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Kon hai jo sapno mein jo aya (promo 1)

hi everyone this is Sanaa and i’m starting my another ff name Kyon hai jo sapno mein jo aya. i hope u guys will support me like u did in my previous ff. So lets start the promo

yuvi saya to sharad: sharad u know i get strange dreams about a girl whose smile makes my day, whose eyes are brighter than the stars at night but i dont know her and have never seen her face…
Sharad: guruu…maybe u saw her but u dont remember her…
Yuvi: no , i never saw her…he is my dream girl( he smiles)


The scene then shifts near a crowded place where a girl in light blue anarkali is walking past a crowd to get the bus but she misses it.yes she is none other than our pretty Suhani
Suhani: i missed the bus today also…never mind , i will buy some flowers for mamma …(yuvi is also one among the crowd when he sees suhani’s back but didn’t see her face..suhani walks towars he small flower shop to get flowers when she drops her handkerchief …yuvi sees it and rushes to give it to her and just then her dupatta’s end gets stuck with yuvi’s bracelet …yuvi tells her that but she is not able to listen due to the noise of the vehicle. he too then follows her to the flower shop and the both enter still suhani being unaware of his presence behind her.)

yuvi: hey ..excuse me..( the floor of the flower shop was wet as the cleaner cleaned it. yuvi slips and bumps onto suhani as the flower petals fall on them from the top from a heart shaped baloon. they have an intense eye lock with yuvi being mesmerised by her beauty.)

So guys what do u think about the 1st promo? drop in your comments to let me know.

Credit to: Sanaa

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