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Mere Angne Mein 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


The Episode starts with Kaushalya crying and telling Riya about Shanti’s friendship with Mrs. Mishra. She asks Riya to go and visit Mishra house. Sarla asks Rani to open the door, someone is knocking. Ashok comes home with Nirmala. He acts sweet with Nirmala. Sarla gets angry and asks from where are they coming, what did they get in shopping bags. Ashok asks Nirmala to make spinach parathas for him today. Nirmala says I will make all types of vegs parathas for you and happily goes to cook. Amit asks Sarla not to worry, but Ashok has fallen for Nirmala. Sarla scolds him for supporting Nirmala. He says we will get money, stop acting like this.

Nimmi sees bangles and cries recalling the ladies’ words. Nandu thanks Nimmi for suggesting him to get saree for Preeti, and says I will get one for you too. She says no, I don’t want anything. He imagines Preeti smiling and dancing, and wearing the saree he gifted her. He holds her and she runs away. She sits on the swing and he goes to her. They smile. Riya asks Nandu why is he standing on stairs and whom is he seeing. He realizes he was dreaming and says he is just seeing stairs, which manage their burden everyday. He goes. Riya looks for Shanti.

Preeti gets angry and cuts the saree gifted by Nandu. Nirmala serves parathas to Ashok. Sarla asks who will eat tiffin that we got from Shanti’s house. Nirmala says let him have eat. Ashok calls Nirmala as his wife. Nirmala smiles. Ashok says I don’t want more parathas, else I can’t wash my clothes, as I always did after my marriage. Nirmala says I will wash your clothes, you won’t work now. Amit asks Nirmala for paratha. Amit takes parathas and eats. Ashok gives money to Nirmala for her mu dikhai and first rasoi. Sarla gets shocked and coughs. Rani asks Sarla not to take tension, bad time will pass soon. Sarla goes. Ashok smiles.

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