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IS THIS LOVE????? ( Sorry friends) (recap and promo) (YHM, KB, MATSH, IPKKND, DEHLEEZ)

Haai dear friends. I am shree. I know u all will be at the top of ur anger on me. Remembering me??? I am very sorry. I told that i will take a 20 days break but instead took 2 months break. I am very sorry. Pls forgive me. Pls pls pls dear friends. I hope all my friends will again comment here. Pls sorry dears.

Let me introduce myself for new readers. I am shree. I wrote a ff IS THIS LOVE????. A tale of four friend Ishitha, pragya, Ishaani, Swadeentha and new entry Kushi. It starts with their wonderful school life. I hav already posted 15 episodes. So it was purely based on teenage school life. All new readers pls read my epis so that u will get a picture of my ff. And all my old friends i hav complete trust that u would not hav forgetten my ff. If yes then read it again. Here r links…..


Link for All Episodes

These r links guys. I hope new readers will also enjoy this.

And my old friends
Neelam, julina, tanvee, dhruva, rafida, paru, myna, tharu, shrithi ishveer, Reshma pradeep, Rookey rookers, fatarajo, shalini, durga, sana, akshaya, achu, bakyashir, reeshu, reena, jasmine, ude, karthika, karthu, honey, ankita, varsha, monesha, priya, sumaiya sumi, arohi, sathyav, sara, rita, bunny…… And iam very sorry if some names are missing. I know atleast for scolding me u all will comment. I seriously missed all ur lovely sweet comments and missed u all. Today mrng only i agn read all ur comments from first epi onwards. I remembered all those sweet moments. Lets all make it up again guys. U all will comment ryt!!!

And new readers u all are heartily welcome. Pls support and read.

Now a small recap:

The story started in 9B class. After shuffling all girls and boys came there in high school. Ishitha, Ishaani, pragya and swadeentha became friends. Abhi, purab, adarsh, aakash made a gang. Raman who studied with ishitha last year now went to 9D. Ranveer who was purab’s best friend now was in 9G. Their school teen life started. Many knok jhoks. – pragya proposed Abhi but Abhi declined- pragya attempting suicide- girls saving her- friendship got stronger- Ranveer proposing Bulbul and she said no – adarsh swadeentha becoming friends- girls blaming boys and boys blaming girls- their war- raman ishitha ego problems- Ranveer teasing Ishaani- ishaani upset as he proposed bulbul- all were teasing Ishitha with purab- iriked raman- finally all departed to 10th.

10th boys toppers 10B and girls toppers 10F. Boys and girls missing each other- layer 1 exams- kushi ishitha’s old friend entry- arnav is kushi’s house friend studying in some other school- girls little fight bcoz of kushi- some small patch up- purab bulbul chatting- studies and exams- layer 1 exams got over- its january…… A new shock.

I hope old readers would have remembered by now. New readers follow the link pls.

So guys now tell me will u all apologise me and agn read my ff. Support me???
pls do comment dears. Already i missed u all so much. This time i will be regular. Promise.

And its on school life. Still more to go. Remember i told its a real story which happened in front of me. With that including a bit of fiction i will present u in a nice way.

Now promo:

Portions got completed. All girls were happy in 10F. And so with boys in 10B. Now their concentration is completely on studies. Pragya working hard to score better than Abhi.

Its one rainy day. Only toppers class had school that day. Ishitha was busy working sums of maths. Ishaani and pragya were doing physics while swadeentha and kushi chatting. Suddenly clerk came and called Ishitha to HM’s room. She went. And returned to class with a hyper shock face. She sat on her seat taking a deep breath. She dont know whether to be happy r sad. Ishaani came towards her and asked what happened….. She said the matter. Ishaani, pragya, swadeentha gave same shock reaction……

what happened??? Why so shock in our girls face…. Wait and read…..

i do request pls read the last two epis once to get the continuity. Pls r else u will feel lost.

Now its ur time to comment and scold me guys. Come on start.

Credit to: Shree

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