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Its TWILIGHT…….a Devakshi FF (Intro)

NOTE:-All the characters shown here are fictional. They don’t have to do anything with the real life.

I am back…..This FF will be released soon here onTU by me.it will be a small bit boring in the starting but as FF progresses there will be action, suspense, romance and many other things. Now the promo.ting…ting…ting…ting…ting is the background music in this promo.i listened it somewhere and liked it . Since I can’t play that music here so I am just writing it.whatever dev is saying playing in the background. He is not speaking anything here.



Ting..ting..ting…ting..ting..ting….music is playing in background.

Dev’s face is shown.he is standing near a cliff.Its Twilight.

Dev’s background voice-Everytime when I see my reflection. ……
[Now he is standing in front of a mirror. …..(music is playing. .ting ting….)]……..I feel something is wrong. ……
(Looking into his reflection in water)
……..Something is missing. …..
(Looks far to the horizon where sky and earth meet each other)
……A part of me is absent……
(Now Dev is in his car.His fingers are crossed and head balanced on them…**in a pensive mood**….then looks into the camera. )
……I can’t tell what is it….but I feel it.

Looks at his family talking to each other. The family members’ face is not clear.but all are wearing western clothes..jeans, t shirts, coat, boots etc.
There are 3 females and 3 males on whom Dev is looking. His family!!!!!

……..sometimes I think my family is hiding something from me……(smiles looking into camera.)
……but at the very next moment….i feel….i was wrong…..how can they when I can read their mind through their eyes filled with selflessness, carefulness, kindness and love.

Sky view of Dev standing in a beautiful meadow is shown.He looks at us through his kind eyes.Camera starts zooming out slowly slowly. .meanwhile a female background voice-Its TWILIGHT…….A Devakshi ff….coming soon on TU written by ESME LUNA GREENWOOD.

A word to readers. Hey pinky if you felt bad when I wrote ‘Radharani kidnaps sona’ then I am really verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy sorry.my intention was not to hurt you .I was just trying to make readers laugh on my thinking. But again I am very sorry.
Amy I would love to read your poems and short stories. Can you post some here???
I welcome negative comments on my articles because they just motivate me to write a bit better next time.so I am not feeling bad, sad or mad.i respect everyone’s point of view and I feel everyone has right to express their views.

I know what questions you are going through after reading it.but if I revealed everything here…suspense wil be of no use.

Thanks a lot for reading.



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