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MMZ-Again after 2 years-One Shot

MMZ- Again After 2 Years
One shot

Guys, seems like an one shot fever is spreading….just kidding…I am loving it. Since, you guys wanted me to write another ardhika one. Here is it. Hope you like it. Do let me know.
Happy reading  
Even though it was evening and the sun was still up, the room was all dark. All the curtains were closed and the door was locked. A single ray of sunlight entered the room through a crack between the curtains, lightening all the particles that came in her way.
A single figure was kneeling down on the floor, hugging a photo frame, crying her heart out….sharing all her sorrows with the walls.


“Arjun Sir” a faint whisper escaped her lips while tears streamed down her cheeks.
A sudden knock on her door made her stand up….jerking her out of her thoughts.
“I am home, radz.” A voice announced. It was her roommate richa’s.
Radhika looked at the photo one last time, touching it tenderly with her fingertips. She then kept the frame in her cupboard deep down her clothes. She wiped her tears…washed her face. She forced a smile and she walked out her room.
Richa was in the kitchen making coffee for both of them. She looked at radhika and smiled, “radz, why didn’t you tell me that you are coming back home early from office….i would have accompanied you.”
Radhika forced a smile, “actually richa, I was feeling a bit low….nothing serious….i didn’t want to disturb you, therefore didn’t inform.”
Richa nodded.
Radhika had lied…..she hated lying….but didn’t have any other way….she had been lying since the day she left arjun…..lying had become a part of her mechanical life.

This was the very day two years ago…when she had left arjun. His pleading for her to stay….his requests….still echoed in her ears. Her heart cursed for not listening to him but her mind knew that it was for the best…..had she stayed back that day, she would have never been able to leave. She knew that. She also knew very well that arjun was sam’s, the friend she had gone through hell for.

True, she had lost her heart to arjun but she never accepted it. She had thought that running away from him….leaving that city and even that country would make her forget her feelings. But that wasn’t true. Here, she was in New York City, the world’s busiest city. She was surrounded by hundreds of people, yet she was lonely. She cried her heart out each night. Yet she never looked back. She had assumed that arjun would have married sam and was a happy life. She had never tried to contact anyone back in india….nobody, not even her family knew where she was, or if she was dead or alive. Neither did she want them to contact her. She had made herself untraceable……she had deleted all her social media accounts…..she had changed her email id and phone number. She just kept running away from her past.

To richa, radhika was strange. It was as if she led a life for others. She was earning plenty but she hardly spent a penny on herself. She would forget her own meals but would never forget to bring coffee for everyone at the office. She brought it every single goddamn day without fail. At their apartment, she didn’t mind doing all the work herself. She never partied…she was friendly with everyone at the office but just didn’t let anyone come close enough to her. She never talked about her family or anyone for that matter. Nobody ever came asking for her…..she didn’t even receive a single phone call from anyone outside the office group. It seemed as if nobody cared for her This made richa wonder if she even had a family. One thing richa even for sure was that radhika had a golden heart and she would never find a friend like her ever again.

As they were speaking, thousands of kilometers away in Mumbai, india. Arjun was sitting in one corner of his room holding a scarf, an anklet and a picture of radhika. He cursed himself for listening to nandini….he cursed himself for trying to take revenge from sam for absolutely nothing…he cursed himself for hurting radhika…..he cursed himself for letting her go that day….
The guy, who was a rock, was crying like a kid today. This was the day when his radhika had left him, never to return back. He tried to trace her with all he was worth but she seemed to have vanished into thin air. What he regretted the most was not getting a chance to tell her the truth. The truth which might have saved them both from misery. The truth that sam loved neil and married him……the truth that she had understood that arjun was just an infatuation and that she never loved him.

They both had lead a mechanical life since then.

A couple of weeks later, radhika had heard that their company was merging with an India company. She didn’t care…she didn’t ask for details. She had never even in her wildest dreams imagined that company to be birdsong. But reality is what we haven’t ever imagined.

One fine day, walking down the corridor in her office, radhika bumped into a man. She mumbled a sorry but didn’t make effort to look at his face. She started to move but the guy infront of her didn’t. she was surprised, stepped back and looked at him.
There, he was handsome as ever, Arjun Mehra. He had frozen on seeing his lady love, thousands of kilometers away, where he had least expected to see her. Radhika too freezed on seeing arjun. All the past memories started to flash in front of their eyes. They were shaken out of their thoughts by arjun’s ringing phone. Arjun mechanically reached his pocket and picked his phone. His eyes never leaving radhika.
“yes sam…” arjun spoke on his phone. That was enough for radhika to hear….she also didn’t fail to notice an engagement ring on his finger. She was on the verging of crying, she quickly walked out. Arjun kept looking at her disappearing form.
it was the very ring radhika had helped sam to choose for arjun. She still remembered that day. Sam, radhika nd arjun had gone wedding shopping.Sam had called radhika to help her decide the engagement rings. After finally deciding on one, sam had excused herself to look at some necklaces. The salesman wasn’t sure about the size and since arjun’s other hand was bandaged. Radhika was forced to make him wear the ring. For her it was only for checking the size, but to him it meant the world.

Hearing, arjun talk to sam and seeing that ring on his finger. Naturally, radhika thought her assumption to be true. What she didn’t realize, that arjun was here on an official business and sam had called him to check on the progress. And that ring, he had kept it with himself the day radhika made him wear it. It was his way of keeping her with him.

Radhika controlled her emotions and rushed back home. Arjun followed her. He had no intention of leaving her…after finally seeing her again.
Richa was surprised seeing radhika home early that too in tears. Before she could ask anything, radhika went to her room and locked her inside. Her eyes further widened seeing arjun following her. Richa stopped arjun and asked him what was he doing following her friend. She even threatened to call the police. Arjun explained everything to her and all her questions were answered. She understood radhika wasn’t weird, she was just running from her past.

Arjun knocked on radhika’s door, “radhika!” he called out. Hearing him call out her name, brought an entirely different feeling to her. But she didn’t open the door, she knew she wouldn’t be able to control her feelings if she faced him. Arjun knocked a couple of times more. On not getting a reply, he asked richa, “is there any other way to get into her room?”
Richa nodded in positive, “yes, actually you could jump into her balcony from mine. But since there is a gap in between and we live on the fifth floor….i wouldn’t exactly recommend it.”
Arjun quickly, “where is your balcony?”
He was dead serious. Even if there was a slight chance that he could talk to radhika, he was willing to risk all he had.
Arjun jumped into radhika’s balcony and entered her room. Radhika was standing with her back to him, he softly touched her shoulders. Radhika jerked up and stepped back, “sir…what are you doing?”
Arjun smiled, “its arjun for you.”
Arjun stepped forward and radhika kept steeping backwards…finally her back slammed with the wall.
Radhika was restless, “its nothing for me.”
Arjun was towering over her, “you still can lie, radhika.”
There was a certain love in his voice which radhika could sense. Her heart rejoiced but her brain was cautious.
Radhika screamed, “you don’t know me anymore, sir. Just move away. Finish your goddamn business here and move back to india…to your wife sam.”
But arjun stepped in closer. Radhika started hitting and pushing him.she was shouting But arjun had locked radhika to the wall. He put one of his palms her mouth. His touch sending tingling sensations inside her. His had a certain calming effect on her. She stopped shouting…she stopped hitting him and stood still.
Arjun explained to her all that had happened after she left. Her eyes widened on hearing that sam had married neil. Arjun looked at her with amused smiled.
Arjun teased her, “if you still want me to leave…I will.”
Radhika had tears in her eyes, she punched his arm and hugged him tight, burring her face in his strong chest. Arjun too wrapped his arms around her. He closed his eyes and rubbed her back. Finally, he had the person he loved the most in the entire beside him.
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