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Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 10)

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Chapter 10
Arjun got into deep ocean of thought..He couln’t able to figure out who is doing this all with him and his family…He thought it might be his any rivals. He looked at his family..By knowing them would make things more worse he thought..they were already shattered by Jai’s condition.

Radhika noticed changed of color on his face. He was looking hell worried. But for what he was worried because now Jai is improving well. She can’t figure out…She walked to him and placed her hand on his shoulder to come out from thoughts.

He got startled with her touch.

“ What’s wrong Arjun ?? “ She said worriedly.

He grabbed her by shoulder and made her come in one corner.

“Radhika I need you to stay behind Jai’s door until I come back. Don’t move babe and don’t let anyone in. If anything happen and I mean ANYTHING..you just need to ring me…” His tone is dam serious..which frightening her no extent.

“Why are you talking like that???” Radhika was in full tension..She was afraid to hear something bad..

He pulled her into embrace and carefully whisper into his ear if someone saw them they might think they are hugging…
“ I think we are being watched…Someone put Jai in this condition..and I’m going to find out who..Don’t say word or don’t show any expression…I don’t want anyone knowing..nor Nesam or Mom dad….” He said each word carefully.

When Radhika pulled back from the embrace.. She smiled and said “ Ohh Arjun this not time to talk dirty….”
She is so damn good actress..He thought…and smiled back in assurance..

Radhika walked over to the door of Jai’s room and winked in Arjun’s direction..

After two hours….

From the corner of her eye Radhika was scanning the room, carefully watching each and every individual to suspect any sign of who was watching them…

Sonali and Raj were going home..Sonali insisted to Radhika that she should go home with them but she refused

She had promised Arjun..and at any cost she was going to keep it…

Neil too refuses to leave but his blood red eyes and pale skin which shows how badly he needs rest .Sam too got dark bags under eyes due to crying..Radhika somehow convinced them to leave for home..

After all left Radhika scan the whole corridor again. To her left one man with leather jacket reading newspaper. Right in the center couple holding hands and pacifying each other. Next to them one lady was seating wearing sunglasses and scarf wrap around her neck which pulled lightly over chin and mouth.
Who wears sunglasses indoor ?
Radhika got doubt on her.
As hour passes people comes and go.Radhika wants to call Arjun but she scared if he wasn’t in position to pick up the call..She don’t want to call him at wrong time..

When the night comes around, Radhika got call from Sam they are coming in an hour.

She yawns as sleep trying to pull her. She shakes her eyelids to stop them from shutting. She grabs her chair and pulls it by the door and hold door knob in her hand.

Suddenly her face hits the ground with heavy force fast and before she could register anything her chin felt heavy pain.
Someone was dragging her with full force and when she tried to scream her mouth had wrapped around by a hand.

As she kicked him with her free hand they kicked her on ground again..Her vision got blurred to fear but still tried hard loosen the grip of attacker and tried to remove his mask. From corner of her eyes she saw someone was entering into the Jai’s room. She bites hard on the attacker’s hand and screams for help.
She digs her nails into his face and pulled herself back.
Getting on her feet she runs to Jai’s room. As she placed hand on door knob she felt a sharp pain across the side of her stomach. Looking down she found knife stabbed in her stomach..Her head spinned. Attacker makes a run…
By one hand she pushed the door open and crawled to get in but with that knife was digging further in her skin. Her vision got blur.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice and familiar touched

“ Radhikaaaa…stop…..”

She found Arjun trying to grabbed her..

“ Its me….” He said its heart was beating with highest rate by seeing her in pool of blood. A smiled crawled on her face..

“ Arjun…..Save…Jai….” She said catching her breath and got fainted

He screamed loud for help but no one came.

He squeezed her hand “ Sorry babe…”
A tear dropped from his face to her chin…
He felt a heavy pain in his heart seeing her like this.

A doctor came followed by nurses..Arjun lifts radhika and placed her on stretcher. Then ran to the jai’s room.
His heart was pondering with thought of if what he loses her too. Her interview, party dance , their kiss, her antics and her confession all come in front of his eyes . She is his bubble of happiness and if anything happened to her he will left body without soul.

Next day

Arjun was sitting holding Radhika’s hand. He was crying like a kid because she was still unconscious from 12 hour.
She wanted to protect her.But always because of him she was in danger.
Tears leaked from his eyes in continuous stream as he examined her body.Her eyes were closed and her lips were pressed into a grim line.
“ Radhika….My Radhika….” He sobbed and pressed her hand against his chest.

Radhika felt something wet on her hand she opened her eyes..She was coming in her senses slowely. As sudden brightness hurt her eyes and she gasp a little.After adjusting her eye vision she noticed Arjun holding her hand tight and tears streaming down in his face.

She gave a squeezed to his hand and smiled.He pulled his face up and looked at her.

“Thank God” He said as attempt to wipe his tears.

She felt like years passes she hadn’t seen him from so long. But he was who is strong and very much in control..But now he looks devastated and weak.

He cupped her face with his both hands
“ I’m so glad you are okay..I was so sure I’d lost you baby…”

“ I’ am okay Arjun….” She said

He gives a soft kiss on her forehead which gives warmth of secure in her body

“ You don’t even know how worried I was. I shouldn’t have asked you to stay there especially since I knew we were being watched…”

She gave a squeezed to his hand “ Arjun I am fine…Really….I am not going to spare you so easily…” She chucled

As she laughed she felt heavy pain enough to make her scream loud but she didn’t say anything..She knew he would get hell worried and consider himself for her pain.

“ Please Arjun tell me Jai is fine..I saw someone entering into his room…” She said get away from pain

Arjun’s face dropped again which was lightening seeing her.

“I let him down. I couldn’t get there on time.whoever came in pulled the oxygen mask out of his face and stuffed the pillow in his face”

She tried to pull herself up “ What do you mean Arjun?? What happened to Jai??” her heart raced.

She noticed tear oozing from his eyes.

“ He is in coma..” Arjun looked down “ I have failed you both”

Radhika pulled him in hug she knew her words don’t do what her hug her do.

“ You know Radhika..why I cared more about Jai than Neil ??? “ He asked

“ because he is younger brother of yours….” She said

“Yess but he is not my real brother…He is adopted….So I care more about him…” Arjun

Radhika was shocked to the core…

“ Dad had a manager Sahil Khanna. He used to manage all the financial and legal issues of Dad’s company.He was best friend of Dad…He used to came to home often..He is like family..but don’t know what happened..suddenly he turned out to be bad..He did many frauds in company..At first dad ignore it but after when he sold tender secrets to our rivals..Dad gave him to police..and After coming out of the jail he kidnapped me for money as I was 6 year old that time….But as dad informed police..He got killed in encounter..As his wife was dead at time of her delivery dad decided to adopt jai who was sahil’s only child and just 4 year old. So I cared about him lot….as he lost his dad because of me…” Arjun spoke as he has tear in his eyes.

“ You loves him more than real brother..There was not at all your fault…” Radhika pacify him

“But now question is that who did this?” She said

“Yesterday he just made me roamed from one place to another..Its like the real motive is different of attacker than just demanding money..I’m not going to pay him single penny…I’m going to find them and punish them for what they did to you and Jai” He stand up

He takes his phone out from his phone pocket and made call to someone, asked to trace location of some numbers.

He leans and gave kiss on her forehead..

“There’s eight security guards behind your door and eight behind Jai’s..I’ll be coming soon..Take care…” He said and left.

After few hours

When Radhika open the eyes after dozing off for few hours due to heavy medication, she found Arjun standing near her bed. She was about to smile then she noticed blood stains on his shirt. His knuckles are bleeding. His hair is complete mess.

“ What happened? “ she said in worried tone

Arjun replied “ I found that bastard and gave him what he deserved..”

“ How?” She holds her breath.

“I am Arjun Mehra…I have enough power to get what I want” he blinked

“what you did???”

Arjun noticed shock registering on Radhika’s face

“Don’t worry I didn’t killed him but I make him pay. I broke every single bone of his..enough for him to understand to never ever dare lift a finger towards my family…I called police and make him arrest…” He explained
“But jai..Don’t know when he will come out of the coma…” he cringe his face in his palm

“He will arjun….But why he do this ?”

“Money partially and partially he wanted to take my position in business..In business I have many enemies but that bastard took it to another level by targeting my family” Arjun frowned

“All is okay now Arjun…Don’t think much..GO clean yourself” Radhika said

He nods and went to the door and then came retuned

“ I love you damn it…” He whispered in her ear making her blush.

“ I love you too damn it…” She said smiling going crimson.

He pecked her at forehead

“ Take care baby…”

She nods and he left.

Precap : Second deadly attack

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