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Manmarziyan- OS Finding Solace Atlast ( Last shots)

Hii friends…. Thanks for all your support so here z the last shot of this OS do read and let me know your reviews….This epi z specially dedicated to my Teddy Bear aka Shree di….hope she likes it….
Radhika wept bitterly….she felt as if someone sucked all life out of her…..all she wanted to hear was that word Panoti from his lips but now she will never hear it again….she felt as if someone stabbed dagger in her heart…
Her POV, “Arjun you will never understand that in a relationship its not about deserving someone but its about loving someone selflessly…. Why can’t you understand that my happiness lies in staying with you???…..I wanted to walk along with you holding your hand in every phase of life…..I couldn’t even tell you what you mean to….how much I love you.”
She walked dragging her feet literally….there was no life left in her body after experiencing the separation but a known intense made her ears stand up all alarmed…
There he was kneeling down at a good distance from her…he was engrossed in talking with two kids….Wait!?….ARjun Mehra talking with kids!!!…
So much patience!!!…

She walked closer to them to hear what he was saying…ARjun didn’t notice her as he had her back to her but radhika could hear every word he spoke…
ARjun ruffled one of the boy’s hairs,”Never fight with your friend.. There z no big relation in this world like friendship…You know someone said to me that two friends can fight but can never hate or keep grudges against eachother.”
The kids hugged eachother and whispered,”Bro we will never fight again…. Friends forever.”
Arjun smiled and got on his knees….he dragged his luggage to check in but someone made him turn harshly….


Radhika slapped ARjun NOT ONCE BUT THRICE!
She kept hitting him,”You remember each word I spoke but you couldn’t imagine my sorrowful face after knowing that you left me.”
ARjun was still in a shock!!!….radhika here!?….z she real or I am dreaming!?… His query got answered by another tight slap across his face…
Before she could hit him more he caught her wrist in nick of time,”Radhika please people are seeing us….Behave!!!.”
Radhika pulled her hand out of his grip and looked at the audience gathered there to watch the Free Show without Ticket!!!….
Radhika pulled arjun’s collar and dragged him along with her to the exit….it was raining cats and dogs that time….
Arjun pleaded with her to leave her hold on his collar but she didn’t pay any heed to him….she pulled him closer,”Why you did this???….how can this thought come in your mind???…how dare you ARjun.”

Arjun stared at drenched radhika….even the rain wasn’t successful in hiding her tears running down her chubby cheeks…he cupped her face and touched his forehead to hers,”I am sorry radhika but you deserve someone like you…I am not the guy for you…you deserve lot better.”
Radhika clenched her fist and the outcome of his words was next minute her five fingers got imprinted on his face again!!!!….
Radhika stood on the balls of her feet and crashed her soft lips on his…. It was a gentle loving kiss where she just pecked his lips lightly….Before Arjun could capture her lips she withdrawed leaving him dumbstruck…
Radhika looked straight in his eyes,”I hope you understood that you can’t escape from me Arjun Mehra….wherever you go I will follow catching your little finger.”
Arjun retorted, “Radhika we both are poles apart you can never stay happy with me.”
Radhika threatened, “Mr Mehra don’t try my patience if you utter a word more I won’t hesitate to kick you now.”
Neil watched both of them fighting….he controlled his laughter with great difficulty…

His POV,”Oh God!!!…This two fight like tom and jerry….what this Arjun has done to my Chashni…. She was never a fightercock.”
He walked to them and interfered,”Guyzz please let’s go home now…I had enough of you two….Chashni today’s day was a rollercoaster experience Indeed!!!.”
Radhika chuckled tucking her wet hair strands…..it was thrilling!!!…we broke signal then I slapped him four times…I never enjoyed so much.”
ARjun glared,”You slapped me five times miss short-term memory loss.”
Radhika,”You deserved it Mr Kal Ho Naa Ho ke Shah Rukh Khan….you wanted to make a great sacrifice and walk off but get one thing very clear!!!….I am not the one to accept your decisions.”
Neil pleaded with both of them,”Guyzz please you can continue this fight when you reach home.”
Radhika dragged arjun to the car holding his little finger while Neil followed both of them…
Radhika spoke in a excited voice, “Neil let me drive please I want to give this ride a perfect ending.”
Neil,”Chashni are you sure??.”

Arjun tried to reason, “Neil don’t allow her today if you love your car later don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you.”
Radhika poked her tongue out to tease arjun as Neil handed over the car keys to her…
Radhika took the driver seat and fastened her seat belt tight…Get ready for a jetki ride in a car.”
She drove off like a racing car as arjun predicted the car collided with black SUV as a result it lost its headlights…
But luckily it was Sam’s car….she got out to fight the intruder or the reckless driver…
Even radhika got out to apologize,”I am so sorry.”….arjun and Neil followed her…
Sam gasped, “Oh Gosh!!!…Chashni you scared the hell out of me….you are a very bad driver Chashni….I was so worried for all of you so I stepped out in this rain to look for you people.”
Arjun interrupted, “See Neil I told you don’t let her drive but you never listen…I know my radhika very well but you don’t know your Chashni.”
Neil smiled, “So what???….This small mistakes are the real fun of life.”
Sam rubbed her palms due to the cold chilling wind….,”Chalo Let’s Go….I don’t want to end in hospital now.”
Foursome got inside the car and this time no reckless driving but a pleasant drive instead….
Nesam dropped arjun and radhika home and drove off to their house…
Radhika rotated the key in the keyhole and barged inside whereas Arjun followed her….
Arjun changed into casual track pants and white shirt and sat comfortably on bed but what he saw next left him spellbound…
( This z my very first attempt to write something sensual so dare you laugh….I won’t write any romance if you laugh…shree di I hope I succeed to make to smile)
There she was dressed in a s*xy black sleeveless sari which had a deep neck which showed ample cleavage to tempt arjun….
Arjun spoke while controlling his hands by pinning them on his backside,”Radhika what are you doing???. ”

She walked towards him and looped her arms around his neck,”Seducing you Mr husband. ”
Arjun took two steps back,”Radhika please change I don’t want to do something which you might regret later.”
Radhika looked straight in his dark shaded eyes…,”You know Arjun that I know you are holding back your desires. ”
She again saw guilt covering up the need and desires in his eyes….he walked away and stood near the window to divert his mind from her….
Radhika slammed him to the window and locked him by keeping her hands on either side of him…
Radhika assured him,”Arjun whatever happened in the past it was your fault but you have repent for your deeds…I love you and have accepted you wholeheartedly….I know you want this but your guilt z killing you every second. ”
ARjun looked away from her face,”I don’t want to force my decision on you.”
She cupped his face and lowered her gaze,”I want this….make me yours in every aspect possible.”
Her words were like soothing ice to his burning desires….he caught the nape of her neck and invaded her lips with passion….he brushed her hands on her bare back and pulled the strings holding her blouse harshly to which she gasped his name instantly,”ARjunnnnnn.”
She turned her back to him to hide her blossom from his hungry eyes…Arjun moved her hairs in the front and brushed his fingers on her bare back….he pulled down the sleeves and let the blouse to fall off her shoulder….she moaned his name as he placed open mouth kisses on her bareback….

Radhika arched her neck and rested her head on his shoulder,”Arjun you are driving me crazy.”
Arjun gazed at her perfect curvy body….she looked like some celestial nymph….He pulled down her skirt and left her completely naked now….
Radhika tried to use her hands to hide her br*ast but he caught her wrist before she could do anything…. He nibbed her earlobe, “Radhika now you can’t backout….I want to see you don’t hide your beauty from me.”
He lifted her up in bridal style….his eyes full of passion and need…
Arjun placed her gently on the bed….she tried cover up her bareform with blanket but he groaned,”No radhika please not today….I need you.”
Radhika stopped protesting and nodded…he pulled over his shirt and lowered himself on her petite form but took care that he didn’t crushed her beneath….
Radhika closed her eyes as her soft br*ast came in contact with his hard chest….she could feel all of his muscular strength….a fear formed on her face acknowledging what will happen next….
Arjun understood and assured her,”Radhika I promise you I will be gentle….you know that I can never hurt you.”
Radhika saw the love in his eyes and felt a relief…,”Arjun I trust you.”
ARjun kissed her forehead…cheeks and finally captured her lips in a passionate kiss full of love…
He glanced at those etheral moulds of perfection….her cheeks turned red after seeing his intense gaze on her br*ast…Arjun massaged them with his large manly hands and later his fingers were replaced by his lips as they sucked…nibbed on her nipples….she kept moaning his name beautifully and senselessly while her fingers pulled his hair for the slow torture he was inflicting on her heaving blossom…

Radhika gasped as his hardened manhood trapped in his trousers brushed against her throbbing feminity….he chuckled at her inexperience and naivity….
Arjun licked her navel with his tongue while she moaned loudly this time telling him to stop testing her patience indirectly…
He got rid of his trousers and boxers hurriedly and asked her permission to enter her and satisfy his crave for her but he knew that he can never get enough of her….
She blinked her eyelids and permitted him to go further without holding back the love he had for her…..”ARjun please I want to feel you inside me.”
ARjun wanted it real faster and harder but he kept reminding himself that it was her first time and he can’t give in his desperate need and hurt her purposely…
He inserted his finger in her tight wet folds and she gasped and moaned in pleasure… He kept on moving his finger in and out excruciatly slow making her desperate to feel the need for him…
Radhika,”Arjun you are making me crazy please I can’t can’t control anymore. ”
Arjun took a deep breath and placed his thirsty ridge to enter her….he maintened a very slow pace trying his best to lessen the pain she will feel….radhika screamed in pain as her tight walls broke and coils loosened up slowly…tears streamed down her cheeks as he took away her virginity slowly…
Arjun wiped down the tears escaping from the corner of her eyes,”Baby tell me to stop now if the pain z unbearable. ”

Radhika assured him,”Don’t stop please. ”
Soon the her pain was replaced with sheer pleasure….she started meeting his every thrust eagerly as he plunged in and outside….his ownself on the point of exploding in the valley of need for her….he thrusted faster expertly as she scratched her nails on his back in response…
His sweatdrops made their way on her blossom as he had been holding alot for a long time inorder to make it less painful for her…..he buried his head in the crook of her neck while she lovingly caressed his sweat soaked hair….
He spoke while panting and fighting for breath,”I love you so much my panoti. ”
It was a night of Passion…Love and Need where they made love to eachother’s soul along with their throbbing bodies….
Finally Arjun found solace in her arms where he was determined to stay till eternity…. He knew Life will put up many hurdles in their way but if he had her then he fears nothing…. His light…his Radhika…his savior from the cage of darkness…

Atlast I got a sign of relief!!!…. Finally my very first OS completed I am so happy I can’t express in words….Oh God!!!…I don’t want to bore you people but seriously my happiness knows no bounds today……
Shree Di thanks for encouraging me to write a OS which I never thought I will attempt but you had full confidence on me though I doubted myself…. Thank you so much….
Guari Di you always have a unique place in my heart and no one can replace you in my life….love you both a lot….
Of course all my readers words are not enough to express my gratitude today….love you all guyzz!!!…

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