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Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 17

Episode 17

Fuggi was gone….
Abhi thought to himself, as he stood in the balcony of his room, the night before his wedding.
She hadn’t even been gone for two full days…yet Abhi was missing her like crazy!
After their fight in his room, two weeks ago, he’d gone straight to Dadi to ask her not to permit Fuggi to leave.
But Dadi had made him see that, just as he was beginning a new life with Tanu…even Fuggi needed her own life.
As much as he wanted her to stay…he couldn’t keep her here forever. Dadi’s words had made him see the situation in a different light.
Ever since Tanu came back to his life…he had been so wrapped up in his own world that he hadn’t spent much time with Fuggi…
When was the last time he’d actually had a full conversation with her…one that didn’t involve fighting…?
Eventually…even though he didn’t want to…he knew he had to let her go.


It had been really tough seeing her leave.

She hadn’t even wanted him to take her to the airport.
Instead, Purab had taken her.

Ever since the day Fuggi came to live with them, they had hardly spent much time apart…except for the latter years when he had to go abroad for his concerts and Fuggi was busy with work and couldn’t accompany him….and when he spent time with Tanu. Fuggi had been there for almost all the important events in his life.

He had shared all his happiness with her… all his sorrows…and she’d shared her happiest moments with him… His mind wandered back to night of the dance… a perfect night, he thought….until Fuggi had refused to discuss what had almost happened between them.
He’d gone over that night a million times in his head since then…and what could have been…
Then he remembered the connection he’d felt when he’d “kissed Tanu” and realized he couldn’t ignore that either. He’d never kissed Tanu again after that night…he’d never really gotten an opportunity to….
She’d left soon after and when she returned about a year ago, there had been so many distractions and disturbances that he’d decided to wait until they were married.
His thoughts reverted naturally back to Fuggi.
She was such a big part of his life…how would he cope without her?
He could understand that she wanted a life of her own….but Canada?
Wasn’t that a little drastic?
He wondered if he would ever see her again….
Unknown to him, Pragya was still in India….she had missed her flight!
When she’d gotten there, the plane had already taken off!
Pragya couldn’t believe this!
She and Purab had left home a little earlier… but they weren’t prepared for level of traffic that had awaited them. Apparently, an accident had caused the massive traffic pile up. She had tried to get another flight out…but all were already fully booked and the next one she could get was four days later. What?! Pragya thought. Four days later?!
Purab who was standing next to her said, “Di calm down! We will just return in four days…although if you ask me, I think that’s a sign you shouldn’t be going in the first place.”
“Not again, Purab” she warned.
“I can’t wait four days! I start work on Monday! I have to called them and let them know I’ve missed my flight.” she said. “Look Di, why don’t I take you back and then you can call them once you’re home.”
Go home? No way! Pragya thought.
“I’m not going back” she said.
“I can’t go back there” she said. “It was hard enough leaving the first time. I don’t think I can do it again!” “What do you suggest we do” Purab inquired.
“I’ll just stay at a hotel until it’s time for my flight.”
“No Di, I can’t let you stay in a hotel.”
“Why not?” she asked. “I’ll be fine.”
“Listen, you can stay at my house. I’ll be staying at Abhi’s house for the weekend anyway. Is that ok?” Pragya nodded. “But please don’t let them know I’m there.”
“I won’t.” he said.

Abhi left the balcony and came into his room.
He wondered what she was doing…. was she thinking of him?
Yeah right! Abhi thought.
She was starting an exciting new life. Why would she waste time thinking of you? he thought sadly.

It was the night before his wedding, Pragya thought as she lay in bed.
She wondered what he was doing. Was he thinking of her? Yeah right, Pragya said to herself.
He was getting married to the love of his life tomorrow…do you really think he’ll waste his time thinking of you? she thought sadly.

Both lay in their respective beds, wide awake and missing each other badly.
Finally, their minds were exhausted and they drifted off to sleep thinking off each other….

Abhi’s wedding day arrived and festivities were in full swing.
There was just one problem….Tanu was gone!
Aliya had gone to the room to check on her and but couldn’t find Tanu…
She informed Dadi, Purab and Akash and they searched the entire place without alarming Abhi and the others. Finally, they had given up the search and all ended up back in the bride’s dressing room.
Akash noticed a notepad on the dresser with an address and phone number.
Could this be where Tanu had gone? he thought. He dialled the number. It turned out to be a movie producer.
He happily informed Akash that he had called Tanushree Mehta and she had agreed to do his movie….
Akash thanked him and hung up. He informed the others.
Dadi sank on the bed, next to the untouched bridal outfit. “What shall I do now?” she cried. “My family and my grandson’s reputation is at stake.”
All were worried and trying to figure out what to do. They just had an hour to go before the wedding. Then Purab found the perfect solution.
“Dadi, I have an idea.” he said.
“Well what is it, Beta?” she asked impatiently.
“We will get another bride for Abhi.” he said.
“What? Another bride?” she said. “From where?”
“Just trust me, Dadi” he said and left in a rush.
Half hour later, Purab returned.
He stood at the door and smiled,
“Dadi, I have brought the perfect bride for your Abhi.”
“Who is it?” she asked.
Purab moved out of the way and Dadi saw her.
“Pragya!” she said happily and hugged her.
It wasn’t an easy task getting her here, Purab thought.
First he had to convince her to come with him here. He’d lied and said Dadi was unwell…
Then he had to sneak her her into the house so she wouldn’t be seen by others.
And now they had the biggest task at hand… to convince her to get married to Abhi!
“But how did you…?” Dadi started to ask Pragya. “Dadi we don’t have much time. I’ll expain later.”
Purab had tricked her! Pragya thought angrily. Dadi was fine.
“Pragya Beta, we need your help.”
“What can I do for you Dadi?” she asked.
Dadi, with the help of Purab, Akash and Aliya, tried to explain the situation to her as fast as they could. When they finished, Pragya said, “Dadi, how can I….?”
“Beta, there’s no time for all this now. Abhi’s reputation his at stake and I need your answer.” She finally agreed! Then Purab and Akash left while Pragya was dressed by Dadi and Aliya.
Abhi stood in front of the mirror, a strange feeling coming over him.
Maybe it’s just wedding nerves, he thought.
His mind ran on Fuggi, wishing she was here…hoping that she was happy with her new beginning…

After hearing the Pundit’s call, Dadi covered Pragya’s face and brought her out to the mandap.
She sat nervously next to Abhi and then finally… Pragya got married to the man she loved…’Her Prince’.

Precap: After fifteen flashback episodes…we finally coming back to the present!

Hey everybody!

Well that’s it for the flashback episodes…
Just wanna say thank you to you for all your patience during the ‘flashback period’. I know it’s been reeeallyyy long …Sorry for that… ? Hope you all enjoyed Abhigya’s memories ?

So what did you all think…?

Author of the fan fiction: Kambaqt Ishq… (KKB)

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