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Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 13)

Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 13)

Manish informs Ardhika about Prakash whereabouts and radhika gets worry thinking about Prakash. Arjun looks at her worry about ACP and feels bad. He did not answer anything to Manish but simply stands like a statue starring radhika sadly.


Manish looks at Arjun’s face and shakes him. Then they 3 starts in Arjun’s car and he only drives. Radhika sits at the back seat and manish sits besides Arjun.

Arjun’s mind has so many flashes thinking about Prakash and Radhika together and he looks so tensed. Manish looks at his face and thinks to do something. He looks at radhika through the mirror and asks, “Radhika..sorry Shravani, why you look so tensed?”

Rads, “How can i not?”

Manish, “Do you love him?”

Arjun puts sudden break and glares Manish and Radhika also glares both of them. All shuts their mouth and starts their driving. Arjun gives manish an angry look to him often.

They reached a place which is outskirts of the city and their car stops infront of a home. Everyone is surprised and manish proceeds further and knocks the door. In few mins, the door is opened and they see a girl who is handicapped. She stands with the help of a stick and asks, “Who are you all? Whom you want to meet?”

Manish repeats the address he has and confirms it, then asks, “Anyone like Prakash?”

Before she answers, they heard another voice behind her and there they saw a man holding so many books in his hand. Arjun and Manish looks each other and says, “Prakash?”

He did not reply for them but asks, “Who are you both?”

Before they answer Radhika comes infront of them and calls him, “Prakash”

Prakash is shocked seeing radhika and drops the books from his hands. The girl who stands at the doorstep is shocked seeing prakash’s reaction seeing radhika. She moves behind to give them the way to get inside.

All enters inside and prakash stares radhika. Arjun feels insecure seeing them staring each other. Radhika first composes herself and asks him, “ACP sir..how are you?”

Prakash, “I am not ACP now. BTW i am fine..actually by hiding my identity. How are you Shravani? Where were you all these days?”

Arjun & Manish looks each other but radhika replies, “I am fine…i will tell you the details..but now i want to know what happened that day? Sorry i forgot…He is Arjun and He is Manish”

she introduced them to prakash and waits for his answer. Prakash greets them and remembers about that day incident.

FB – from prakash POV,

Vaibhav comes to stab neil but sam comes and holds his hands and pulls him from Neil, but he slapped her and pushed her on the floor. She lost her conscious after hitting on something. Neil beats the goons and goes to save her and i pushed vaibhav and starts beating him. Then Neil asks me to go behind shravani to make her safe from these goons. I don’t know what to do at that time and runs out to search for her. I saw the goons running and i too followed them as much as i can but due to the injuries i couldn’t follow them more and fallen unconscious on the roadside. Once i get conscious i ran to the mahal but there i saw only the burnt one. I couldn’t see anyone there and thought Vaibhav killed Neil and Sam”

FB over

Prakash looks at radhika and says, “I couldn’t save them..i am sorry”

Rads, “You no need to be sorry. They are alive but in a bad condition.”

She tells him how they saved Sam and Neil’s condition. Prakash is so happy for both of them and says, “I want to meet them” and his vision stops seeing the girl who stands at the corner of the room. He goes and holds her by shoulder and introduces her as his wife to everyone. Radhika did not give any reaction and Manish gives a shock one and Arjun is the only person smiles at him and his face becomes so bright hearing his statement.

Rads, “Congratulations sir. But when did this happen?”

Prakash, “I was injured badly at that time and got admitted in hospital. There i met Priya who struggles to fight against the world by ignoring all the sympathies on her. She works thee and i admired her confidence on her. Initially i don’t have much thought about her but soon i realised my love on her. That time i understood that what i had on you was just an attraction but i have a different feeling with Priya and once i know that i love her, i immediately went and proposed her. She takes some days to accept it and finally we got married recently only.”

Radhika smiles at him and hugs Priya who stands behind him and wishes them the best in their life. Arjun is at extreme happiness, hugs prakash tightly and says, “Thank you so much” in an excitement. All looks him wierd but Manish composes the situation and all gets ready to meet Nesam.

All reached the hospital and meets Nesam there. Now all are in happy mood but Arjun stares only Radhika and it is noticed by Manish, Nesam and Anjali. Even Prakash too noticed inbetween and he understands his feelings.

After a month leap,

Manish gives them a good news about Neil’s discharge from the hospital. All gets happy and radhika hugs neil in happiness. The specialist doctor comes and removes the bandages from Neil’s face. Everyone is eager to see his face as before. Once the bandage is removed all gets happy seeing Neil’s face without any marks, and Rasam gets emotional seeing him. Neil too cries seeing his face in mirror and looks at his two special person Rads & Sam. He extends his both hands and signs them to come. They both runs and have a trio hug.

After sometime, only Nesam and rads there in the room and Neil says about the injuries he had that day, “I got hit by vaibhav at my head and i felt weak. He then takes Sam with him and informs the goons something in their ears. They start pouring the petrol over there and burns it. I tried a lot to come out from that but in that struggle i got my face burnt and somehow i jumped outside. People from there helped me and admitted me in hospital. After that i scanned the city like anything to search you and one day i found you with arjun when you both did the shopping and from that day onwards i was following you arjun finds me”. Rads cries hearing everything from Neil and impressed on Arjun.

Rads remember something and says, “Neil…did you notice that Arjun is always starring me..why so? And Manish told me that i met accident in his car and he only admitted me in this hospital and he did naming ceremony also for me is it..and what was that name..mmm…ya..Radhika…not bad nice name”

Nesam smiles at her and Neil says, “Not only…you stayed with him as his wife in his house”

Rads is shocked and asks, “WHAT?”

Neil, “Yes..i was watching you all the time when you were with Arjun. He is really a gem of a person. He takes care you very well that even i can’t do that. I think he loves you”

Rads stunned listening him but kept mum and neil continues, “Not only him..you also loved him..being his wife” he winks at her. Rads, “Bad joke”

Sam, “Chasni..y r u saying it as Joke..even i noticed, Arjun loves you seriously..whenever he comes his first sight falls on you only then only others ae visible to him. Why can’t you think about him yar?”

Rads, “Stop it Sam…i never thought him about like that”

Sam, “You were not but now you can think na..he is perfect for you”

Rads, “Can’t you people pls keep quiet” she goes out to hide her embarrasment.

When she comes out, exactly Arjun also comes there and greets her with a happy bright face. Radhika remembers about Nesam’s words and she just stares him without saying anything. She moves to the chair and sits there. Arjun worries seeing her and sits beside her. He just stares her tension and silence. Radhika breaks the silence and says, “Arjun? Can we become friends?”

Arjun is shocked by this and simply nodded without saying anything. Radhika smiles seeing his shocking reactions and says, “Don’t think too much..just now Neil told me everything that how i lived with you when am not in sense. You helped me a lot in tough time …not only me, Neil and Sam also. We are thankful to you and cannot give it back. I want to become your friend. Can we?”

Arjun happily gives his hand to her and they both shakes it and starts their relation from friendship. Arjun is so happy that he could hear his heart is jumping in happiness inside coz the beats are faster than ever and it is because of happiness.

Precap: Radhika starts liking Arjun and likes being with him. Nesam’s marriage function makes ardhika close.

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