” Ok. I will be here. I will sure get some experience from this.”

They all started making preparations for the engagement.

Neil and sam were holding each other in embrace tightly. Sam leaned her head on neil’s chest. Neil put his chin on sam’s head and kissed on top of her head. They were savouring their perfect moment forgetting surroundings. Soon they were startled when shouts echoed throughout the room. Sid and nick lunged at neil, resulting all three landed on the ground.

Neil grunted loud, and tried to free from the wrestlers. Remaining were laughing hard seeing them rolling on the floor.

Sam was being dragged out by naina and sanju. When neil tried to object they said ” we will be in arjun’s room. We have discuss the dress. It is more important. ” and without listening another word they moved out of the room.

In arjun’s room which was previously radhika’s.

All 4 entered the room. It was a beautiful room painted in pastel colours. The view from the balcony was amazing. You could see the entire backyard from it. There was a big glass door seperating the balcony and room with light pink curtains tied at the corners. There was a big king size bed. Floored with wood and a walk in closet. It would easily potray a princess room. A potrait hung at the wall behind the bed. It was arjun’s favourite picture of radhika.

Ash ” wow. It is so damn beautiful. I feel like im in princess world ”

Sam, sanju , naina nodded their heads giggling at ash’s surprised face.

Sam said ” yes it is definitely a princess room. Arjun personally decorated it for his princess. ” with a dreamy face.

Sanju ” And sam. You remember he didnt allow us to enter till the room is completely renovated. ”

Sam n sanju remembered incident where they were pestering to see the room, but arjun being adamant locked the room so no one could enter it. They both laughed at their own antics trying to sneak into the room.

Naina ” And he was angry when he radz brought me here once and i was sleeping on the bed. Oh i cant forget his glare which was clearly showing he wants to kill me.”

Sam ” And radz has to make him understand. She really held power to control him. Only after that he allowed us to be here. ”

Ash ” wow. So much possessiveness. ”

Sam ” you hadnt seen anything ash. Every girl in uni was jealous of radhika. Bcoz she was the first girl in arjun’s life. ”

Sanju ” And no doubt the last girl. ”

Sam n naina nodded their heads with a sad smile.

Ash ” you really miss her so much. Dont you?? ”

All 3 nodded heads mumbling “yes. We miss her so much.”

Ash ” she sure is a great person. Even after her death she is in your memories unscathed.”

All were surprised at ash words, and sam asked ” How did you know she is not here?? No one knows about that. ”

Ash ” I did a background check on all of you. And i came to know about her. But really it was so hard to get any info on her. Dont know how hard mark tried to get info about her death. ” ” sorry if it hurt you. I was not aware of all this. ”

Sam ” No no. No need to say sorry ash. We are grateful to you. Bcoz of your persistence we are now here. But radz is a sensitive topic. Not many know about her death. And arjun has kept her alive till date. When any one ask him about her, he just divert the topic.”

Ash nodded her head understanding not to pry more on this. So she changed the topic ” so what are you planning to wear. Do you have any ideas??”

Sam gave a small laugh blushing and answered ” Actually im under sanju’s supervision now. It was decided that she will design my dress. And you see what else do i need the top designer making your dress without payment” and winked.

Ash ” yes i forgot. I have to ask you to design a dress for me. I was shocked when i learnt that you are the MD and creative head of Sobha creations.” Seeing sanju.

Sanju waved her hand dismissing it. Naina ” oh common sanju. You should take some credit girl. ” turned to ash ” Actually no one would have believed it if they have seen sanju early. The ultimate tomboy turned into fashion diva. ”

Ash was boggled at the new info and mumbled” Tomboy “. Sam n naina nodded their heads and sanju was blushing listening.

Sam ” yes its true. Tomboy. Dont know what magic nick did. We got see a girl in her. ” and laughed.

Sanju ” sam please yaar. Not now. Else i wont make you dress. ”

Sam ” ok. Baba. Im sorry. I will not say a word now. ”

Ash ” wow. I think im missing a beautiful love story here. ”

Naina ” Not beautiful. Crazy love story.”

Sanju ” Not more than you naina. You and sid were the craziest couple.” What say sam.

Sam nodded her head laughing. It was so good reminiscing past memories. Sure they all have crazy love stories.

Naina blushed but commented ” Oh no. The first place goes to arjun and radz. No one can beat them.”

Sam n sanju shouted yes in unison. Ash ” Arjun and love. He seems more arrogant in the whole group. And that too crazy love. ”

Sam ” oh ash. There is lot more what your eye catches. Arjun was crazy for radhika. Their love story was epic one. Lot more crazy than you think. ”

Three laughed when past scenes flooded through their mind. They were really golden days. They can never forget them.

Sam n sanju were sitting on the bed. Naina and ash were sitting on the couch with a big list and papers on the coffee table. They were so busy in the preparations.

Nick entered scowling at his wife with a bowl of soup in his hands. ” sanju do you know the time. Why cant you take care of urself. Love you should eat very often.” and thrusted the bowl into sanjus hands.

Neil and arjun entered the room and occupied the seatee infront of the couch. Sid came muttering ” Nick i have never dreamed of a day like this man. Nikhil sharma turning into a henpecked husband. No one will believe if they hear it.”

Neil n arjun chuckled. Nick glared at sid and said ” shut up sid. We will see dude. Just wait till your marriage. Then i will ask who is henpecked husband. ”

Naina blushed listening. Sid and nick glared each other. Arjun came to sanju and gave her chocolate ( oh girls plzzz fill it with your fav) Dairy milk silk and ruffled her head. Sanju giggled, showing her tounge to nick started eating choc. Nick rolled his eyes and said ” Arjun plzz yaar. She is not listening to me now. And if you do this then forget it. She will never listen to me “.

Arjun ” whatever nick. How will she eat that tasteless soup. It is so bland man. She will be unhealthy with all that food. And choc us healthy food. Dont worry. ” Sanju smirked at nick’s silence and ate the choc.

Nick muttered ” idiot.” Arjun asked ” did you say anything .”

Nick ” what will i say. Nothing. I know you stubborn headed people very well. So im saying anything. ”

Sanju said ” ok. Ok. Now stop .” Turned to sam n said ” Now the last thing. Which colour do you want??”

Ash shouted ” pink.” Naina ” Red” at the same time. They looked at each other and laughed.

Sam ” No they are regular colours. Why not try something new.??”

Naina ” New. As in.”

Sanju ” I dont know. Sam you should decide the colour. I know you better. If it is not your choice then you will make raccus on this. And i cant afford that now. ”

Nick ” yes i dont want my wife to work hard. So decide whatever you want. ”

Neil asked ” well i can give suggestion.” Naina ” Neil no one asked you for advice. So just shut up. ”

Neil ” what. Im the groom here. I have the right to decide. And barbie please i know your taste. So you shut up. ”

Naina ” Neil dont you dare call me barbie again. I will kill you. ”

Neil snickered ” oh yeah. Then kill me. Wait i called you barbie yesterday. You didnt say anything. What happened now??”

Naina ” I was not in my mind yesterday. I was baffled by seeing you there. I didnt notice what you said. But now dont .”

Neil ” whatever. You are barbie. And will always be barbie. ”

Naina was about to get up when ash hold her hand and said ” please guys not now. We are discussing colour. So neil which colour do you like??”

Neil ” see and learn from her. She is more mature than you. ” and said orange.

Sam ” Ewww. No way. Im not wearing orange. ”

Nick said ” k. Then green. ” All were thinking when sid blurted ” Gray.”

All were holding surprised expressions. Then soon all started laughing. Ash ” seriously sid. Gray. What the……” and was continuing before but smirked at sid and said ” Tell truly. Are you fan of christian gray. ???”

All laughed more hard listening this. Sid took a pillow and threw at ash which she missed by ducking her head down. But continued by standing up ” Dont worry. I will personally design gray dress for naina on your wedding night. ”

All laughed harder. Naina flustered listening and was blushing hard. Sid jumped from the bean bag and tried to catch ash. Ash ran out of the room trying to escape sid.


Arjun was laughing hard but soon he was in his own beautiful world.


Arjun and radhika were strolling in a shopping mall. Trying to buy a dress for the party. They were eyeing different shops when a pink dress caught arjun’s eye. He stopped radz from moving forward by her elbow. She turned and asked ” what ”

Arjun moved his gaze to the dress infront of him. Radz followed his eyes and saw the dress. It was beautiful. But she will not buy that now. So she shook her head as no.

Arjun ” why not. It is beautiful. It will be good on you radhika. Lets go. Buy that. ”

Radz ” Arjun please. Not again. I hav min 20 dresses in pink colour. It is like i dont wear another colour. Every alternate day i wear pink
And now you want another pink dress. There are so many dresses. Lets buy something else. Please. ”

Arjun ” what is the problem in this colour. Im telling you it will look good on you. ”

Radz ” what is with pink and you. Why is it your favourite??”

Arjun was about to answer but he composed himself, smirking said ” you see i have seen a girl wearing pink at one time. And she was looking like an angel
So from then it became my fav.”

Radz was jealous now, but she will not give him the satisfaction by showing it. ” ohh. Who is the lucky girl. By seeing her you made a colour your fav. ”

Arjun shook his head negatively. ” Nope. Thats my secret. Im not telling you.”

Radz ” What?? Why not ?? Ok. I will buy that dress. And you will say the girl name. Deal??”

Arjun dragged her to the shop, they bought the dress. Radz ” ok now. I bought the dress. Now tell the girls name. ”

Arjun smirked ” I wont tell you. And besides when did i promise to tell. ” pulled her nose. And left smiling to himself leaving a frustated radz behind.


Arjun was so busy in his thoughts, he didnt notice ash n sid fighting like children with pillows. Nick n neil were trying hard to seperate them but all in vain. Sam, sanju n naina were laughing clutching their bellies. They were having teary eyes coz of laughing. Soon all engaged themselves into a pillow fight. Arjun left them and moved out of the room with his beautiful and lovely memories of his love.

Ufffff. Finally. Girls thank you for your comments and threatenings. But im a good girl here. So i will reveal that radz will be entering soon. When i will keep it suspense. But for now. Lets celebrate nesam engagement. It wont take much time. May be next update the engagement will be completed. So stay tuned my dear loveliessss.

I will be waiting for your lovely comments. Thank you so much for liking it.

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