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KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 15

Hey guys..how r u all. U must b thinking na, kitni besharam (shameless) h, itni late h n hi to aise bol rhi h Jaise party krne aayi h. Sorry guys, actually I hv many reasons 4 being late.. first of all, my fast. I had a fast in which no food n no water from first day 12 midnight to third day sunrise, so 30 hrs..gosh!! Then, my tuition n homework..n above dat, I had 2 post my other ff also – TEI family. I had 2 think a lot for writing dat ff’s episode, so I got vry late. So plzz try n forgive me. Ok so guys, I think dat many ffs which I read, their writers don’t read my ff, so they don’t know dat I comment on their ffs. Jst dat they’ll get 2 read my comments, if they read my ff. But, no problem..I acknowledge u all who read n comment too..so thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx..I’m glad to hv frnds like u.
Ok, so my comments for all d awesome ffs :-
Pyaar ki kahaani..by Angell – ohh good news!! D episodes were cute..
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi ff..by Mariah – I jst hope dat d police arrests Radha Rani n her chapter is over.
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang)..by Nishi – plzz bring back Sona..plzz
Kya maa manengi..by simplesweety1 – Ishwari agar itna sochegi to pagal ho jaegi..hehe..N d promo was superb.. waiting 4 episode..
Jodiyaan..by Fati – hahahahaha..I jst can’t stop laughing yaar!! Devman to phir bhi itna funny nhi h but preevan n espclly pushakshi r hilarious..anyways, it’s like a multi starred comedy film..
My love- a fan fiction..by Dimple – WOW!! Blooming love..I jst hope Dev n Sona realise it soon n confess soon too.. n I’m happy for Varun n Elena (Elevar).
Where is DevShi..by HarSHaN – WOW!! U always come up wid a new concept. Hats off!!
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi OS..by Habiba – Awesome one. Make it few shots instead of OS.
Devakshi – break ke baad..by 4Nshika – Always I read d precap n had so many guesses in my mind, but u always proved me wrong n had some new n interesting stuff. U’re unpredictable. But, thank god, finally Devakshi can meet atleast.
EVERY RELATIONSHIP HAS IT’S COLOUR..by Pinky – awesome promo n I’m waiting 4 d forthcoming episodes.
PYAAR KA RANG AUR NAAM..by SAAGA – Awesome..but no Devakshi scenes..y??
Ishq f(o)re(ver)..by DevSona – Hehe..jealous Dev!!
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi ff (FUNNY AND ROMANTIC)..by Esme – it was funny n romantic indeed.
Kuch rang pyar ke ek duje ke vaaste.. by Fatarajo – superb episode..I think sumo is pregnant. Your episodes r always worth waiting coz u write fab episodes. Happy dat u extended your ff till 20 episodes. Waiting for 1st August.
KRPKAB ff..by Tina – superb start..all d best..
Ok guys, so now let’s start d episode..

RECAP: dev n Ishwari come 2 Bose house at 10 in d morning. Sona is tensed.


Episode 15
I: actually Asha ji, Bijoy ji.. I wanted 2 talk 2 u.. it’s regarding nutrition.. I mean Sonakshi.
A: it’s okay. U call her nutrition only. She likes it when u call her nutrition.
I: but from now onwards, she’s not my nutrition any more.
Asha n Bijoy r shocked, n so is Elena. She goes to Sona’s room.
E: Sona..Sona..Sona..(shouting)
S: wat happened?? Y r u shouting?? Is everything fine??
E: wo..actually..Ishwari..Ishwari aunty is..(breathing heavily)
S: wat happened 2 aunty ji??
E: u come wid me..
Sona n Elena rush downstairs.
S: wat happened 2 aunty ji??
D: maa is fine.
S: then, y did Elena call me so urgently?
B: shona beta, Ishwari ji does not want u as her nutritionist, anymore.
Sona is shocked. Tears form in her eyes.
S: but y aunty ji? Did I do any mistake?
Tears flow from her eyes. She turns 2 other side n wipes her tears n then again looks at Ishwari.
I: wo..actually..nutrition..I mean Sona
S: no aunty, u call me nutrition. So wat if I’ll no more b your nutritionist, u can always call me nutrition.
She cries.
S: wo..I need to make some important phone call.
She was going towards her room, but Dev holds her hand n stops her. She closes her eyes n now tears flow like falls.
S: Mr Dixit, I hv some important work.
D: atleast listen to wat maa is saying.
She turns n stands there, but looking down. She does not make eye contact wid anyone, so dat they cannot see her tears.
I: u said right Sona. Wat if you’re not my nutritionist anymore, but I can always call u nutrition. But when ppl will ask me my daughter in law’s name, wat will I tell to them, dat u’re Mrs nutrition Dev Dixit!!
All giggle while Sona looks up n is confused.
I: offo, u still didn’t understand. I want u 2 b my DIL, not nutritionist.
All smile. Elena comes n hugs Sona. Sona does not hug her back, coz she still cud not believe her ears.
S: then, all this..
E: Sona, there’s a word called prank.
S: so u all were involved in dis prank!! Even aunty ji!!
D: yes..in fact, it was maa n Nikki’s plan.
S: aunty ji n Nikki!!
I: yes beta. N look at your face, u r soo scared.
S: I almost died..
E: so wat, u didn’t die na..so chill
S: maa, baba, u also knew everything?
A: ya, Ishwari ji told us everything today itself.
B: yes, when Elena had gone to call u Ishwari ji told us everything.
S: accha, n wat abt u Elena??
E: your Dev Babu told me.
S: shut up..n Mr Dixit u..u made my whole family conspire against me??
D: aren’t they anything to me? Aren’t they my family now?
E: not so soon Dev Babu..till now u’re not engaged to Sona.
I: so let’s do dat asap. if Asha ji n Bijoy ji don’t hv any problem, v can call d priest tomorrow at our house n finalise d engagement date.
B: sure Mrs dixit.

All r happy. Screen freezes on Dev n Sona’s smiling faces.

PRECAP: Dev n Sona’s engagement date fixed. Khullam khulla pyaar..

Guys, Bas itna hi likh paungi.. abhi to thanx bolts bhi baki h..so I want to thank simplesweety1, Shreyansh, Naina, Asmita, Maria, Madhuri, Sumaiya Sumi, Riya, Bhoomi, 4Nshika, Erika, AYUSHI, Fatarajo n Benish. But guys, phir se less than 20 comments..plzz dont do dis to me guys..n ya Asmita I’m sorry if u missed your sandwiches.hehe.

Credit to: Aaru

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