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manmarziyan on mars : chapter 1

Mmz on mars 1

Hello friends…m here with my first sci-fi plot…as its first chapter it will be short n pillar to start story..don’t know how much u will find it on track or not…whatever plzz let me know ur views…and i did use some imaginary research agency.. i may not be available for some days …so spare me and don’t forget me ??
Year 1965, at International Space Agency,USA


There were mixed emotions passing on their faces..the rate of pulse and nerve was higher ..heart beats like it could explode at anytime with not regular 72 beats per minute..the above mentioned reactions increased by time pass each second..they silently prayed for success this time..after so many failures from years ,this time they were so close to success..finally the moment of placement accurately…..

Tick tick 5….4….3….2….1…bang!!
Mission succeed…everybody congratulate each other..eyes become moist with happiness..for the first time emotions had no bound…why not?? Finally they achieved that what whole world awaiting from eras’…the first ever successful orbitor mission to Mars..

Now the head of the scientists,Mr Thompson called everyone to gather at auditorium..he addressed his note briefly n praised;” today we all make this mission possible together; but the most brilliant idea n theory given by the person gave us the taste of success..we should appreciate him..so our special gratitude n honour goes to Mr Suraj Mishra”..A huge round of applauds welcomed him..he was like got everything…

Suraj Mishra,a great scientist had inborn qualities..with that he reached at top at his young age which was a dream for others..he never witnessed failure in his life..loved science from his heart content..because of him first mars mission got successful..after that he made many successful missions toward space..his interest n knowledge regarding space science amazed people..after sending non living objects to space ; he tried to send animal who possess maximum similar genes with human..it was also successful..so with his ,others expectation also increased that human might be go to mars n survive there!! He was so enthusiastic about it,he forgot everything n gave whole time to his research..finally he was on edge of success with all formulas n advanced technology..he went to their chief to relay him the good news; but shocked what he heard before entered his chamber..

Mr Thompson said to someone;” after getting success on human spacecraft mission to mars,we have to check out what is going on there..and we have to conquer mars..mars will be function as a slavery n dominion planet of planet earth,more precisely of USA..but before that we have to acquire that formula n technology from that young idiot n finished his chapter..i felt ashamed when after many attempts of mine I failed on orbitor mission ; but he succeeded at once..this time his work will be recognized on my name only..” both laughed cruelly…

Fortunately Suraj heard everything n came back..he was frustrated and broken..he didn’t know human could stoop so low..he planned something..he was an intelligent person; so he acted wise..slowly he destroyed everything without any doubt arise n replaced the technology with bunch of fake information..later he acted like he got messed up with all this things so much that his brain didn’t working..after some days people thought him gone mad..he was thrown out..but he felt relieved n back to India..he promised that day” if he n his next generations will do something,then it would be for India only”…
Later Mr Thompson somehow found out the fakeness n lies of Suraj,coz of one full fledged gadget which was left by mistaken by suraj …he tried to capture him again ; but failed…….


Two persons laughed harshly; like they got to witness some idiotic dumb audio visual..
” how fool those people of planet earth..they thought to conquer us n make us their slave!!”, said first person

” u r right..they just got success on our orbit n started dreaming..they didn’t even know we already invaded their planet many time”, exclaimed the second person..

” moreover no planet has idea that we are the most developed planet in this solar system in view of science..and our extremely well developed civilization exists underground “, a playful proud smile appeared on face of first person as he told all these..

” so just let them first research for some years and then they will land here..but can’t able to find any sign of living”, said second person annoyingly …
He continued;” if they would have think about peace,we may be help out them; but all they got clumsy narrow brains..so let them suffer n rot by themselves” ..he was disgusted with war mentality..

” but few good people are there also,like this man”, said the first person as he pointed to Suraj on their computer systems..a bright smile appeared on their face………

After 51 years, Year 2016,Bangalore

Suraj Mishra( our lovable dadaji) has a loving family now..despite his all efforts his son Dilip Mishra could not even qualify for space engineering..he lost his all hope as his grandchildren choosen different paths..although he left ISA ; but he always dreamt that his next generation will land on mars ,which he left in midway…when ISRO succeeded in its maiden attempt MOM,he thought now India will make a place in the first ever elite group by sending human spacecraft to mars..with the new hope he constantly sitting in front of computer system n saw those space related programs again n again..nowadays only those things gave him peace..but ; destiny wrote something precious for him n his dream, which he was unaware..his happiness coming to him…

A mail poped up in his computer..it was for her little grand daughter Radhika…he opened it n jumped with happiness & ran toward living room by shouting…….
Precap: Entries of lead characters

This is my very first time to try sci-fi..suggest me something without throwing rotten tomatoes n eggs..bear for sometime…m scared? ..otherwise no update ??

Want to spread fragrance of positiveness,compassion

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