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Mere Angne Mein 30th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 30th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Kaushalya to fix Bal Gopal’s pic in Shivam’s room. Kaushalya thinks how to talk to Riya. She goes upstairs. Raghav asks her not to look inside children’s room and takes her. She shows the pic and says Shanti asked me to fix this in Shivam’s room. He says its Bal Gopal’s pic, Amma fixed one such pic after our marriage too, I realize time is running so soon that we are seeing this day, Shanti is right to wish for our grandchild. She asks shall I go then. He says yes go. She says we both did not get old. He says then fix pic here, we can get another child. She smiles and goes.

Nandu asks Nimmi not to waste time, nothing can happen of this torn saree. Nimmi says don’t take tension, see how I change this to new dress. He asks really, it looks good. Nirmala happily washes the clothes. Sarla asks her to wash her clothes too. Nirmala says I m very happy, Ashok gave me happiness, he had parathas from my hand. Sarla says enough, don’t be happy. She asks Rani to give her clothes to Nirmala for washing. Nirmala happily washes everyone’s clothes. Rani tells Sarla that Nirmala will take her place soon. Sarla goes.

Nirmala says I m washing clothes today and I will go to watch movie with Ashok tomorrow. Preeti cries and says they ruined my life, I won’t let them stay with peace. Nimmi comes and gives her tea. She asks can’t we keep relation like before, we used to stay happy. Preeti cries and says I m clerk’s wife, I don’t even have a phone, you married in big house, what about me. Nimmi says atleast you have a family. Preeti says I m so bad that no one sees me, go, don’t give lecture. Nimmi says I m not giving lecture, I m giving warning, you sent me intentionally to get medicines, you lied to Dadi that I went on my own, I m ignoring this as you are in tension, I m warning you, the day I don’t see my sister in you, I will not ignore all this.

Ashok comes and says dohas for Nirmala. Sarla gets jealous. Ashok asks Nirmala to apply oil on hands, as she has washed many clothes. Nirmala smiles. Sarla goes and hides the oil bottle. Nirmala asks Sarla about the oil bottle. Sarla says I don’t know. Nirmala goes to ask Rani and tells Ashok that she did not get coconut oil. He asks her to apply butter. She says you are Lord for me, you married me, I will take care of you my entire life. Sarla thinks Ashok did not care for me.

Sarla argues with Rani and laves angrily. Ashok thinks to inform Riya. Kaushalya goes to Shivam’s room and fixes Bal Gopal’s pic. Riya gets Ashok’s call. He says I did as you said, I m not feeling good. Riya asks how is Sarla reacting, is plan working. He says yes, but I m feeling ashamed. She asks him to do this for Sarla’s sake, and to get Sarla back. She ends call and goes to her room. She smiles seeing Bal Gopal’s pic. Kaushalya says Shanti gave this pic, did you like this. Riya says yes, he looks cute. Kaushalya asks do you like kids. Riya says yes, I love kids, children are very innocent, becoming mum is big good luck. Kaushalya gets glad and hugs her, saying I was scared for no reason. Riya asks why. Kaushalya laughs and asks her to see Bal Gopi before sleeping and after waking up. She goes. Nimmi comes there and says Riya is getting love from Shanti and Kaushalya. She jokes and Riya pulls her ears.

Nirmala asks Ashok to read newspaper for her. Ashok recalls Riya’s words and acts sweet. He asks for tea. Nirmala asks Rani to make tea for Ashok and her. Amit comes home and sees Ashok and Nirmala. Nirmala asks Ashok to rest at home, your children should earn money. Amit says yes, we will manage and asks them to go for honeymoon. Rani says we will also go along. Amit says no. Nirmala says I stay worries for Ashok’s health. Sarla comes home from parlor and her face turned red by reaction.

Rani tells Sarla that Nirmala was saying her heart matter to Ashok. Sarla gets angry and asks what. Rani says Nirmala was worrying for Ashok’s health. Ashok worries for Sarla and asks what did you do, and cares for her. Sarla thinks its proved that he cares for her. He recalls Riya’s words and asks Nirmala to help Sarla. Sarla makes Nirmala away. Rani applies ice to Sarla’s face. Sarla gets angry and upset seeing Ashok’s behavior.

Kaushalya tells Shanti that she has told Riya, now you have to get the cradle out. Shanti says I will get a new cradle for Shivam’s child, don’t know will I be able to see the child or not. Kaushalya says you will play and take child to school. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to say anyone about Riya’s pregnancy, not even to Riya. Kaushalya says when Riya gets pregnant, she will know. Shanti says no, her pregnancy should not catch bad sight.

Riya runs on stairs and slips. Shanti asks her how is she running, will she walk like this when she gets pregnant. She asks Nimmi why is she laughing, she has to walk carefully at her time. Nimmi cries and hugs Riya.

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