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Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 12)

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Chapter 12


Sun Publications – London
Arjun took a bouquet of flowers from the back seat and stepped out of his car, he smelled the flowers and that energized him, pink roses were her favourite. He took a look of himself from his tinted jeep window and was pleased with his look, blue jeans, cream shirt and his gelled air made him look handsome, he smiled and his reflection smiled back at him. Glancing at his watch it was quarter to four “perfect” he said for it was time for her to leave her office, he then saw her coming out of the building, her loose hair were waving in the air due to her fast walking, she was wearing a knee length blue dress topped with a black blazer that made her look like a business woman.

He took a deep breath before taking his steps towards her, he had just taken two steps forward when another girl who he thought was her work mate approached her and they stood talking about something while he stood near his car waiting for them to finish their discussion. The other girl then bid her goodbye and went back to the building leaving Radhika alone “finally” he exclaimed and started walking towards her again.

He was about about fifteen feet away from her and she hadn’t noticed him all this while since she was totally immersed in her phone, out of nowhere a taxi came btn them causing Radhika to look up, a tall slender male stepped out of the taxi and he saw Radhika’s face beam with happiness upon seeing that guy who had his back towards Arjun. “Roy….” screamed Radhika joyfully “what a pleasant surprise” she said with the broadest smile attached on her face that Arjun didn’t like, not that he didn’t like her smiling but he didn’t like her smiling for some other guy.

Radhika leaped on him and he twirled her around while hugging her tight causing Arjun to tighten his grip on the bouquet. They both looked happy to see each other and from what he could make out from what he heard was that Roy and Radhika were friends and that Roy came from the US “he is just her friend” he thought but nothing could prepare him for what he saw next. Roy opened the back door of the taxi and took out a bouquet of pink roses similar to the one he was holding the only difference was that Roy’s bouquet was much bigger compared to his “are u f**king kidding me?” he spoke btn gritted teeth. Roy then went on his knees surprising both Radhika and himself, his eyes were glued on her face to catch her every reaction. Roy gave her the bouquet calling her his special lady and Radhika’s smile to his words was like a bullet straight to his heart. She accepted the bouquet smilingly and pecked his cheek before they got into her car and drove off without even noticing him while he just stood on the same spot too numb to react.

Malhotra’s Apartment
Prena has been dreading to tell Neil the truth about his father so as to bridge the gap they have, growing up the father and son duo were very close but unfortunately through the years they have drifted apart and it pained her to see that. Knowing that Pranay will be coming home late she thought that was the best opportunity to talk to Neil alone. She found him working on his laptop and smiled looking at the man she had raised, Neil sensing her presence looked at the door and saw her standing holding a tray with two coffee mugs “come in mum” he said smilingly and took a mug as soon as she placed the tray on the table causing her to smile “I was thinking about coffee and u brought me coffee this is called a connection”

Prena smiled and picked up a mug herself, sipping the coffee she was mentally encouring herself to speak the truth, having gathered enough courage she spoke “umh… Neil… I wanted to talk to u about something… about your dad”

Neil put his mug down on the table “what did he do now?” he asked.

Prena: “nothing… I just want u two to go back to the way u were before… u two were so close back then, can’t that happen now?”

Neil: “I don’t think so mum, I don’t think we can go back to the way we were… back then dad was my hero… but he ruined that image with his greed and stupid rage… I try… I try to understand him… I try to see beyond his misdeeds… but everytime he fails me… once something don’t go his way he becomes this monster that sometimes am afraid of… u heard what he said about Chashni, he didn’t even consider that she is my best friend… he only cares about himself”

Prena whose eyes were welled up with tears, took a deep breath and and spoke “don’t call him a monster, he is not a monster… your dad is sick Neil, he is sick”

Now Neil was alerted “sick?… what do u mean he is sick?… what happened to him?… is he going to be okay?”

Prena smiled seeing the concern Neil had for his father, he still loved him, he just didn’t understand him “your dad has been sick for a long time now… he was first diagnosed after I miscarried my first pregnancy… Neil… your dad has bipolar”

“what!?… dad is bipolar?” asked a shell shocked Neil.

Prena: “his mood swings… his violent behaviour… his suicidal tendency its all bcoz of his disease”

Neil: “suicidal tendency?”

Prena: “do u remember when were fifteen, I sent u to stay with the Mehra’s s for a month saying that we had infested our house” Neil nodded recalling that day she didn’t even let him come to the house once “I found your dad laying in a pool of his own blood, he had slashed his wrist” Neil remembered how his dad always wore long sleeved shirts since then. “your freshmen year in college, I told u that your dad and I took a trip but the truth was that he was admitted after attempting to shoot himself… the most recent attempt was on your last birthday when he almost jumped from the roof top of the apartment building” Neil remembered how his mother gave some silly reason to cancel his birthday party and told him to go celebrate out with his friends and soon after that they shifted to a new apartment that they lived in till now.

He was dumbstruck, he was perplexed, he was shock to the extreme. Recalling all the past events he started to understand it all and he felt guilty, he was disgusted with himself, he was remorseful. Prena held him tight while he wept, he regretted every bad word that came out of his mouth for his dad, why couldn’t he see that, why was he so easy to judge, why was he so blind that he failed to read the situation “am…am…” he tried to speak btn his sobs but his pain was so intense that he couldn’t form a word. And Prena held him, held his trembling body and let him weep all his pain out “am a terrible son… am a terrible son” he said so painfully that Prena regretted to tell him the truth.

Resting his head on her lap, she gently patted his head “don’t blame youself… u didn’t know the truth… and how could u have known when we kept it from u” coaxed Prena.

“still… I shouldn’t have thought that bad about him” he trailed “I need to talk to him… I have to apologize”

“don’t tell him that u know the truth please” she warned “your dad hasn’t been able to cop with the truth till date… he doesn’t want u to know the truth bcoz he feels ashamed”

“but there is nothing to be ashamed of” he said.

“I know that and u know that but he doesn’t understand that” she explained “he feels that people will belittle him if they know about his ondition… that’s why he gets so mad when he doesn’t! achieve something… he feels that he failed bcoz he is incapable… he feels humiliated and gets violent”

Neil sighed, now he understood him, he understood everything, it all made sense. He was still going to apologize and promising himself that he will mend his relationship with his dad he fell asleep on his mother’s lap.

Joseph Trudeau got back home after a long tiring day, he threw his suit jacket on the ground, took his shoes off and crushed on the brown leather sofa, closing his eyes he took deep breath and stretched his tired body. Walking towards the kitchen after ten minutes of silence he didn’t feel the need to switch on the lights of his apartment since he knew his way around his house, he gulped down a whole glass of chilled water soothing his dry thought, he was going to drink a second glass when he was startled by a voice from behind “surprise” came a female voice that he immediately recognized.

He emptied the glass before turning to her, wearing washed out grey jeans and and a mint green tank top she looked like she was shipped out of a time machine bcoz they way she dressed was miles away from her age. “what are u doing here?” he asked causally causing the twinkle of excitement in her light green eyes to disappear further adding weariness to her already old freckled and wrinkled face. He switched on the lights and got a better view of her and thought she looked much older than the last time, she had lost weight and though she had dyed her grey hair golden she couldn’t hide her wrinkled skin falling off her arms. “where did u get my house keys?”

“under the flower vase, where u always kept” she answered “how have u been?”

“same… so what can I do for u?” he asked as he sat on the kitchen stool “let me guess… u want money, right?”

“I want u… I want us to be a family… am your mother Joseph” she spoke softly.

“my mother died from cancer years ago” he said in a pained voice.

“but I gave birth to u” she complained.

“but that doesn’t give u the privilege to be my mother” he hissed, making her flinch at his tone.

“I have changed… I came out of the rehab today and the first thing I wanted to do was see your face so I came here… I missed u son” she explained.

Joseph looked at her tears and smiled a sad one “only one woman had the right to call me son but unfortunately she is gone now… may her soul rest in peace” he got off the stool and walked to her, taking her left hand in his he turned her hand and saw the fresh needle marks on them “what kind of rehab does this?” he asked her in a stern voice and she jerked her hand off his hold “Ruby u are not my mother, never was and can never be… so leave before I take u to an actual rehab” and she ran from the apartment for she knew he never threatens he always does what he says leaving Joseph feeling more tired than he already was.

Notting Hill
Radhika was woken up a by a series of rings of the doorbell, she strode madly and was going to snap the neck of whoever was causing a commotion at the middle of the night and disturbed her beauty sleep. “God! am coming,where is the fire” She saw Arjun from the small spy hole on the door “what the heck?” she wondered as she opened the door. Arjun with his deishevelled hair, his shirt half untucked was holdig a almost emplty bottle of scotch in one hand and the rose bouquet in the other smiled at her but his smile was crooked and she couldn’t help but wonder if he was drunk bcoz he couldn’t even open his eyes properly “are u drunk?” she asked but he just smiled and made his way in much to her annoyance. Banging the door shut she asked him the same question again.

Arjun making his titter totter way to the living room he took the flowers she had kept in a glass vase, same flowers given to her by Roy and replaced those with the bouquet he brought her while she silently watched him. Lookig around the place and finding no proper place to dispose the other flowers he just threw them away scattering the pink roses everywhere in the living room causing her to frown and conclude that he was indeed drunk. “now this is perfect” he spoke in his drunken voice.

“what’s wrong with u?” she shouted as she madly walked up to him, Arjun who had his back to her turned abruptly but due to his unstable steps he slipped and was about to fall on his back but Radhika managed to hold him in the nick of time but his weight was too much for him so they both landed on the nearby couch with Radhika on top of her and she sighed of relief that nothing happen to them. Placing her palms on the couch for support she tried to get up but he wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her to himself “what’s that poking on my hip?” she asked while wiggling in his hold.

“naughty Radhika” he said smiling shyly at her that made her stop in her movements trying to register his words in her head. “Ouch!” he screamed as she landed her fist on his chest when she understood his words.

“you pervert its your gun” she hissed and finally got off the sofa “am going to make u coffee, stay put” she ordered and marched to the kitchen but he wasn’t going to let his drunken a*s to obey any of her orders.

Putting his gun and badge on a side table, he followed her to the kitchen and now he could see that she was wearing smiley faces pajama shorts and T-shirt that made him smile and in his drunken state he resembled the emojis on her shorts. “do u know what I want to do now?” and she just ignored him “I want to kiss u so hard till u forget your name… leave name till u forget yourself and your entire family” Radhika’s cheek heat up hearing his scandalising words and turned to scold him but he was already near her and they stood staring at each other “are u wearing your bikini?” he asked his cheesy smile not leaving his face “can I see?” her eyes popped out in shock “pleeeeeeeease…” he added as if that was going to help.

She stepped back a few feet “Arjun…u are drunk” she told him.

“drunk in love” he replied “with u” he completed pointing towards her.

“okay…” she said and forwarded a cup of coffee to him “drink this coffee and u will be fine”

“I don’t want coffee… I want u” he declared.

“Ar-jun…” she said exasperated

“Ra-dhi-ka” he replied mimicking her and she just sighed giving up “do u know what I wanted to do that day in the hotel room?” Figuring that he was going to talk nonsense again she just walked out on him heading to her bedroom telling him he can spend the night at her place.

Radhika had started to fall asleep when she was again disturbed by Arjun who had sneaked into her room and onto her bed, feeling a warm breath fanning her back and a strong hand on her shoulder made her jump in fear. Seeing that it was only him she sighed of relief “what are doing here?”

“sleeping with u” he answered bluntly and threw his leg over hers as if it was the most natural thing to do.

“go sleep somewhere else” she ordered but instead he just snuggled closer to her. She moved away from him creating distance btn them but he also moved closer to her, she slid and slid away from him and he moved closer and closer to her until she found herself on the floor. “okay then, I will sleep somewhere else” she said and started to leave but in no time he had gained on her and pushed her on the bed and due to his instability he also fell on the bed with her and caged her under him. “get off me please” she said annoyingly but also bcoz her heart had started its marathon stunts feeling him so close to her.

Arjun still smiling down at her as if he had done nothing wrong “sleep with me, I don’t want to sleep alone” he said with his pouted lips.

“u are a grown man, u can sleep alone” she told him still annoyed with him.

“are u angry at me?” he asked innocently “don’t be angry at me, don’t be angry at the man who loves u” he said causing her to widen her eyes in shock making him chuckle “don’t be surprised, its true… its true… I love u Radhika… I love u from loooooooong back… I love u… that night at the hotel all I wanted was to make love to u all night long… I love u… I love…” He trailed in a sleepy voice before falling on her as he drifted into sleep but his weight was too much for her and she started to pat on his shoulder to wake him up.

“ARJUN” she shouted and he slowly open his eyelids “u are hurting me get off me” she complained.

Arjun looked at her lazily, his eyes were open but he still looked asleep “u look so beautiful in my dreams just like the real one” he said while caressing her face and before she could understand what he was talking about Arjun smacked his lips on hers and started devouring her while she laid frozen, frozen like a statue with only her racing heart as a sole sign that she was still alive. Arjun kept on ravishing the taste of her lips while she neither responded nor push him away until she felt his hand creeping inside her t-shirt leaving a trail of hot molten lava everywhere he touched her and she finally found the courage to slip off his hold and got off the bed. She started cursing him but stopped seeing his sleeping form so peaceful and walked out of her bedroom hot and bothered.

Arjun woke up from his peaceful slumber as the sun rays touched his face, he stretched his tired body yawning and was shocked relising his surroundings, he figured that he was in Radhika’s bedroom and on her bed and wondered how he got there. Then he recalled how heartbroken he was seeing Radhika with another guy and drank his sorrows away the whole evening, he recalled coming to her house but couldn’t remember much about what he did after that “and did I kiss her?” he thought and walked out looking for her.

Radhika who was already dressed for work was having her breakfast when he heard his good morning greeting and everything that took place last night flashed before her eyes, she quickly took her purse and car keys and ran to the door “breakfast on the table, spare keys in the drawer… lock the door before u leave” she said and walked out of the penthouse just as quickly.

Arjun looked at his watch, it was seven fifteen she was not late for work, then he realised “sh*t… I did kiss her” he hid his face in the palms of his hand and cursed himself for acting so foolishly.

Since Arjun couldnt get Kabir’s latest doings he decided to dig on his previous deedd and so went to Westminster to see if there was anyone who might have seen something. He was scanning the neighbourhood when a middle aged woman who appeared to be walking her dog approached him “who are u and what are doing in this area… this is a peaceful neighbourhood one wrong act and u land in jail, young man” she warned him.

Arjun showed her his badge “police… am inspector Mehra” he introduced himself “do u live around here Miss…”

The woman blushed when he addressed her as miss “its Mrs. Stevenson… I live her” pointing towards her house “that’s my house” the housed she pointed at was right opposite to Samrat’s house, the huge window just after the patio were perfect for anyone to see who came and left from Samrat’s house “so how can I help officer… is someone around here in trouble?… just tell me the name and I will give u the info… I know everyones schedule here” she said confidently.

Arjun thanked his lucky stars for meeting the right person for his job since Mrs. Stevenson was in all ways one of those people who can’t just mind their own business and find pleasure snooping around others lives. Arjun pointed towards Samrat’s house “I want to know about the owner of that house… tell me all that u know about him”

Mrs. Stevenson cleared her throat and began “let me start by saying that am not surprised u are asking about him… he is a number one jerk… he goes by the name Kabir… he is Asian, probably Indian in his late twenties of early thirties… he is married bcoz I saw him wearing a ring on his finger… but he is cheating on his wife bcoz every time he is here he is with a new girl… he has turned this house into a cheap motel for his mistresses… sometimes he comes with two women at the same time… stupid girls… I have seen him with teenagers too… he is worst guy there is I really pity on his wife”

“is that all u know about?” he asked.

“no officer… I know that he is married into a rich family and that he works in that big food company… Taste Farm” she answered.

“how sharp is your memory?” he asked again.

“very sharp officer… I have a very high IQ” she boosted herself

“can u remember something that happened a month ago?” he asked smilingly.

“very clearly, officer” she said proudly.

Arjun smiled wide now causing her to blush more “what did u see on the 17th of last month?” The date he wanted to inquire about was the 15th but he deriberately asked that way to see if she really knew what she was talking about or she was just bluffing. She tried to recall but couldn’t come up with anything. He smiled at her and spoke “its okay if u can’t recall… thank u for your help” and opened his car door to leave.

“officer?” she called him causing him to turn to her “not exactly on the 17th but two or three days before that a woman came to that house… she looked rich from what she was wearing, she was even driving an expensive car… she stayed for like 15mins and then left… she once came with Mr. Kabir but that day she came alone… and she is also Indian”

“how did she look like?” he asked with so much interest

“she looked older than Mr. Kabir… she is tall I think few inches taller than me… she is fair and has long big curly hairs” she explained “I can recognize her if I see her again” she added. Arjun listened keenly at the description she was giving, he thanked her and left after requesting her to come over to the station to repeat her words in front of a sketch artist though he couldn’t help but think the description she gave him had a striking resembles with Piyali Khanna.

Malhotra’s Apartment
Neil had locked himself inside his bedroom for more than 24 hours, he was neither able to apologize to his father or face himself in the mirror. Concerned about his well being Arjun, Sam and Radhika met at his place to cheer him up since he was not picking any of their calls neither did he come to the office. Neil was laying on the wooden floor supporting his head on yellow beanbag having a staring contest with the ceiling when the trio entered and screamed his name loudly jerking him off his thoughts. Before he could get what was going on they all ran and fell on him causing him to groan in surprising pain “get off me” he pleaded and tried to push them off him but it was of no use since Sam was on top of Radhika and she was on top of Arjun who was on top of him. They then one by one rolled off him and he had already turned red from the weight they had put on his chest “f**king hell…” he shouted displeased with their act “do u f**kstards want to kill me?” He muttered a few more curses seeing their laughing reaction. He got up and walked to his bed and they again tackled him making him fall on bed “what the f**k do u want from me?” he literally screamed angrily.

Now all sitting on the bed with Arjun, Sam and Radhika on one side and Neil on the other facing each other “we want u to talk to us” said Sam

Arjun: “so we can help u with whatever problem u are going through”

Radhika: “and be your happy self again”

Neil scowled at their probably rehearsed lecture “am fine and am happy” the trio looked at each and burst out laughing causing him to be more annoyed than he already was “ha-ha-ha very funny” he remarked annoyingly.

Radhika mimicked his annoyed expression and spoke “ha-ha-ha very funny” making Sam and Arjun laugh.

Neil rolled his eyes at her “nice mimicry” he said sarcastically.

Radhika rolled her eyes at him “nice mimicry” she mimicked him again while Sam and Arjun held their aching tummies from laughing hard. Radhika mimicked his every action every word while the other two just laughed their lungs out giving up Neil also joined them and they all laughed together till their eyes wetted with the happy tears. “what happened?” asked Radhika this time her tone was serious but caring enough to melt Neil’s hurt heart.

Neil told them how he had been feeling awful for misunderstanding his dad thinking that he had a hand in Radhika’s attack but left out the part that his dad was suffering from a mental disorder. Radhika scolded him, Sam pacified him and Arjun understood him. They talked the entire afternoon and by the time evening approached Neil was already back to his old self. Radhika had seen the way Sam was stealing glances at Neil and thought of giving them some time alone “Arjun I need to talk to u” she declared turning the attention to herself “in private” she added making Arjun’s stomach churn in fear that she will talk about his drunken mayhem.

As soon as Arjun and Radhika walked out of Neil’s bedroom closing the door behind them, Sam and Neil looked at each other nervously, Neil got off the bed “looks like Chashni has left us alone on purpose”

“I think so too” she said.

“did u tell her anything?” he asked.

“no, she might have figured out on her own” she answered.

Neil sighed “now we won’t hear the end of it” and walked towards the window.

Sam bit her lips nervously and then spoke after a second of silence “we should talk about us… about… ”

“about the kiss we shared” he completed her sentence.

“kisses” she corrected him “it’s obvious that we are attracted to each other”

“but we can’t jump into a relationship based on attraction… for all we know it could be just an infatuation”

Sam couldn’t help but smile that he talked about getting into a relationship, she followed him near the window where he was standing “so what should we do now and don’t tell me that u don’t know”

Neil smiled wide “we should kiss then” he said casually making Sam’s eyes widen in shock “let’s take a plunge… let’s see where this attraction takes us” Sam didn’t get his words and asked him to explain “let’s give this feeling btn us time, a month or two… if after that time we still like each other then okay and it fades with time then we will be just friends”

“so we will be boyfriend and girlfriend for a month?” she asked hesitantly

“two months” he corrected her “if it doesn’t work then it’s okay but we can at least say that we tried… I don’t want to later regret that I missed a chance to be happy or to even find love”

Sam smiled taking a deep breath “okay”

Neil was surprised “okay?… don’t u need time to think about it?”

“I have decided” she said and unknowingly they were both deep down happy with their decision. “I will take my leave now”

Meanwhile at the building’s lobby Arjun waited for Rahika to talk, though he was nervous and didn’t want to discuss the matter but also didn’t want to stay silent about last night’s events. Radhika who was busy on her phone pretended that he didn’t exist making him more anxious than he already was “so…” he said finally after minutes of silence that he felt like hours.

“so…” she said still acting ignorant.

“u wanted to talk to me in private… so what is it?” he said also.

She sighed “I don’t want to talk u just wanted to give Neil and Sam some privacy” she answered and went back to her phone.

“Oh!..” was what he could manage to say, he was surprised with Neil and Sam news but was also hurt with her sentence that she didn’t want to talk to him “am sorry” he said after another minute of silence “am sorry about last night”

“I don’t want to talk about it” she said not bcoz she was hurt by his actions but bcoz she didn’t want to hear his reasons that will force an answer out of her as to what she feels about him.

She tried to move but he held her arm and turned her to him “don’t u want to hear why I got myself drunk?” he asked his eyes never leaving hers. She averted her gaze and repeated the same words that she didn’t want to talk about that topic. “why… is it bcoz u already know the reason?” he asked again still holding her arm. Radhika took his hand off her arm and stating that she has work started to leave “I was jealous” he said to her back making her stop “I saw with that guy Roy yesterday and I got jealous”

“u still have me followed?” she said irritably

“no… I was going to propose u… Radhika I love you” he said it all in a single breath, he took a deep breath that finally he was able to speak his heart out, “not that hard” he thought as he waited for her reaction.

She wasn’t surprised but that was what she was trying to avoid all this while. She didn’t want him to confess bcoz he will demand an answer from her and she was still not sure of what her answer should be. She didn’t want to hurt him, he was her friend, her best friend after all but she neither wanted to say yes to him for the sole reason that he was her best friend let alone the fact that she hadn’t been able to exactly point out what she felt for him “I know” she finally said

“and….” he immediately replied holding his breath nervously.

She was nervous too “just bcoz u are in love with me doesn’t me I should reciprocate the same feelings for u… I hope u understand that” she spoke honestly not wanting to give him any hopes.

Her words were like sharp knives to his tender heart, it was her way of saying no he thought “are u in love with someone else… do u love that Roy…?” he regretted the second he finished his question, what if she said yes, he will not be able to take that but he wanted to hear her answer too.

Roy was her friend and roommate, he was the first guy who genuinely befriended her and made her get a feel of home even away from home and she didn’t harbour any feelings for him like Arjun thought. For a second she thought of saying yes, lie to him and kill his every hope but that would break his heart which she couldn’t stand, she didn’t know if she loved him but she did know that she never wanted to hurt him “Roy is my friend and he is gay… his boyfriend is in a band that’s performing here in London thats why he is here”

“Oh!..” he said surprised and embarrassed at his own jealousy filled actions and thoughts.

“give me time… I need time to think before I give u an answer” she said softly with her gaze lowered.

“u can take all the time in the world” he answered with an equal soft voice with the broadest smile attached on his face. He knew her very well, she wasn’t someone who took risks, she has to measure her prons and cons before getting herself indulged in anything and if she was asking for time it could only mean that she was confused about her feelings so he was determined to make her fall in love with him no matter what. His phone then beeped with a message, it was message from Mark “we have found Ruby” it read and he couldn’t help but think that, that was his lucky day.

Dr. Murray’s Clinic
Arjun reached the address Mark gave him, Edward his fellow inspector was already there and he had already talked with the authority who requested to talk to the detectives before they could meet Ruby. They were escorted to the clinic’s head office and they met an old man who looked physically fit for his age with only his grey hair giving him away sitting behind the desk who warmly greeted them and introduced himself as doctor Philip Murray. The doctor told them he owned and has been working in that facility for more than thirty years and he has been Ruby’s doctor ever since.

“what’s wrong with her?”asked Edward curiously

Murray: “she is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, she has gone through a very painful phase in her life and wasn’t able to get over it… from what I know is that her son was snatched from her and she hasn’t been able to let go of that pain”

“but u are doctors, can’t u treat her?” asked Arjun

Dr. Murray smiled “in order to cherish the future one has got to let go of the past… Ruby’s failure to get well is highly contributed to her unwillingness to accept the fact that she has lost her son”

“is she able to answer our questions?” asked Edward again

Murray: “yes… she is in depression but she has the ability to understand and answer your queries… just one thing… don’t ask her anything that will attribute to the pain she is already feeling… don’t ask her anything about her son”

“one more thing doctor” said Arjun “who brought her here and does she has any visitors?”

Murray: “I brought her here… my daughter who is also a doctor was doing her internship in a hospital where she was admitted, she told me she was brought there while about to give birth but was abondened there after… there was no missing person report filed for her and she had no visitor… thinking that I can help her I brought her here and she has been here ever since”

“can we see her now?” Arjun asked and doctor Murray nodded and led them to her.

His every step was uneasy, his heart was racing in anticipation and Arjun couldn’t figure out why he was feeling that way. Ruby was seated in the garden where despite the beautiful flowers adorning the place she looked lost as if nothing else existed for her expect for what she thinking about that moment. Dr. Murray introduced Ruby to them, Arjun extended his hand to her “hello” he said smiling at her.

Ruby titled her head upwards to see his face and the second their eyes met Arjun felt a strange unknown pull towards her, her eyes were filled with sadness but he felt he recognize them, like he had already seen those eyes “my son” Ruby said holding his hand and pulling him down to her bringing him out of his thoughts “my son… my son… u came” she cried caressing his face lovingly shocking the doctor and nurses for she never talked to anyone, the pain in her eyes vanished and was replaced by joy.

Arjun smiled a sad one “am sorry but am not your son” he said causing her to retreat her hand and the pain he saw in her eyes was visible again and that pained him too “am here to help u find your son” he said giving her hope again.

Ruby: “u will really help me find my son?” she asked in assurance and he nodded “u will bring him to me?” he nodded again and she stood up from her seat further shocking the doctor “I will get my son back… I will get my son back” she screamed and then turned to Arjun “but beware of the devil who took my son from me… don’t let him hurt u… okay?” she told him while he just nodded to her every word.

Dr. Murray forbade them from talking futher and especially scolded Arjun for raising her hopes and asked them to come again another time. Reaching the parking lot Edward asked him why were his eyes wet and he just lied that something got into his eyes ad left in his car. Throughout the drive he was wondering why was he crying seeing Ruby’s condition, why was he pained to see her pain and why was he happy to see her smiling. Not finding any logical explanation for what he was feeling he decided to brush off the topic off his head and went back to the station.


Don’t know why but I feel this is a bit dipressing, I was blank and don’t know what I wrote, so please bear with me at the time being.

So by now I think u all who is Ruby’s son.

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