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Manmarziyan : A Passion Project-chapter 22

Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 22

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Just fall in love and memories will be yours. Forever and Always.
All the four looked intently at Radhika, who just gave them a you are impossible look, wondering what had happened.
Sam, “Radhika…is there something we should know?”
Radhika pouted, “like?”
Sam rolled her eyes and waved the letter in front of her and all Radhika could manage to say was Ohh
Arjun was angry….., “what the hell…..Radhika Mishra…do we even matter to you?? A random bloke comes and threatens you and you don’t think of it as something to be discussed?….yes, your shopping…..your food….your songs…these feature on your to be discussed list but something like a guy threatening isn’t important …right? And now chashni don’t give that can i take care of myself bullshit…okay……i know you can take care of yourself…but what is the harm in a couple of extra eyes looking out for you. Radhika…you don’t hide things from your family…..you want to share all our sorrows with you…..but you can’t reciprocate the gesture? All you had to do was to barge in my office and tell me about the letter the second you received it….you know, even a missed call or a message would have worked…but no…”
Arjun was really really angry and was shouting on Radhika….but as soon as he looks at Radhika…all his anger went out the window. She was in tears. Arjun softened and gently spoke, “all I am saying is Radhika…that you should have told us.”
Radhika sees him looking at her and she hugs him tight burring her head in his chest. Arjun too wraps his arms around her.
Radhika broke the hug and looks at all of them, “ i am really sorry…i didn’t want to worry you guys..i know I should have told but…u know..”
Sam hugged her tight, “its okay chashni.” Neil too joins them and so does teji. Arjun just looks on and smiles.
After a couple of minutes..
Neil asks, “what’s in the letter, exactly?”
Radhika, “you haven’t read it? I’ll read it out for you guys.”.
Radhika picks the letter and starts reading , “dear radhu,
You should never have come to Mumbai. You were my Radhu in Rishikesh but you have changed. You are flying too high, its time for me to clip your wings.i will drag you back to Rishikesh….and will show your right place. You won’t like it …but soon you’ll get used to it. I will make you mine no matter what and once that happens you’ll have to accept me. Mark my words, i will take revenge for every insult and ignorance from you, and trust me, when i do it my way…it will hurt and hurt you real bad. I was good for you but you made me bad and now, your cheap playthings…those boys would even be able to save you from me. Either accept me yourself or i know how to force myself to you. Don’t force me to do anything which may hurt your respect and you. Still there is time, quietly marry me and be mine forever willingly or I’ll do it forcefully.
Love you,

Neil and Arjun’s blood boiled.
Neil was very angry, “that bastard…he is a goddamn loon head…dare if he comes near you, I will kill him with my bare hands.”
Teji spoke in a matter of fact manner, “people like him, don’t have any dreams and aspirations themselves. So they make it their live’s motto to prevent others from following up their’s. He does have any wings or the guts have any….and talks about clipping yours. He needs to be set straight…”
Arjun was angry too….he called rana kaka, “kaka…i want every single bit of information on saral Joshi….even the minutest details….every single illegal…illogical…wrong act of his. Pull out all the dirt on him. Keep a eye on him. now, its time for him to face the music. he has messed with wrong person…..” Arjun whispered slowly after a couple of seconds, “he messed with Radhika….my Radhika.”
Arjun had tears in his eyes…his voice hardens and he bluntly adds, “and yes, i want you to arrange for radhika’s security.”

Radhika, who noticed Arjun was missing, went out to look for him. She saw him wiping his tears. She ran to him hugged him tight and whispered gently, tears forming in her own eyes, “Arjun…i am sorry…i made a mistake of not telling you….i didn’t want you to worry yourself sick…..please don’t cry….forgive me naa..”
Saying so she herself started crying. Arjun wrapped his arms around her, he kept his chin on her head and rubbed her back till she calmed down. Arjun, at this point, just knew that she was the one for him. He had feelings for her since long but today for the first time, they got registered. He just knew that he loved her truly….deeply….immensely.

He then gently broke the hug, cupped her face and wiped her tears with his thumbs, “don’t you cry Radhika….its okay….i know you meant well….i didn’t mean to shout on you…sorry….am I forgiven?”
Radhika looked down and nodded.

Arjun who looked at the balcony door was annoyed to find nesam and teji standing there, looking at them intently…..as if watching a free show. Radhika, who followed his gaze….hid herself behind him, which awarded her a chuckle from neil. Arjun glared at neil his eyes warning him against teasing Radhika.
Neil understood, he quickly spoke, “lets go sam……we better start packing.”
Radhika heard the word packing and looked out from behind Arjun. She spoke in a innocent voice, her brown orbs indicating curiosity, “packing…where to?”
Neil, “sam and me are going to London….actually..”
Before neil could complete Radhika interrupted, “ a romantic get away….not bad haan neil…I wonder how how did you both manage to hid it from me for so long…”
Arjun and teji laughed. Arjun and Radhika hified. Neil rolled his eyes. And sam explained the entire thing to Radhika, who just hugged her tight.

Radhika helped sam and neil to pack and In the evening, ardhika went to see off nesam to the airport. Teji who hadn’t slept a wink the entire night, had exhausted himself and hence was excused.
Nesam hugged ardhika and they left. Radhika and Arjun went back to his car. Radhika took the passenger seat and Arjun took the wheel. Arjun started driving but he could feel Radhika observing every action of his, “what?”
Radhika caught herself staring at him….she cursed herself, “umm, nothing…….did you put teji to bed?”
Arjun, “uh-huh….he isn’t a kid Radhika….i told him to go to bed.”
Radhika, “yeah…I was actually wondering who that girl is….i mean, you remember how cleverly he avoided our question and shifted the entire focus on neil and sam?”
Arjun smiled a little, “Radhika?”
Radhika, “hmm?”
Arjun, “the entire focus was on us.”
Radhika smiled and looked down at her hands and her dress.
Arjun stole a glance at her, “Radhika?”
Radhika, “hmm?”
Arjun, “you look good…when you are blushing.”
Radhika smiled at looked at Arjun. This man was different. He was brainy, And had a body girls would die for. But for Radhika he was different, he was her friend. She had his unconditional support. She had some strange feeling deep down her heart which just jumped up whenever she looked at him. She just couldn’t decipher it….or him.

She cursed herself hundreds of times for allowing such thoughts to enter her mind.

After a while, Arjun started speaking to Radhika, but on not getting a reply, he looked at her. And found her sleeping peacefully with her head against the window. Arjun smiled and again that strange happiness crept back in his heart. He slapped his forehead and turned the music down.
His pov , “is it something in my car? Why does she always doze off whenever we are both alone….i, for one am blabbering non stop about I don’t know what…as she is sleeping like a new born baby.”
Arjun glanced at her and smiled. She was no less than any celestial nymph…….his angel. She was his sunshine, who could make him smile anywhere and anyhow. She was the reason of arjun’s strength…….she was his reason to survive, he knew he had to come back each day to see her smile to hear her talk endlessly. He was determined to make her his….very soon. He snapped out of his thought, ‘hopeless romantic’ he muttered.
Once they reached back home, Arjun called out radhika’s name twice but on finding her in deep slumber. He himself picked her up and took her to his bedroom. He covered her with a blanket, pecked her forehead, gently whispering her a good night. He himself went to neil’s room to sleep.
He was worried for her…he didn’t want her to sleep alone in her apartment . He had decided that she would stay with him until sam returns.

At a different location, a figure stood in dark looking down at the Mumbai traffic from a huge glass window. He was broken from his thoughts when his phone rang. He picked it up at once knowing who it to be and why, “so?”
The caller replied, “she’s in arjun’s apartment with him. Seemed to be asleep when brought. He picked her up and took her inside.”
He spat blood and cancelled the call, “Arjun Mehra, your nemesis has taken a step towards you.”
He walked a couple of steps back and picked up a photo frame, running his fingers on it, he whispered “you’re mine, Radhika.”
Emotional much…huh? ?
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