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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 66

The episode starts with a leap of 7 years.

Dev comes home,in his usual clothes..from office..
Dev:Ma I’m home!!!Arnav!!!suman!!shravan!!
Suman and shravan’s kid-arnav.
Dev:hey my little champ!!!give me a 5!
Arnav gives a 5 and dev carries him and goes to the kitchen..
Ishwari turns..yes ishwari is really strong now and is working in the kitchen.
Dev:Ma,aap dinner lagadenge pls!
Ishwari:ha beta!!haath mu dhookar fatafat aaja!
Dev:teke Ma!!
Arnav:daadi!!i don’t want to go far from chaachu..
Ishwari:arae beta,tu ek kaam kar..mumma ke paas jao..chaachu ko freshen up hokar khaana khaana hai.waqt se khaana chaiye na..


Arnav is 6 years old btw..
Arnav:no daadi!!mumma will scold me!!
Ishwari:no beta…
Dev:acha champ..I will talk to mumma..and she will not scold you..deal?
Arnav:deal chaachu!
Dev goes up to suman and shravan’s room.
Sumo:yup bhai what’s up?
Dev:sumo ur scolding arnav?
Sumo:ya dev!u don’t know what he did!he put salt in shravan’s toothpaste..
Dev laughs…
Sumo:ur finding it funny?rukh tere ko kardetihu..
Dev:sumo tumi ekdum imposible..tum usse monitor kardo na!!
Sumo:wo line sona bhabhi kehethithi..
Dev:tumi ekdum impossible..
Dev remembers all the memories that Sona said tumi ekdum impossible..
Dev goes to his room..
Sona is sleeping there….Dev goes and caresses her hair.
Sona:dev,tu agaya?acha khalethethain..
Dev:tum abhi tak nehe khaaya?
Sona:tumse pehele maine khaaya kya?

Dev:sona…acha aaja khilathihu rukh khaana lagathihu
Sona:dev.*holds his hand*


Dev:kya Hua?
Sona:u know ur imagining me right?you don’t
need to bring me food Jaan..

Dev realises that he is imagining Sona and he cries..he is all alone after Sona..Sona died..but
he was getting engaged to bhoomi in a few
days..and and..his lonliness was being completed..but he could never forget his first
love.. Sonakshi..

After a few days.
Decoration is going on for dev’s engagement with Priya.the girl side come in the house and ishwari welcomes them traditionally.
Ishwari:aiye..ao beta…
As the ring ceremony is going on..Priya happily slots the ring into dev’s finger but dev sees Sona in Priya and is shocked…he is halfway through the adorning of the ring when he remembers the moments with Sona..he then imagines Sona.
Sona:dev,Priya is a good girl…she is my choice..I sent her for you..because I know she is perfect for u..better than me..trust me..
Dev:Sona,no one is better than you..but if u insist,I’m marrying Priya for you..please come back Sona!
Sona:dev,you know I can’t..
As she says this she dissappears..
Dev comes into his senses and adorns the ring..
Suman:ruko…ring nikaalo dev..abhi..
Dev:sumo?what r u saying?
Suman:I know what I’m doing …u just don’t realise dev..Sona dii was made for u..and she is always made for you..u can never be someone else’s..I’m sorry Priya..I’m sorry Uncle-Aunty..Priya can’t marry dev..
Anurag raghuvanshi(priya’s dad):how dare you!what riduculuous thing is this dev?
Dev:I support my Sister in law..pls leave..
Priya:dev?r u serious here?*teary eyed*
Dev:I’m sorry Priya..I just can’t help it..I love someone else..
Priya:who is not even alive?what the hell?
Dev slaps Priya..
Dev:don’t u dare talk about Sona like that..she may not be physically present..but she was in my heart,she is in my heart..and she will be in my heart..no matter what..
Priya:whatever!Priya throws her ring on the floor..
Everyone leaves.
Ishwari:suman!yeh tumne kya kiya bache?
Dev:teek kiya Ma…Sona se abhi bhi bohot pyaar karthihu…main kisi aur ka kese bansakthahu..
Ishwari:teek kaha beta..agar bhagwaan pe vishwaas Ho..teri Sona miljayegi..

Precap:dev prays after 27 years…Ishwari is elated to see that..

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