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Manmarziyan – Can anyone say me what is love ….. Shot 1

Hiee guys i’m Sv back with my next stupidity lol. A shot story. It just struck so i’m writing it. Pls do let me know your views how was it as it is only 2 parts…….

Enjoy the ride….

Arjun who was done for the day starts home. He reaches and was welcomed by his sweet wife radhika. She welcomes him with a smile in which he lost his heart always. He was just staring at her. She gestures him what by raising her eye brows.
Arjun ; why r u so beautiful ??
Radhika (giggles) ; because im ur wife so i will always be beautiful to ur eyes the way u r for me the only handsome guy ever. Arjun slightly pinches her cheeks.
Arjun ; wrath (his nickname for her as he kept that she was short tempered and wrath means anger) ; where is anju ?? Anju 3 year old daughter of ardhika, their precious gem.
Radhika ; busy coloring. Not allowed to enter the room as she is drawing a picture for us. Wait i’ll bring u something to eat….. U go and change in the other room i have kept the dress once she started to draw. He smiled and stood up. She left the room and he was just looking at her. The life which he is living a gifted life but this gift was not gifted to him so easily. For which he had shed tears and she had suffered a lot too. He changes and looks at their wedding picture which was taken. For that day how much he would have suffered. He closes his eyes and remembers everything.

5 years before…..

Arjun was from a collage and radhika was from other collage. They both met in the internship program in a same place with a certificate course. Arjun was really well of always surrounded by his friends many are really nice but one always be with him, his close friend saral. For arjun, saral meant everything but for saral he was using Arjun. He always had jealousy for him as he was fair…. he was a bit dark complex and arjun had anything but he was from a normal family.

But to the contrary arjun always considered him as his soul brother. Then she came radhika . She was a talkative, so childish behavior loves to make friends and always listens to whatever her mother says as she was the official person who advises radhika regarding any things. She quickly became friends with arjun and team. Arjun who saw her lost his heart but never spoke out. She was always talking and she was really close to neil her best friend. They used to talk as he and she were like a replica of each other and never shuts their mouth. Arjun always admires her talk. Saral who had eye on radhika found out that arjun loves radhika…

All went well one day radhika’s father did not come to pick her up. Arjun who started home saw her in the bus stand. It was a bit late. He came out of his car and saw radhika. Radhika saw him and smiled.
Radhika ; Arjun what happened ?? You did not start home ??
Arjun ; Well was started and what are you doing here that too at this time ??
Radhika ; Papa had some work so I am waiting for the bus.
Arjun ; But the bus to your house is not that frequent right ??
Radhika ; I will go to the depo by catching the bus and from there will catch a share auto.
Arjun ; It is not safe to go like that in this late time. Come I’ll drop u home. She was reluctant.
Just then her mother called her.
Radhika ; Ma bus has not yet come ma……
Mala ; Radhika do any of your friends there with you ??
Radhika ; Ya ma my friend is there with me Arjun. Arjun was shocked that she was speaking him to her. But she was speaking to her mom so freely and she was making mala recognize by all the acts he did and his eyes widened the way she was giving description. To the surprise her mother allowed her to come with the car of Arjun. She nodded and sat inside the car . Arjun was just staring at the way she was looking doing.

She lowered the car glass and said “ Come in I need to drop you home and she winked her eyes. He rolled his eyes and sat inside the car and asked the driver to go to his house. Radhika jerked and said “ But you said you will drop me home, now you are saying to go to your house ??”
Arjun ; Relax radhika you will go home but first I want you to take me to my house and then to your house. Radhika nodded and she pulled his mobile and she started to play with his mobile. After sometime when she was playing Arjun banged her head as she was not playing well.
Arjun ; Not like this you have to jump here else you will loose the game ??
Radhika ; How ?? How show me ??
Arjun took the mobile and she was peeping and looking at the mobile….
Arjun ; See like this …..
Radhika ; Oooh….. and she was playing the game but the mobile was in his hands. After sometime Arjun was just looking at her without blinking and she was just playing and she won finally the game. She shouted because of the won and suddenly she closed her mouth. Arjun was just smiling at her for her behavior.

They reached the house. It was a huge mansion. The car entered the house and Radhika was speech less as she never seen something this big. But she was a bit scared as what will the people think about her , her looks , her dress many things were running through her mind. Just then the car stopped and Arjun opened the door but she was sitting like a stone.
Arjun ; Radhika………..(with a louder voice) Radhika……… She jerked and came back to sense.
Radhika ; Arjun can u pls take me to my house ?? What if someone thinks looking at my dress and at me?? I don’t want to embarrass you by you introducing me as a friend..
He smiled and said ; No one will be in house for now. All would be busy with their work. So don’t worry ok. She nodded like a good kid and they entered the house. But to their surprise all were present.
Arjun was shocked so as Radhika. She gave one look and that was like what is this ??
Just then Neil who hopped in came behind Arjun was stunned seeing everyone.
Neil ; Bro what is this all are here ?? That too this soon ???? Radhika heard that.
Arjun ; Argh even I don’t know why ??
Radhika ; Arjun it is getting late pls drop me home.
Arjun ; Sure but just wait for 5 minutes. She too nodded. They entered the house but no one were least concerned to look at Arjun. Radhika who never seen this kind of ignorance for a person in her life. All eneterd Arjun’s room. She was sitting at his room very uncomfortable as the way Arjun’s parents behaved with them. She was just staring at the articles in his room. Arjun kept his bag and he offered her something to drink. At that time Neil was the only company for her to speak as Arjun went out for something… After some time Arjun called her out. She gulped as what is going to happen. But nothing as her expectation happened. Arjun took Radhika back her house.

Radhika’s house was a normal house not rich like Arjun’s but when Radhika stepped out Mala was waiting for her. Radhika ran and gave her bag to Mala and said that Arjun has come. Mala greeted with a smile and Arjun reciprocated by a small smile…..

Mala ; Come inside Arjun…..
Arjun ; No aunty I’ll start…….. next time I will come inside aunty. Mala called him again. He was not ready to come inside.
Radhika ; Ma he will come. Arjun my mom’s food will be delicious. Pls come na…. Arjun smiled and he too entered. Radhika entered and when Arjun entered he saw a small shelf full of trophies and he was looking at all the trophies.

Radhika came out freshen and said ; Those are mine.
Arjun (questioning voice) ; yours ?? Radhika nodded.
Radhika ; Well this was for my sports and this was my final year school topper for that and that one is for my scholarship.

Arjun ; then why this course you could have done some other course na for that ??
Radhika ; Will you pay me the fees ?? Arjun was numb.
Radhika ; My dad’s earnings is not huge Arjun. And how many days I will study ?? I want to earn and give my dad some rest his running ….One day earn huge and make my parent’s proud. Arjun felt proud for Radhika and smiled and made thumps up. She nodded back in the way of thank you.

Mala ; Come on guys dinner is ready. She ran to the kitchen and took the food and she came out with 2 plates . She gave one to Arjun. They sat on the floor and they were having food by watching Tv and was enjoying their food and Mala too joined them with their nok jokes , to the fact she was pulling Arjun’s leg more than Radhika and he felt a true home when he was there. All had fun time and Dilip too entered the house. Radhika smiled at him and said “ Pa… this is Arjun my friend”.
Dilip ; Hiee arjun I’m working as Radhika’s father for say 22 years. She rolled her eyes and Arjun was laughing looking at them . He for the first time felt what was true parents love.

After some time he started from there and Radhika came to the main gate of the colony and smiled.
Arjun ; Thank you Radhika.
Radhika ; For what ??
Arjun ; to bring me to your house. She smiled .
Arjun ; I’m really feeling jealous for you.
Radhika ; Me ?? Why ??
Arjun ; I never knew what was true parents love.
Radhika ; Why ?? Don’t your mother speak to you ??
Arjun ; Mother ?? smiled sarcastically All are busy with their works. Dad a big business man. Mom busy with her stuffs. And sister she is….. she never feels me as her brother itself. Radhika felt sorry for him.
Radhika ; Come to my house whenever you feel low. You will go mad after talking to my parents.
Arjun ; U are lucky radhika and he sat on the car. She smiled and waved her hand until his car left the place.

After 3 years from then……

Radhika was busy working she was a senior manager of a finance company. Their company was going for a merger. She was busy with other stuffs but she did not notice the company whose company was going to get merged with their company. The deal was finalized by the head of both the companies and Radhika was called by her head officer.

Radhika entered the room and looked at the person who was her co-boss and she saw her boss with no big reaction but only with a small smile on her face. But he was just staring at her with a coat of tears in his eyes.
Kurana (Radhika’s boss) ; Radhika this is Mr. Arjun the owner of Mehra’s company. Mr. Arjun this is Radhika the talented head of the company. She is the senior manager of the company hope you don’t mind her being working under you. Radhika gave a smile to Arjun and said ; Pleasure to meet you sir, and to work under you. I’m radhika.

Arjun was even more shocked as she behaved like she has saw him for the first time.
Arjun ; Radhika ????
Radhika ; Yes sir without changing the face…
Arjun ; Radhika….. I’m Arjun radhika……
Radhika ; Yes sir you are Mr.Arjun sir and smiled.

She wished them and started from there. When she turned her face changed. Her eyes were a pond of tears. She went to her room and sobbed as she does not want to make a loud noise. She did not want him to hear it. She composed herself and started her work…..

Why did she behaved like she did not know who was Arjun ??? What is the reason behind that ??? Want to know them . Pls do wait …………..

Precap – Truth revelation ….. last shot………

Tried to write it one shot but landed in 2 shots. How was it tried something different …. Did you like it ?? Was it nice ?? Please do comment your views. Love you all stay blessed and always smile…….

A small tribute to A.P.J.Abdul Kalam sir as this has been one year since he started his mission to space and explore there …..

Sir u inspired us with ur speech, u are our hero with ur action, u are our god by ur thoughts. U have set the fire in every individual’s heart to achieve something big. Ur wings might not be present here with us but ur fire of motivation will always be with us. Ur words are our inspiration. We will not let our dream die. We will make u proud sir. Let us join hands and make our country proud .

Jai hind…….

Dream is not the one which you see while sleeping. It is something that does not let you sleep.- Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Sir…

I’m Sv the die hard fan of Mahabharat and Manmarziyan

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