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Manmarziyan : A Passion Project – Chapter 23

Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 23

Guys, here’s the next….i know, it mostly ardhika…but cant help, I am really partial towards them.…let me know…
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It was early morning….sun still was coming up…..sky was orangish….and the trees swayed in the cold breeze. In the garden in front of his apartment…a happy squirrel cracked on a nut and threw its shell In the direction of the apartment.

Radhika lazily opened her eyes. She extended her right hand to grab her phone…her eyes widened on not finding her side table. She looked around In bewilderment…it wasn’t her room…..she wasn’t in her apartment….where the hell was she…..bile rose quickly throat.

She relaxed after a couple of seconds as she processed her surroundings and remembered it to be arjun’s room. She smiled a little as she remembered dozing off in his car. She got up and looked for Arjun. She found him sleeping peacefully in neil’s room. Seeing him sleep like a kid, an amazing feeling crept in her heart.
She just walked towards him and got in bed with him. She slapped her forehead and cursed herself. It was kind of involuntary……it wasn’t as if she was going to do so…but nevertheless she did. It seemed as if her body was listening to her heart and not her brain. She wondered if she was falling for Arjun ….afterall he was he was her best friend…and she trusted him more than herself…but then brushed her thoughts aside….deciding to open that chapter later. To avoid herself from embarrassment and teasing, she was definitely gonna face when he woke up….she tried to get up. But she found an ironic grip waist. She looked down and found that Arjun had placed his hand on her waist in a gentle yet tight manner. She smiled and soon she slept off.

Thousands of meters up in the atmosphere, neil and sam were still in the plane. Sam had kept her head on neil’s shoulder and had slept off….her hand was placed on his. Neil had realised that he loved sam more than anything in the world. She was just his.
Neil’s pov, “ you’ll fall in love with me, very soon Sammy. And it will be the love that lasts for eternity.”
Neil gave her a loving smile. He kept his head on hers and he too dozed off.

After a couple of hours, Radhika woke up and she didn’t find Arjun beside her……she got up and found him making coffee In the kitchen. She was red with embarrassment thinking how he would have reacted when he woke up only to find Radhika besides him.
Arjun saw her and smiled mischievously….this was an opportunity he wasn’t gonna miss…., “good morning Radhika!” he said cheerfully. He handed her a cup of coffee.
“morning Arjun…” she mumbled.
Arjun was amused….radhika was deliberately avoiding eye contact with him.
Arjun further teased, “so….anything you might wanna ask?”
Radhika nervously gulped, “nope…no”
There was a silence for a couple of minutes…..it was killing Radhika…, “umm, yeah…might wanna tell me how come am here at your place?”
Arjun looked at her…Radhika shivered at his gaze, “I have a legitimate reason….do you?”
Arjun knew he was playing his cards well. Radhika shivered quickly placed the cup on the table, “I need to go and get ready.”
Arjun could clearly see that Radhika was embarrassed….he laughed and spoke to her disappearing form, “get ready….we are having breakfast with teji.”
Radhika just nodded.

After an hour….arjun was driving and Radhika was sitting beside him. Nobody was talking. Radhika was looking out the window and Arjun was concentrating on his driving.

After a couple of minutes.
Arjun, “sorry.”
Radhika was surprised, “what for?”
Arjun looked at her, “teasing you this morning.”
Radhika smiled, “am sorry too.”
Arjun spoke mechanically, “what for?”
“this morning.” Radhika mumbled.

Soon they reached teji’s place. Radhika met a friend of hers in the parking lot and she was chatting with her. So, Arjun went up alone. He pressed the door bell, teji answer.
“where is Radhika?” he asked.
Arjun replied, “bumped into some friend of hers…chatting in the parking lot as we speak.”
Teji, “what friend? I didn’t know that she had friends outside of us and the office people here in Mumbai.”
Arjun bluntly replied, “same…never saw her before. Nevermind…she’ll come up in a couple of minutes…where’s food? I am hungry as hell.”
Teji laughed and pointed towards the kitchen. He was curious so he went out to look the ‘friend’.
His jaw dropped instantly when he saw Radhika’s friend. He was shaken.
When Radhika came up….he couldn’t resist and asked her very quickly, “how do you know her?”
she saw teji was getting impatient and decided to irritated him….she pouted and replied after a couple of seconds, “how do you know her?….no good morning….no how’d you sleep….no….how are you….come on teji, I know you are better than this..”
Teji was irked, he spoke very quickly in a single go “fine…good morning Radhika…I hope you slept well….how are you….now how in the world do you possibly know her.”
Radhika made a face but gave him a straight answer, knowing it wasnt safe to venture into his impatience anymore, “childhood friend….were neighbours in rishikesh, studied in the same school and college…she is my close friend…..is currently working In a bank….we meet like once in two three weeks…was surprised to bump into her here….anymore queries?”
Teji was quiet. Arjun too was curious to know what got into teji, “bro, how do you know her?” he stressed on the word you.
Teji replied after a couple of minutes, “Radhika…arjun….she is the one..”

Precap: Teji’s story….nesam…

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