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LakRagSan [email protected] – A Journey to Past Birth

Recap : episode 5

Sanskar went to his room and closed the door, “What is happening to me, when I go near Ragini or when I see her”


His inner voice replied him, “You are in love with her”

Sanskar murmured, “No this can’t happen, she is my best friend’s sister”

Inner voice replied, “Lucky will be happy, don’t think much and try to over control your heart, even if u do so, it will overpower you some day”

Sanskar came out of his thoughts when he heard some footsteps near his room. He peeped out of his window to find out who it was, his mother along with Raagu are nearing his room with packets of colour water and they were giggling. His thoughts ran out remembering what happened to him on Holi… RagLak came to his room early in the morning and drenched him fully with colours who was sleeping peacefully.

Ragini would never miss a chance to utilise it on Sanskar. She can live without eating anything but there wont be a day where she can stay without irritating him. There was a time when Sanskar used to be discomfort with her behaviour, but with the passing time he understood that she is the gem at heart, the only one whom she used to irritate was its him, and the reason behind it is unknown.

Lucky asked her many times the reason for her behaviour, she would never have a proper answer. In these years her fear has not evaporated, she has some inbuilt feeling created in her that Sanskar would take away Lucky from her, even she don’t know the reason. SanLak tried a lot to make her believe, but no one knew what was the final output.

Sanskar observed that from few months his attitude towards Ragini has totally changed, he would find out ways to talk with her, her presence would automatically bring a smile on his face. He had never bothered for her after the incident where he locked Raagu in a dark room. He used to be very careful that he would stay away from her, he used to hangout with her only in Lucky’s presence.

He never tried to realise what was the change in him till today when he pinned her to wall, but now he understood that he has fallen in love with her, this brought a smile on his lips. Still something was bothering him, was he right to take advantage of his friendship. His thoughts were disturbed by a knock on his door, a fear started in his heart, Raagu when comes along with his mother, both would become very mischievous. Sujatha would always support Raagu, his parents believe her more than him. More than Sumi, Raagu has become best buddy to Sujatha, a special bond was formed between them.

He came out of his thoughts as Sujatha screamed out, he was afraid but something stopped him and he peeped out of window to confirm if his mother was writhing in pain or it was a planned act. His eyes were widened looking at his mom, she was on steps nearby to his room, screaming in pain and Ragini was massaging her leg and consoling her. Sanskar without a second thought opened the doors and was about to run, when something hit him and he was totally drenched.

Ragini and Sujatha laughed looking at him, Sujatha exclaimed, “I am your Maa and I know how you would come out”

Sanskar exclaimed, “This girl has made you crazy, you don’t know how I was frightened when I saw you crying”.

Ragini and Sujatha felt bad as it hurts his feelings, both of them went to him, when Sanskar grabbed 2 water packets from the plate and threw on them saying tit for tat and he ran on to the terrace. Ragini followed him with handful of water packets. Sujatha smiled looking at their antics and she went back to her room.

Ragini ran behind Sanskar when he got on to the Water tank, she followed him and due to slippery surface both of them fell in the water tank on one another. Sanskar gazed into her eyes who was above him. She was trying to get up but in vain, but he was completely lost in her.

Ragini screamed out, “Are you planning to sleep in this water, we will catch cold common get up”, and she tried to pull him but she again fell on him. This time she observed that Sanskar was lost in thoughts, so she pinched him and cried out, “Day dreaming about anything!!!” and she got up and pulled Sanskar along with her.

After getting freshen up Ragini called up Lucky to ask till where they have reached. Sanskar saw that tears were escaping from her eyes while talking on phone, he understood that it is Lucky and she is missing him badly. As far as he knew, this is the first time she has to stay away from Lucky, many times Sumi and Sekhar used to leave RagLak at Sanskar’s home and go to their native along with Dadaji and Dadi but never without Lucky. He knows that RagLak bonding is on the top when coming to either Ragini or Lucky both of their Love for each other is eternal. He knew that Raagu can’t stay without Lucky even for a minute, so he is trying to run behind her all the time though he knows that would make his heart more weak in front of her. All that matter him is just Ragini now as he has promised his best buddy that he would take a complete care of her in his absence.

Sanskar entered the room and took the phone from her and said, “Lucky I told you na she can’t stay even for a minute, now you have lost your bet”

Ragini exclaimed, “Which bet?? You people have not told me”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Lucky and me had a small bet about you, I said that you can’t stay without and would cry for him and he said that you can stay without him”

Lucky who was on call exclaimed, “Raagu I think I have to loose now”

Ragini exclaimed, “Why will you loose??? I would never let you loose” and she wiped her tears and after sometime they hanged the phone.

Sanskar knew that it was difficult for Ragini to hide her tears, he just came to her and handed a kerchief to her. She immediately took it from him and wiped her moistened eyes. Sanskar looked at her with utmost care who was sitting on a sofa. He kneeled down on the floor taking Ragini’s both hands in his and exclaimed, “Raagu I know you are worried, Lucky is a combination of both your mother and father to you, but sometimes we have to get used to the situation. Maa is here so why are you worried. Dad can get anything for you if you just ask him”

Ragini nodded her head in agreement with tears rolling down her eyes. He gently took the kerchief from her and wiped her tears and said, “Lucky would not be happy if he comes to know that you are crying and he would immediately come back, do you want that”

Ragini whispered, “No Sanky, Mamma and papa had a mannat for Lucky so I can’t upset their emotions”

Sanskar replied, “So shall we go home, Maa has prepared your favourite paneer mutter” and was about to leave Ragini’s hand when she took hold of his and exclaimed, “Please for few mins till I feel better”.

An automatic smile came on his lips, he knew that he is 2nd most important boy in her life after Lucky though she irritates him, but he don’t want to let his feelings shown to her as he is afraid if it is just infatuation and would ruin his friendship with Lucky too. Sanskar understood that still she has not come out of the mood and so he screamed, “Lizard on your back”

Ragini instantly got onto the sofa and was jumping. Sanskar started to laugh looking at her and she understood that he made her a fool and she ran behind him and when she entered Sanskar’s house, a kind of aroma that dragged her into the kitchen. Ragini exclaimed, “Paneer mutter masala”

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