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Kon hai jo sapno mein jo aya (promo 2)

Guys here’s my second promo.

Somu says to latha: Aunty ji …suhani is so lucky to have all the guys behind her . There r many proposals for her but she is not ready to marry….
Lata: somya beta since u r Suhani’s childhood friend, can u pls ask Suhani why is she rejecting such good proposals …
Somya: ok aunty ji… I will ask her


The scene then shifts to Suhani’s room where somya sees her lighting diya.
Somya: suhani every night u light a diya…why do u do so
Suhani: so that my unfulfilled wish becomes true…
Somya:what’s your unfulfilled wish?
Suhani: I get strange dreams about a person who’s face I have never seen …I only see his charming smile by which my heartbeat increases. Who’s eyes r filled with love for me….yet i dont know him and I have never seen his entire face .
Somya: oho…so this is the reason for u to reject such proposals…(suhani nods)

In a different scene at night Suhani is seen in a black lahenga with a veil on her face which covers her face but just her eyes r seen and she is running from some goons when yuvi passing by sees all this .

He beats the goons and sees suhanj hiding in an old haveli…he follows her and on the way her anklet falls down and he sees her anklet there. He goes to return it to her but he doesn’t see her, he steps back and bumps with her . As suhani was about to fall he held her by the waist and they have an intense eyelock. Yuvi still didn’t see Suhani’s face and they both spend a long time in that position.

So guys this is the second promo…there is going to be a twist in this tale that will be revealed in the 3rd promo….pls comment below about the second promo and your guess about the twist.

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