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IS THIS LOVE???? ( Epi-17) (Kkb, yhm, Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)

So good morning guys. I am so happy after receiving all ur beautiful comments. Its like iam on cloud nine. Tq all so so much. Thank u my sweet friends paru, neelam, and julina i too missed u dr, sana, rooky rookers, durga drlng, rosy, ishan, mukund raj, Maya shelly, tharu, lekha, Riyadcruz, sneha, jasmine rahul, myna dr, nirmal, yashu.

And mukund there will be more interesting scenes in school life. Then for sure i will take leap. yeah lekha childhood is always beautiful and we all will miss it. Yashu u r beautiful too dear as u r commenting such beautiful things. Rookey u know the twist huh…..smart. Missed u too tharu and durga. Nirmal s more tom jerry fights. Afterall it makes life thrill. paru ur comment is as cute as always. Julina sry fr making u wait. And neelam from now regular updates on. So u be on regular comment mode. Tq u all guys and so sry if i missed anybody. And guys comments reduced???? Y still angry on me. Pls comment dears……..


Now story…….

Days passed. Our girls small cat fights continued. Things seemed to be back to old golden days. Ishitha and Raman didnt talk much. But Aadarsh and swadeentha didnt talk less. Its social exam that day. They have to bring India outline map for the exam. As usual Pragya was the map sponser. But that day Ishitha also brought maps. All settled for exams. Ishitha and Raman’s places were in same row but different benches. In between them there is space for invigilator to walk. That day invigilator was their demon geography mam. She asked everybody to keep out the maps to sign. Its then Raman realised that he forgot the map. He was frienzied. He was seated in second row itself. He immediately turned to abhi and ranveer asking for map but they nodded no. As he then turned back he saw the mam standing near his place and signing the map. He was confused. She then told him to write his exam num on map and went. Then he saw Ishitha smiling and realised that it was her who placed the map there. He too smiled looking at her.

Exam started. So does the boys mischievous activities. Ranveer and purab seated one behind the other with abhi on one side. They started to exchange their papers and copy. Ishaani and swadeentha noticed it. Ishaani got tensed and stared at Ranveer. Ranveer saw her and shocked. He signed her to keep quiet but she immediately called mam. Boys got tensed. Ranveer was almost dead. Mam asked her what happened. She pointed Ranveer and said my question paper fell near his bench. Just then Ranveer saw her paper under his table and gave it to her with a great sign of relief. He gave a long breath. Mam went where Ishaani laughed out loud looking at his scared face while Ranveer gave a blushed smile. Exam got over.Girls were discussing answers while boys were fighting for food. Just then Raman for the first time he himself called Ishitha. Ishitha was stunned. He said thank u. Ishitha pretended as if she dont know the reason for his thanks. He then told for map. She replied even today iam same ishitha and will not let her friend get into trouble. Raman replied even he is the same Raman and did not get changed.

They both looked at each other. She herself then forwarded her hand asking friends?? He was surprised, shocked and so much happy inside. Because only for this he had waited so long. Without wasting a moment he shaked hands. And finally after so many months their friendship got revived. While all these were happening other boys were completely surprised and gave a look as if they are watching some french movie.

Its a week now since they were together. While all other class students were enjoying PT period our toppers have no chance. They were really frustrated. All were sitting and chatting in class. Suddenly Ranveer called Ishitha. Ishitha and Ishaani looked at each other thinking whats the new problem now? He then told that we want pt period. Ishitha relaxed. Purab also insisted the same. Whole class urged Ishitha to talk to Principal about this. Finally Ishitha agreed. Ishitha and swadeentha went and finally got permission too from principal. They all went to groung. Girls started playing confusion game( its something like run and catch). Boys tried playing kabbadi. While running pragya saw Abhi coming opposite to her. To avoid collision with him she suddenly turned and her leg got twisted and fell. Seeing this Abhi rushed to her and tried to help her with much concern. By that time all came and cared for pragya. As usual Swadeentha and Ishaani teased pragya and other girls also cheered abhi’s name. This irritated Abhi too much. While boys teased ahbi he harshly scolded them and left. After pt period was over all returned to class. All were very thirsty and finished their water bottles. Ishaani arrived a bit late and found her bottle empty. She kept on asking everybody for water but all were empty. At the same time bulbul was also asking for water.

Ranveer’s bottle had water. He thought its a nice opportunity to speak to bulbul. He took his bottle and looked at Bulbul. Meanwhile Ishaani also expected that he would only help bulbul. He then suddenly placed his bottle on Ishaani’s table. She was taken aback. She hesitated but then took the the bottle and drank completely. Ranveer had a cute smile on his face seeing Ishaani’s peace. Then purab gave his bottle to Bulbul and she smiled. Aadarsh asked ranveer why didnt uvgave water to bulbul while ranveer had no answer.

Days passed. All were busy in their studies. The closeness among Aadarsh and Swadeentha grew. Similarly kushi also slowly turned into a good friend for Pragya and Ishaani. At kushi’s home one day, Arnav was sitting and crying in steps. Kushi noticed this. She went to him and asked the reason. He said he got failed in maths exam. Kushi instead of consoling started scolding Arnav badly saying i told u not to watch cricket. But u didnt listen and now crying. Stupid. This is perfect punishment for u. U should have concentrated on ur studies. Arnav got hurt and left from there. Just then kushi realised what she spoke. She went ask sorry but he didnt listen. Kushi got upset. Next day all went to their phy lab for practical classes. Swadeentha missed her lab note in bag itself. So she went to get it back. Other side boys gang were teasing Aadarsh hardly as they all knew there is something between them. They provoked aadarsh to go nd talk to swadeentha in alone. He then agreed and made fake excuse of restroom and went to class. The class was so silent, a bit dark and lonely. Aadarsh silently went backside of swadhu and shouted bhaaah……..
she got scared and realised its him.

She scolded him cutely and turned back to leave taking her notes. He stopped her. He said lets talk for few more time. She warned somebody could watch us. But he didnt listen and stopped her from moving forward by holding her hand. Just then PT sir came on rounds and caught them. They were hell shocked. Before explaining they were taken to principal room. He scolded them badly and gave suspension for one day. They were completely shocked. Its a worst black mark for them. Swadeentha was on top of her anger with Aadarsh. Aadarsh could not even speak a word. Our girls came to know about this. They were very worried for Swadeentha. Her parents were too strict. She was scolded very badly by her parents. Ishitha, Ishaani and Pragya tried consoling them. Girls were hell angered on boys. But they didnt show it as they dont want to create a scene. All girls and boys stopped talking to each other after this incident. Swadeentha became too silent after this. Aadarsh too didnt speak much. Class turned silent…… There fight between Kushi and Arnav also prolonged.

Precap: Abhi insulting Pragya.

So friends now time for commenting. Do comment. And wait for next epi. Byeee

Credit to: Shree

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