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Hello everyone.. I read through all your comments… I am not going to stop this ff dears.. as your all wish…
So let’s move on to story…
Bulbul: I will inform maa.. now..
Dadi… : let’s leave now.. they must spend some time.. all leaves… abhi closed the door.. pragya tried to get up… fuggi where are you going? Take some rest now… tinkus no need of that I am perfectly fine.. fuggi… obey my order you take rest now… k tinkus… abhi and pragya sits on bed and take her hand.. fuggi.. I am really happy today.. I am going to become a father… now my fuggi is going to be mom of two naughties. What two?? Haa fuggi me and my little fuggi… no tinkus.. I need a little rockstar… no fuggi… I need a little fuggi who is almost like you.. she may smile like u.. talk like u.. love like u… always blushes like you… ohoo then tinkus.. when little fuggi came into our.. life then you don’t need me na.. u don’t miss me na… so fuggi are u feel jealous to your own child… you don’t like to share my love with anyone other than you.. right? tinkus I don’t mean so… k then tell me what you mean? Tinkus… don’t question me… why.. fuggi… u don’t have answer na… tinkus… don’t tease me… jealously fuggi… fuggi is jealous… pragya get iriked… haa I am jealous… even to my child.. because I love you that… I can’t see anyone loving and caring you… ( tu se hi plays) so you agree… haa I agreed… he hugs her… fuggi… what do you want?.. me… I don’t want anything… now.. if you are with me.. that’s the best gift for me…
Days passed…
Abhi come to room.. pragya is ironing his clothes..
Abhi : fuggi what are you doing… don’t you knew what doctors said.. you need rest now.. I will do it..
Tinkus.. what doctors meant that don’t do some difficult works.. ohoo so fuggi.. you become doctor right.. you knew everything about pregnancy..
Ohoo tinkus… right.. I don’t knew.. you are too Much experienced right.. abhi : haa… I knew everything… fuggi I have brought some one.. he opens a paper roll its photo of a baby.. he pasted it on wall..
Such a cute baby hain naa.. tinkus..
Abhi : ya.. we both have such a pretty girl..
Pra: girl.. no I need my rock star.. who is naughty.. kadoos.. bhudhus..
Ab: ohoo fuggi.. you need to scold me.. na.. fuggi tomorrow we need to go for first scan..
Pragya : haa.. maa called me.. we both go for it..
Ab: what… no we will go.. no need of maa…
Pra: no tinkus.. don’t you remember tomorrow’s meeting
Ab: I will tell purab to cancel it..
Pr: tinkus.. nowadays u are not interested in your work…
Ab: Haa I knew it… there is nothing for me… greater than you and our baby..
Next morning…
Pra: dadi we are going for checkup..
Dadi: k pragya… after that call me..
They leaves..
Doctor : abhi.. there is a good news to both of you.. you have twins..
Abhi: what twins.. and look at pragya
Doctor : haa.. but you both must take too much care… in her food… duties..
Ab: haa doctor.. I will take care of it.. I will do everything as you told.. they leaves and reached home.. all are there..
Bul: pragya aagayi..
Sarla: pragya.. what doctors said.. is everything k.. is baby fine..
Pra: haa maa everything is fine.. there is no need of tension…
Abhi : but there is one thing
Dadi:is any problems..
Abhi :haa dadi.. our baby…we have twins..
Aliya : twins..
Abhi, haa aliya….
Vijay: congrats abhi..
Purab: so one will be little rock star and other will be little fuggi.. all laughs.. abhi and pragya looks at each other..
Tanu; abhi so we need a party..
Abhi: of course… you may decide where when..
Nikhil: k…
Scene shifted to hospital..
All family members are waiting at in front of operation theater…
Purab: abhi.. no need to worry everything will be fine…
Abhi is so tensed..
Sarla: bulbul.. I don’t knew some bad feelings
Dadi” :no need to worry sarlaji…
Nurses come out
Who is pragya ki husband…
Ya it’s me..
We need your signature.. pragya bp is getting down.. immediate surgery is needed.. abhi signed paper

Everyone prayed to god… abhi is very tensed… with wet tears…
Episode ends… sorry for short episode… tomorrow I will comeback with long one… and thanks everyone for your support… and suspense and twist are still waiting for you all..


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