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Ishqbaaz 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anika stopping Shivaye saying Suniya. Om and Rudra react. Shivaye says I don’t care. Om recalls Ishana. Rudra asks Soumya who are you, from where did you come, why do you get after me, I don’t know you. Soumya looks at him shocked. The couples are named Shivika, Ishkara and Roumya……

Some time before, Anika spits coffee on Shivaye’s shirt and makes a yucky face. He gets shocked and looks at her. She too gets shocked. Dadi, Om and Rudra look on. Anika says sorry, black coffee was bitter, I mean Americano, I could not digest. Rudra says poor Anika was a nice girl, she is gone. Om says this is not good. Anika gets water glass. Shivaye asks her not to think of it. Om says I don’t think she did this intentionally. Shivaye says I don’t care. Rudra says this would have happen if you make girl have coffee, who drinks tea. Shivaye says I don’t care. Dadi asks him not to get angry. He says the same. Anika says Suniye…. Om and Rudra react saying Suniye…. Anika suggests Shivaye how to get rid of black coffee stain. Shivaye says I don’t care. Dadi pulls his leg by calling him Billu. Shivaye goes. Anika says Dadi, I did not do this intentionally, that black coffee was very bitter. Dadi says its fine, it happens.

Om colors the statue. The bangles fall. Om thinks of Ishana. Riddhima comes and asks what are you hiding. He says nothing. She asks what is it. He says I was just keeping something. She says fine, I was joking, did you prepare for exhibition. He says yes, Ranas are also coming. She says I hate them, they are bad people, they are cutting many trees and hurting environment, I will make documentary on them next time, Siddharth is Shivaye’s rival. He says just professional rivals, not enemies. She asks him to change shirt as he is going out with his GF. Om goes. She sees the bangles and says cheap imitation jewelry.

Rudra prepares to impress Ruhi and tells his friends to sign him when she comes. Soumya comes and asks will you have paratha. He asks what. She says sorry, I came running from that flower wall. He says from so close. She says I have good news, I know why you did not identify me, we met in hospital at night, I looked different and I gained weight now, I did not eat rice yesterday night, I know you get shy seeing girls. Ruhi comes there and Rudra sees her.

Anika asks Dadi how do you bargain online. Dadi says its fixed price, no bargaining. Anika says its stain on shopping’s name, I will take you to chor bazaar, we will get items sst, Sasta, sundar and tikao. Dadi says choice has no price. Tia and her mum comes. Anika says savings is not bad, money saved means money earned. Tia’s mum agrees with Dadi. Tia goes to Shivaye.

Tia’s mum says I have just one daughter, I won’t compromise in her marriage, get anything as per our class and standard, Anika should ask me. Anika says sorry, I was giving my advice. Dadi says she was not saying wrong, even if we have money, we should have savings, money saved means money earned. Tia’s mum sits to discuss things. Tia asks Shivaye why is he stressed. He says because I m stressed. She asks him to smile, and goes. He sees Anika there. He is on call and his focus is on Anika. Tia’s mum notices this.

Rudra asks Soumya who are you, from where did you come, why do you get after me, I don’t know you. His friend asks Rudra do you know her. Rudra says no, I don’t. Soumya argues and says you know me, remember when you were crying in hospital, I gave you thread.. Rudra says everyone knows I don’t cry. She says I sang my brother’s fav song for your brother. He says now you will say you made me have food by your hands, whatever your name is. She says my name is Soumya. He asks her not to stick to him, and shows attitude. Soumya cries and says I will never offer my paratha to you. She leaves. Rudra says as if I will have interest in such paratha eating girl.

Tia says we shall leave mom. Tia’s mum says no one came to leave you till door. Tia says everyone is busy. Tia’s mum says atleast Shivaye should have come. Tia says he was busy on phone call. Tia’s mum says there is no emotional bonding, you have to make a strong bond, and get close to him, if this relation breaks, it will be bad. Shivaye gets some call and asks are you fine. Tej talks to Shwetlana on video call. He asks Shwetlana to make some papers ready. She asks him is he coming in evening. He says ya. He sees a pink shirt kept on the bed, wrapped cutely as gift. He smiles. Shwetlana compliments his smile. He disconnects call and she throws the phone. Jhanvi comes. He likes the shirt and asks Jhanvi do you remember. She gets puzzled and sees Pinky outside the window. Pinky signs Jhanvi all the best. Jhanvi smiles.

Tia’s mum sees Pinky and starts talking loud. She asks Tia whats the issue to stay in hotel for one night. Pinky asks whats the matter. Tia’s mum says we got anti termite treatment done at home and Tia can’t stay there. Pinky says don’t worry, I will take care of Tia, she will stay here forever after marriage, what if she stays tonight.

Tej and Jhanvi talk of their past. She says my friends got mad seeing your grand romantic gesture. He says no one could stop me from meeting you, I was in love, just love is needed and memories are made on own. She says Om learnt philosophy from you. She asks him to wear the shirt, he will still look great like before. They smile. Shivaye comes there and sees them.

Shivaye says I will come later. Tej says no wait. Tej asks what happened. Shivaye says I got call from police station, they want to release Ashok’s wife Gayatri, saying they don’t have proof against her, I called lawyer to keep her in jail for some more time. Tej says this can’t happen, she is dangerous, our secret can be out. Shivaye asks what secret. Tej says just assure all family members stay safe, I will talk to security. Shivaye recalls the attacks on him.

Shivaye goes to Anika and holds her close, assuming her to be Tia. He says I know you feel I don’t have emotions in me, that’s not true, its just I can’t express. Music plays……….. He does not see her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys I like when Shivay will hug Anika in next episode, but it’s like Shivay don’t know she is Anika as its dark.he thinks she is Tia. That means he has feelings for Tia.

    And also the serial has something weird things like both Shivay and Omkara are committed but they both thinks about other girls (anika and ishana),which is not good

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