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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Ishwari decides to go out with mamaji and Garib ki beti Radha. Garib ki beti Radha tells Ishwari that she does not have any good saris. Ishwari gives her sari. Garib ki beti’s eyes widen in greed and accepts it. Sona brings dinner for Ishwari. Ishwari angrily asks her to keep it and go, she is not hungry. Garib ki beti asks if she can try. Ishwari looks at her angirly. Mamaji watches Ishwari’s anger towards Sona from a distance.


At Sona’s house, Asha sees Bejoy tensed and asks what happened. He says his laughter club friend’s son is shifting to Mumbai on wife’s insistence, so his friend is very tensed. Asha says this is bad. He asks her to speak to his friend’s bahu. Asha asks how can she. Daadi says she helps everyone, so

should help Bejoy’s friend also.

Dev returns home tired and weak. Sona touches his hand and feels fever. She takes him to his room and makes him sleep on bed. He holds her hand and asks not to go away from him. She calls Ishwari and informs that Dev got high fever.

At Sona’s house, Sourav is busy on laptop. Elena insists to help her. He says no. She then asks Asha to help. Daadi comments Asha helps everyone. Elena says she needs Qutub minar’s pics in different angles durnig sunrise as college project. Asha walks away.

Sona continues serving Dev and calls doc. Doc treats Dev. Ishwari rushes home. Doc says he gave medicine to Dev and his fever is subsiding slowly, if it does not subside completely, they will get some lab tests. Ishwari asks Sona to go home as it is late now and she has come back. Sona says cold water compress. Ishwari says she knows how to take care of his and asks her to go. Sona leaves sadly.

Sona goes home and eagerly waits for Dev’s call. Elena asks her to sleep as Dev and even Ishwari must have sound asleep. Sona looks at mobile phone eagerly.

Ishwari holds Dev’s hand and pampers him. He in high fever asks her not to leave him alone. She says where will she go. He says don’t leave me alone Sona. Ishwari is shocked to hear that and realizes even Dev is in deep love. She goes into flashback where Dev says he cannot live without his mother. Dev’s phone rings. Ishwari thinks it must be Sona and picks calls hesitantly. Dev’s client speaks. Sona goes into deep thought.

Precap: Ishwari sees Sona in kitchen and asks what is she doing. Sona says she is preparing tea for Mr. Dixit. Ishwari says she already told her to take care of her and not her children and asks her to not go to Dev’s room and disturb him.

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