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Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-204

Sorry for late update.. Many would have readed character sketch.. Of last epi!! Now let us start..

The episode starts with Ishaani sits down and cries.. Ishika watches ranveer leaving.. She cries.. Ishika comes near Ishaani and asks is this rude person is my father? Ranveer comes back and picks ishika from there.. Ishaani gets shocked.. Sahil tries to snatch but fails.. Ishaani gets up and tries to take ishika from ranveer.. But fails.. Ishika shouts maaa.. Ishaani removes her garlands. And removes her chains.. Etc.. Ranveer comes near car.. Ishaani takes out her stick.. She comes near ranveer.. He goes inside car..


Ishaani breaks glass.. Ranveer gets shocked.. Glass goes inside ranveer eyes… He shouts.. Ishaani takes ishika out! She kisses on her cheeks.. She cries in happiness! Ranveer comes out and tells this baby is mine also!! She tells this is not possible . I won’t give my child to anyone.. Dhruva tells u should give! Sana fells no need.. Children has the right.. To stay with parents!

Sana further tells Ishika is small age.. She has full rights..ishika.. Ranveer does not has.. Sana and dhruva challenges! ????.. All stands in shocked.. Radhika and shakthi comes there and asks ranveer what he is doing? He tells I am doing right! U both stay out of it.. They stands shocked.. Ranveer tells I will take ishika away from u!! ..

Ishaani wipes her tears and tells I was happy that u came back… But u want my child..?.. She tells open challenge???I won’t leave u!! Ranveer and Ishaani stands beside each other!..
Ranveer leaves..

Two weeks later!!

Ishaani and ishika stands outside of court! Ranveer comes there.. Ishika hides behind ishaani! Dhruva and sana comes there.. Sana comes near Ishaani and tells her to speak boldy! Dhruva.. And ranveer comes inside court!!

Court session starts….

Judge no.1.. Siddhi.. ( today one judge only).

She sits on chair.. All sits.. He calls ranveer.. He tells about his life.. And explains that Ishaani has stolen my child! Siddhi asks it means she kidnapped? U r child???????Ranveer tells not like that.. Judge asks then what? Ranveer stands speechless..

Sana comes there and tells he is telling lie.. She further tells he was not there near Ishaani for more years… So that only she married someone.. But this ranveer.. Came now!..

Payal, Sathya, Mariya comes inside and sits on chair.. Narendran,neelam.. Nandana comes there and stands near box . narendran tells my sister should win this case. Say some idea!..

Siddhi.. Tells this case date is postponed to next week!! He leaves.. Sana smiles.. They takes ishika from there.. Dhruva tells ranveer that he is bad in the eyes of ishika.. Try something to become her fav! Ranveer starts thinking!!????

Precap: Ranveer and Mariya wears joker dress and dance infront of ishika.. And they remove their costumes infront of ishika.. She gets afraid and runs..Mariya tells ranveer there is many ways.. Don’t be sad..

How is this epi?? Bye guys..

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