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Manmarziyan 2 states chap 18

Hloo all i’m back with the comedy ride. I’m over the moon for the comments you guys are giving . So monday we know what will that word will do so only wanted a happy ride of this . So please do comment your views as you like this….

Enjoy the ride….


Saral was about to call radhika. He took is mobile and called her.
A computer voice came ; ur account balance is too low to make a call. He looked at his mobile and the dog outside made a face that was more than enough for his insult. He gulped and gave an angry glare to the dog. It saw him and his glare and it stood up and gave a grave glare and barked He gulped and ran upstairs and closed his room.

Saral ; tam – andha naayukku een enna kanda ivlo kovam varudhu??
eng – why is that dog is in grave angry in me ??
Dog’s mind voice ; dare not give me that look to me again else i will take ur flesh from ur…….. Thigh?? No no not enough of flesh will get well what about stomach. Yuck he eats all junk food. Chest…… Yuck he sweats badly…… Fine let me bite his thigh which will be better for my health and smiles thinking him with bandage in his legs and the way he walks hopping and the dog laughed. Tha tha came out of the dog and he laughed at his tricks.

So now u guys guessed it. Tha tha possessed the dog which was seriously better choice of him and then he taunted whenever saral was about to think of radhika.

Ardhika and nesam were updated by tha tha of his taunting and they will die laughing. But saral was planning to meet radhika the next day.
Saral called from landline.
Radhika ; kon hai ??
Saral ; tam – cone ice ah?? Chellam naa mama pesaren da…
eng – cone ice ah ?? Dear im saral speaking ya……
Radhika was breathing heavily as why that mongoose called her.
Radhika (with frustrated voice) ; enna ?? (what ??)
Saral jerked in his seat because of her tone.
Saral ; he he he
tam – chellam nalaikku unna veliya kutitu polamnu iruken da adhan kekalamennu…….
eng – dear tomo i want u to take u oitside. Thats y wanted to ask u……..
Radhika thought best way to make him scared as he does not know hindi, new city ha ha ha a devil replica of radhika painted red head having horns a tail and hand with trishool that too red. (guys do u all remember tom and jerry when they want to taunt each other there would be a devil and an angle. Im not using angle because radhika herself is angle adadaaa kavidha kavidha (waa kavitha kavitha)…….

She smiled and sang a jingle ; u and i in this beautiful world. Saral disconnected the call and shook his body as if he was getting electrical shock.
Radhika blasted in laugh and rolled ver the floor.
Sam ; oye madam what happened ??
Radhika ; saral called me and said ge wants me to take outside.
Neil ; what did u say ??
Radhika ; I said yes coz that’s the best way to make him run.
Arjun saw her lying over the floor and laughing was looking at her.
Radhika ; arjun katappa called. Katappa is the nick name for saral. Donno y they kept the name but they fixed katappa.
Arjun ; ennadhu (what……)
Radhika who saw arjun’s face was laughing like hell by pointing at his face. Nesam who saw that too joined her. Then arjun too smiled and sat on the floor pulled her and said “ok what he said???”
Sam ; he asked ur girlfriend to come out …..
Neil ; she said yes.
Arjun ; so what plan is this girl has ??
Radhika ; super u found out . Yes i have a plan and the plan is ………. Back ground music pink panther’s music. (now dont ask me why the plan was not written as that was their plan and they did not even say that to me so im restricted to say that to u).
All the 5 (tha tha of course) nodded.
Radhika ; tam – therikka vidalama……
eng – shall we make the blast………

All nodded with a wicked smile in their face and tha tha laughed big and banged the screen……..

Next day…….

Saral mother called him. She was a hindi serial addict dont think that she will see that in tamil dubbed version. But for her she wants her son’s marriage in north indian style.
So she called him . Hmm she was like an over acting mother character. Imagine anyone who comes to u…..

Meena (saral’s mother) ; saral ohh beta how r u ??
Saral ; tam – ippo endha serial paatha effect ??
eng – why is the reaction ?? Which serial did u see ??
Meena ; nahi beta ……
Saral ; tam – beta enga ma tharanga ?? Ella verum soru dhan.
eng – who is giving me beta only food…..

Beta tam meaning daily wages for drivers, in hindi means son.

Meena banged her head for his stupid reply. She cut the call. Saral saw the phone and said “kudumbamey loosah ??” (is the total family loose ???).

Radhika texted him to come by bike and to the hyper city mall.

He changed his dress with light green shirt and pink pant. He stepped down and a stray dog which was going that side saw him. He died the next second. His uncle saw that and he shouted ; tam – ada nasama poravaney unnoda dressah pathu naaye sethupochu da.
eng – you stupid hell the dog died seeing ur dress.
Saral ; ha haaaa haaaa (rajini style laugh) magizhchi…. (happy) Think the way rajni kant will say in kabali style.

He goes to the hyper city mall and was looking at it wuth open mouth . Suddenly a house fly entered his mouth and saw his cavities and thought worst mouth ever and came out and inhaled some pure air.

Arjun came with nesam and radhika in a big car. Saral saw the car and saw sam sitting he saw her and his jaw dropped the way she came out . High heels with max knee level dress. He stepped his foot front towards sam but neil twisted her hand and slowly he wrapped her hand over his waist like a bond slowly wrapping his hand over his bond lady for the mission. Then she steeped down. Radhika she was looking damn gorgeous then he stepped out………. Arjun like a………. Use any words to explain his charms. Then tha tha stepped out with his ghost wife. Saral was just followed them like the Vodafone pug dog. Now u remember what she sung u and i in this beautiful world….

Saral stepped inside the mall. Immediately neil came from other side and took the petrol from the bike. He made the tank empty and kicked the bike for 2 to 3 times as he saw the way sam and radhika.
Neil (spoke while kicking the bike) ; saley………radhika and sam ……. Kill u damn it. And the bike head turned towards him and was speaking to him like what did i do to u??
Neil ; sry bro……

Saral called radhika and she attended the call.
Radhika ; mama…….. Saral was in moon when she called mama.
Saral ; chellam i want to meet u now……
Radhika ; turn back.
Saral turned and she smiled at him. Arjun amd nesam were buring looking at the way he was flirtling with radhika. Radhika slowly walked towards him and said ; mama nee mattum chennaikku poi oru velaya pathenna naan inga padichu mudichuttu anga vandhuduven appa dhane namma kalyanatha pathi amma kitta pesa mudiyum ??
Eng – Mama if u go to chennai and find a job there and i will also finish my studies here and then we will speak about the marriage….. Saral was showing his 32 teeth she twisted him and said after marriage dear. She started from there and he was jumping in happiness.
Saral ; radhika pakkava ??? Radhika who was walking just smiled at him and when she turned her face changed.
Radhika ; tam – poda pooo……
eng – go yaar go…..
They came out as they had pther plans to do and when saral took the bike and he was kicking, kicking and kicking…..
Bike ; hmm he was also kicking u r also kicking. What wrong did i do ??
Saral was kicking and saw radhika waving her hand and she turned and said ; matna da mavaney….means pakdgaye saaley….

She said he will leave to chennai… All shouted and they all went to the other place and enjoyed the time.

Precap – saral to chennai…. Collage starts and masti starts….

So thats it for today guys. Do you all like that ?? Wasit big enough ?? Do comment ur views. love u all ….. stay blessed and always smile……

I’m Sv the die hard fan of Mahabharat and Manmarziyan

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