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Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 1)

Thanks for commenting and supporting guys.. Well entry of main characters will be shown later.

The story starts with the sight of a mansion written ‘MEHRAS’, where a lady in her late forty’s is packing the luggage of her husband and hers and texting to someone on phone. Lady ‘ Anu you are going to Mumbai after 13 years dear, always stay with your guards and do visit your mom once she is dying to see you. She’ll be coming to the airport to receive you pls go with her, she wasn’t the reason…’. She presses the send button and turns to see her husband looking at a photo with a smile caressing it. Lady ‘ Advaith , you have seen her just yesterday and you are already missing her??’. Advaith’ Poornima, I just can’t imagine, how fast my daughter grew up and now she is married for 15days.. Its just like she was born few days before.. My only daughter has got married. To a good man I must say though….’ Poornima(to change the emotional scene still having tears of happiness in her eyes)’ she is my daughter too’. Advaith’ I see I’ll take care of you later.. I need to visit my daughter first.. huh( moving out turning his face to the other side). Poornima smiled at his act and went to dress up to visit her daughter. ( fine let her get ready anyways we females are got to look beautiful, never mind wherever you go)


There is another mansion around 2kms away from MEHRA MANSION, named ‘SHARMAS’ where we get to see a girl running away from her mother-in-law who is chasing her with a plate of food in her hand. Mother-in-law: Anu please have some and go I need to pack your bags too. I have many works plssss. Anu: noway mumma you are asking me to have few more rotis I’m all full. Now there enters another man: Sadhana leave my child if she doesn’t want to eat. She even need to visit hospitals before mehras arrival. Sadhana: rajiv you just shut up go and get the car out for her to move. While they were cursing and scolding eachother anu went out bidding bye to them. Sadhana: what is the need to always put in your nose in all the matters.. idiot. She turned and went away. Rajiv: I am not idiot huh…!! He sat working with his laptop.

Anu went to her car which has ANVITHA MEHRA imprinted on it. ( so here is the lady legend entry of my story). She sat and drove off to Sharma hospitals. She enters the hospital and everyone greets her and greets them with asmile on her face that doesn’t reach her eyes. She gets into a cabin with a head board written ABHINAV SHARMA on it. She greets him with an expressionless face and gets seated in front of him. He smiles at her.
Anu: I need to meet dad.
Abhi: ofcourse but you need to befriend me before that( with an exited voice)
Anu: see Mr. Sharma I’m in no mood to fight with you I need to meet dad that’s it.
Abhi: I’m sorry Mrs. Sharma I can’t help it. ( slowly tears start forming in her eyes and abhi senses it)
Abhi: (gets up fom his chair and motions towards her) I’m sorry pls don’t cry see even I’m coming to Mumbai with you… sorry yaar..
Anu: (smirks) that’s a good option, fine come I need to visit dad.
They enter a special ward. There a patient is seen with oxygen mask on his face many wires attached to his body, closing his eyes. There is no movement from the person. Both abhi and anu enter the ward and anu is shown crying and tears fail to stop from her eyes. She says: dad its been 13 years you spoke to us. I’m searching him from 13 years still I’m not able to locate him. My heart says he is alive. I’m moving to Mumbai with a hope that I may come across him pls bless me…..bye..
Abhi just stood there without speaking anything watching his wife with lil tears in his eyes… they both came out of the ward……

Who is anu? Who is the patient? Why did she call the patient dad? If he is her dad then whom did advaith refer to as his daughter? and who is the person whom anu is searching for? Any guesses??? If no then stay tuned to know,pls let me know how you felt and pls comment.. good or bad accepted and suggestions accepted…….

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